Chapter 49 – Organize and harvest blue materials

"President, why the long face?"


It was around one or two in the morning. Having finished dealing with everything, Su Wen returned to his tent with his hands behind his back.


He had been feeling a bit down, but his mood instantly brightened when he saw Fan Lei's face, which was as wrinkled as a chrysanthemum.


"Uncle Dong just called me."


Fan Lei glanced at Su Wen, clearly seeing his schadenfreude. However, he couldn't be bothered to deal with this fool and simply replied in a calm tone.


"Uncle Dong?!" Su Wen's eyes widened in surprise. "Is he still alive? I thought he passed away a couple of years ago?"




Upon hearing this, Fan Lei, who was sipping tea from a large enamel cup, choked. "I've told you to pay attention during meetings! Uncle Dong just retired, he didn't die!"


He wiped his mouth and added, "If he heard what you just said, he would have beaten you up!"


Recalling some painful past events, Su Wen, who had been rather nonchalant, shivered and laughed awkwardly. "Where is he now? I should pay him a visit when I have time."


"He's at No.3 Middle School." Fan Lei replied. "Uncle Dong is now the principal of No.3 Middle School."


"Uncle Dong is the new principal of No.3 Middle School?" Su Wen's expression changed. "And you still dared to test Chronicle? Are you tired of wearing a hat?"


In the past, he would never dare to speak to Fan Lei, who was far superior in strength, in such a tone.


But who could blame him when the other party had done something so stupid that even he, a "co-conspirator", couldn't help but curse.


Fan Lei regretted it in his heart, but he couldn't refute it. He just sat in his chair, taking one puff after another from his cigarette.


After a long while, he took out a thin iron box from the drawer and handed it to Su Wen. "Give this to Chronicle as a reward for capturing those Fusion Sect members."


"President, there's no need to make up excuses. He's already guessed it."


Su Wen grimaced. "As soon as Bai Longfei left, the kid came to chat with me. What he said blew my mind."


Fan Lei was silent for a while before asking, "What did he say?"


"He said…"


Su Wen found it hard to speak. "Next time you want to investigate a student, don't use small fry. If he were really a member of the Fusion Sect, he could have killed those insignificant characters to gain our trust…"


"I've discussed this with Bai Longfei. Those kids are still too naive. If we really attracted a group of official members of the Fusion Sect, it might bring unnecessary risks. It's more appropriate to use a few small fry…"


Fan Lei was explaining when he suddenly laughed. "But being able to see through this shows that he's a careful kid. He'll definitely make something of himself in the future."




Seeing Fan Lei's expression, Su Wen couldn't help but sigh inwardly. "If you're going to be cautious, don't test people casually. Now, not only did you not achieve your goal, but you also had some adverse effects."


But considering that Fan Lei's actions were ultimately for the good of the alliance, he couldn't bring himself to say these harsh words.


Shaking his head, he picked up the iron box on the table and headed towards the "tombstone group".


In the tent, Fan Lei's long sigh echoed for a long time.



Meanwhile, in the living room of the villa.


Chronicle, leaning against the sofa, pointed at the air, and the lid of the 【Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin】 moved to the side following the direction of his finger.


With a "click", the Green Zombie sat up abruptly, its eyes tightly closed, and two dragon-like dark green corpse gases spewed from its nostrils.


Its robust body reflected a metallic luster under the moonlight, and its originally dark and decayed skin now seemed to have regained some "vitality".


Just by sucking a "billion points" of blood from those Fusion Sect small fry, its condition had improved so much.


This couldn't help but make Chronicle entertain some "fallen" thoughts.


But then, he quickly shook his head.


The path before him was incredibly bright, and there was more than one. There was no need to take a shortcut and end up in a ditch.


"Once the core logic is confirmed, won't it be easy to find opportunities to improve in the future?"


He lay back on the sofa, the scenes that had just happened flashing quickly through his mind.


At first, he didn't expect that everything he experienced today would be a "test" by Fan Lei and the others.


However, Su Wen's acting skills were truly poor, and Bai Longfei's timing was too coincidental.


How could this not arouse his suspicion?


Through empathy and some detailed deductions, how could he not guess the purpose of Fan Lei and the others' actions? It was to test him.


However, in his view, this was completely unnecessary.


"Even if I really have a problem, I don't necessarily have to be a member of the Fusion Sect. Can't 【Lost Paradise】 or 【Great Kyushu】 plant a mole in the alliance?"


Chronicle, who couldn't quite understand the other party's thought process, couldn't help but shake his head.But to be honest, as someone who had traversed from another world, he didn't harbor the same deep-seated hatred towards the so-called "evil organizations" as some of the "natives" did.


He naturally avoided extremist groups like the "Fusion Sect" and "Lost Paradise".


However, he quite admired organizations like "Great Nine Provinces", whose founding purpose was to unify the world:


Most people considered places like Jizhou, Yanzhou, Qingzhou, Xuzhou, etc., as the nine provinces of China, but the founder of that organization was determined to use China as the core, with Asia, Africa, America, Australia, etc., as the base, to reestablish the nine provinces and resist foreign enemies.


Not only was the scale grand, but it also seemed to have come close to realization at one point.


However, for some unknown reason, it fell short of success and was hung on the pillar of shame as an "evil organization".


But as far as Chronicle was concerned, he didn't resist such organizations.


If it was beneficial, he might even get involved.


"Ah, why think so much about it? Maybe when the conditions are right in the future, I might even create an organization myself. Who knows?"


Chronicle thought to himself, looking up at the ceiling and slowly recovering his spiritual power.


Unexpectedly, at this moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.


Too lazy to move, he let Seven Brothers, who was hanging from the beam and spacing out, go to open the door.


As the door opened, Su Wen's voice came through: "Chronicle… Holy crap!"


Under the dim light, the unsuspecting Su Wen was startled by Seven Brothers' "soul-piercing" creepy smile.


He quickly recovered, letting out a long sigh of relief: "Your spirit… is very uniquely designed."


"Not bad."


Chronicle said modestly, standing up to welcome him to the sofa.


"Chronicle, about today's incident, we really did behave quite unscrupulously. I hope you can understand."


Su Wen's attitude was very straightforward. He placed the small iron box that Fan Lei had given him in front of Chronicle and slowly opened it.


A streak of azure light flashed by, and several pieces of blue material inside instantly came into view.


Seeing this, Chronicle, who had been somewhat upset, instantly broke into a sincere smile:


"This is too kind of you."

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