Chapter 35 – Chronicle: What do I know about real combat?

"This is indeed a bit advanced for an ordinary high school student. But with your comprehension skills, it shouldn't be a problem."


Having said that, Fan Lei meticulously guided Chronicle through every step of creating a domain card, from start to finish.


However, the related knowledge was too complex.


Even if he talked non-stop from dawn till dusk, he only managed to cover the basics.


"Let's stop here for today. You should go back and digest what you've learned, and organize any questions you might have…"


Fan Lei was a bit worried that others might discover he was giving Chronicle special tutoring. He looked around before continuing, "I'll be waiting for you here at five o'clock tomorrow morning."


With that, he added a reminder, "Don't let anyone else know."


"Okay, I understand, Teacher Fan."


Chronicle nodded, subtly changing his address for Fan Lei from "President Fan" to "Teacher Fan".


Fan Lei, who was obviously a wise man, laughed at his words. After giving a few more instructions, he summoned a card from thin air.


In the blink of an eye, he turned into a wisp of black smoke and disappeared into the horizon.


Seeing this, Chronicle's gaze flickered slightly.


He stayed in place for a long time before turning around thoughtfully and heading towards the "tombstone".


After an unknown amount of time, he finally arrived at his doorstep, deep in thought.


Just as he was about to open the door, he noticed an extra "ornament" by the steps.


"Ginger Tea?"


He took a closer look and saw that the figure, huddled into a ball and shivering from the cold, was his classmate Ginger Tea.


"Why are you here acting like a stone lion instead of sleeping in on such an early morning?" Chronicle couldn't help but tease.


"A stone lion? What's that?"


Ginger Tea looked confused behind her glasses, unable to understand his meaning.


But she wasn't a stubborn person. When faced with something she didn't understand, she chose to let it go and asked instead, "Why are you coming from outside?"


"Where else should I be coming from?"


Chronicle laughed at her question. As he walked, he took out his keys, opened the door with a "click", and gestured for Ginger Tea to enter.


"I thought you were still resting since you exhausted your mental energy last night, so I didn't dare to disturb you."


Ginger Tea spoke softly, following Chronicle into the house and comfortably sitting down on the sofa.


Seeing her still shivering after sitting for a while, Chronicle assumed she hadn't recovered from the cold. He poured a cup of warm water and placed it in front of her:


After all, she was his valuable customer, he couldn't let her freeze.


"Why are you here so early? Is there something you need?" Chronicle asked.


Ginger Tea picked up the cup and drained the water in one gulp. After saying "I'm alive" a few times, she finally answered, "Does our previous agreement to spar still stand?"


"Of course."


Chronicle picked up an orange from the coffee table, peeled it, and popped a segment into his mouth, "I've received both the notes and the potion, how could it not count…"


As he finished speaking, he added, "I'm a man of my word."


"That's great."


Ginger Tea chuckled, but then her expression turned a bit downcast, "I used to think that even if you were stronger than the four of us, it wouldn't be by much. But after last night… I realized how ridiculous that thought was."


"To be honest, I came here prepared to be rejected by you. After all, with the gap in our abilities, training with me would be a complete waste of your time…"


"Hey, don't belittle yourself like that."


Chronicle waved his hand and said, "I'm just a rookie who hasn't experienced many real battles. We can learn from each other and spar together, which would be beneficial for me as well."


"A rookie?" Ginger Tea puffed up her cheeks and muttered under her breath, "You didn't look like a 'rookie' when you were fighting ghosts yesterday…"


"You're talking about yesterday." Chronicle swallowed the orange and patiently explained, "I just happened to make a decent card and blindly used its power… I don't know anything about real combat."


He swore to the heavens, these were his true feelings, there wasn't a hint of false modesty.


But after hearing his words, Ginger Tea looked at him with disbelief.


Seeing her reaction, he could only shake his head helplessly: these days, no one believes the truth.


"So, when can we start sparring, Mr. Rookie who doesn't know real combat?" Ginger Tea asked with a forced smile.


"Right now."


Chronicle brushed off the orange peels on his hand and stood up, "Didn't Teacher Su just announce in the training group that 'today is a day off'? There's no better day than today, let's start now."


"Now?" Ginger Tea was taken aback, "But your mental energy…"


"It's mostly recovered." Chronicle waved his hand, "Someone gave me a bottle of mental energy potion when I passed out last night, so it's not a problem."


"I see." Ginger Tea nodded, "So how are we going to fight?"


"Just the classic way, summoning cards to fight each other."


Chronicle smiled lightly and revealed his intentions, "Coincidentally, I just made a new card recently and haven't used it yet. This is a good opportunity to test it out."


Before Ginger Tea could react, he added hesitantly, "The thing is, this new card I made is only of green quality, and it doesn't have any means to combat spirits. I might get beaten up pretty badly…"


"It's fine."


Hearing that not all of Chronicle's cards were overpowered, Ginger Tea felt a bit relieved. Her signature sweet smile returned to her face, "I thought it was something serious."


She patted her barren land and said confidently, "My main battle card, 'Reluctant Bride', has both physical and ethereal states. In the upcoming battle, I'll only use the physical state to fight you.""Anyway, it's just a friendly match, winning or losing doesn't matter. If we add some restrictions now, we'll be able to handle all kinds of emergencies on the battlefield in the future. What do you think?"


After saying this, Ginger Tea chuckled again.


Chronicle could clearly see what she was thinking:


This girl obviously wanted to use this opportunity to beat his second summoning card, to boost her confidence.


But she had to bring up these grand principles, probably fooling herself into believing them.


Thinking about this, he couldn't help but laugh, which made the young girl a bit nervous.


"Let's go."


After saying this, Ginger Tea hurriedly walked towards the outside of the house.


Seeing her eagerness, Chronicle summoned the "Leap·Green Zombie" into his hand, and then led her to a secluded, mirror-like flat ground that he had found during his late-night stroll.


"Let's start."


Ginger Tea said confidently, no longer showing the pitiful shivering from the cold as before.

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