Chapter 36 – VS

I saw her raise her hand and a blue light bloomed, and a thin figure wearing a black veil slowly appeared in the center of the field.


Seeing the other party covering their face with both hands and stumbling, Chronicle couldn't help but doubt whether this so-called "Hate Marriage Ghost Face" would be tripped by its own long hair.


But he was a calm and cautious person after all, and naturally wouldn't take it lightly just because the other party looked pitiful.


Looking at the exquisite card of "Leap – Green Zombie", he slowly infused a strand of spiritual power into it.


I saw a dark green radiance flickering, and a majestic figure appeared in the open space.


This was the first battle of "Leap – Green Zombie", and also the first time it met Chronicle.


Chronicle carefully examined this familiar yet unfamiliar figure.


I saw that he was about two meters tall.


He wore a dark green robe with a Yinwen crown and a flower feather on his head.


Broad shoulders, strong bones and muscles, arms stretched forward, disheveled hair, sharp claws and fangs.


But just standing there, an invisible sense of oppression rolled over like a black cloud.


Looking at the dark green corpse poison swirling around him, as well as the broken tiles under his feet and the withering vegetation around him.


Ginger Tea, who was still confident, instantly had a disappointed expression on her face, feeling that she could no longer trust the man in front of her:


He's so mean!


"Why are you looking at me like that? It's really a green quality card, just a bit exaggerated in appearance."


Compared to the broken defense gesture, Chronicle expressed that he only had "a little bit".


Ginger Tea puffed up her cheeks and ignored him.


But the words she said were like water poured out, she had promised to use the physical state before, and it was not good to go back on her word now.


Looking at the tall figure standing not far away, she pursed her lips and finally gave the command, "Transform into physical state."


In the next moment, I saw the originally elusive "Hate Marriage Ghost Face" transform from virtual to real, landing steadily on the ground, confronting the Green Zombie.


Seeing this situation, Ginger Tea took a deep breath and thought to herself, "A green card, no matter how strong it is, it can't be stronger than blue. I have the advantage with blue against green!"


Thinking like this, she commanded the Hate Marriage Ghost Face to charge.


I saw that the thin female ghost with long hair reaching the ground distorted her posture and quickly moved on all fours like a spider the moment she received the command.


At the same time, a piercing and ear-piercing scream came out of her mouth, and the sound waves formed by it even dispersed some of the dense green corpse gas.


Fortunately, Chronicle reacted quickly. Seeing the opponent's move, he immediately controlled the zombie to jump at a perfect angle with spiritual power, and then landed directly on the back of the female ghost.


Indeed, in terms of its own weight, the Green Zombie weighed less than two hundred kilograms.


But with the blessing of the thick corpse gas, its weight at this moment could even be measured in tons.


Coupled with deliberate force, the terrifying pressure directly increased exponentially and smashed onto the Hate Marriage Ghost Face.


I heard the sound of bones cracking in the field, but the female ghost twisted her body in an extremely distorted posture and removed this force.


In the next moment, the zombie landed.


The tiles under its feet instantly formed spiderweb-like cracks and spread outwards.


Taking advantage of this time, the Hate Marriage Ghost Face pounced forward, and the piercing and ear-piercing scream even slowed down the movements of the Green Zombie.


But after all, zombies are just soulless shells, and it is difficult for the impact mainly targeting spirits to be effective on them.


Therefore, in the next second, it broke free from the binding effect of "Ghost Scream".


Then it quickly turned around and spewed a mouthful of dark green corpse poison towards the female ghost rushing towards it.


Even though they were more than ten meters apart, Ginger Tea could still feel a strong corrosive smell coming towards her.


She didn't dare to let her summon card, which was in a physical state, take this blow head-on, so she commanded it to dodge.


But even if it was a ghost that didn't follow "science", it couldn't make such a big adjustment in mid-air in a short period of time in a physical state.


Therefore, that mouthful of corpse poison still hit about thirty percent of the Hate Marriage Ghost Face's body.


In the blink of an eye, it burned off a lot of its hair, and the familiar piercing scream came again.


This time, Chronicle was wise enough to protect his ears with spiritual power, so he didn't suffer any impact.


But he also began to feel annoyed by the female ghost who would shout at every opportunity, so he decided to end the battle quickly.


So, in the next moment, I saw the zombie slightly turn its stiff neck, making a creaking sound.


A glimmer of light flashed in its pitch-black eyes, and it opened its blood-filled mouth, exerted a little force under its feet, and flew towards the Hate Marriage Ghost Face like gliding. Its two black claws stabbed directly at its neck.


The Hate Marriage Ghost Face instinctively dodged, but in the next second, the sharp fangs pierced its throat.


Although it was not a living unit and couldn't trigger the effects of skills like "Corpse Poison" and "Bloodthirst", this kind of attack was definitely a heavy blow to it in its physical state.It was only then that Ginger Tea realized she had made the mistake of "attacking the enemy's strength with her own weakness."


Chronicle's summoning card was clearly adept at close combat, while her Hateful Bride mask was more inclined towards control types, and was at a disadvantage in a head-on fight.


Not to mention, her card was currently in a physical state, and taking the initiative to attack not only brought no benefits, but also made her an easy target.


Realizing these issues, after she managed to get the Hateful Bride mask away from the zombie's bite, she started to adopt a kite-flying strategy: moving flexibly and using her long hair as a weapon to launch long-range attacks on the zombie.


However, as she continued to fight, she found that such attacks seemed to cause no damage to the opponent.


"Iron skin and steel bones!"


The phrase suddenly popped into Ginger Tea's mind. "I should have thought of this earlier. Such a good physique is clearly a style that combines combat power and defense."


Thinking this, she couldn't help but glance at the calm-faced Chronicle. "To be able to make a green-quality card like this, the gap between us is indeed large. But even so, I can't give up easily."


With this thought in mind, she began to observe carefully.


After an unknown amount of time, she finally found the "fatal flaw" of the green zombie.


Gently wiping the sweat from her forehead, a beautiful smile slowly appeared on her face.


At this moment, she felt like she was the protagonist Ash in "Card Monster".


At critical moments, the protagonist's aura would come into play, allowing him to turn the tables and win the championship even in adversity.




Thinking this, she couldn't help but smile confidently, and put on a duckbill cap she found somewhere.


In her mind, she calmly commanded the Hateful Bride mask to lead the green zombie to a dead corner.


Through observation, she found that the green zombie's arms couldn't be lowered, and its knees couldn't bend, so it could only hop forward.


In that case, as long as she let the Hateful Bride mask squat in the dead corner, wouldn't it be safe from attack?


She could even take the opportunity to attack its knees!


"I'm so smart."


Ginger Tea couldn't help but laugh.


But the next second, that smile froze on her face.


She saw the zombie suddenly stop a distance away from the dead corner, then its bloody mouth slightly opened, revealing a mocking smile.


Its entire body slammed into the Hateful Bride mask squatting in the dead corner like a stapler!




Ginger Tea fell to the ground, her eyes vacant.


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