Chapter 34 – Su Wen: No one understands education better than me

“President, I didn’t mean to…”

Su Wen’s words were interrupted by the president, “I don’t want to hear your explanation.”

“Considering the difficulty of this matter, I can relax the requirements for other children a bit.”

“As long as they have a certain understanding of the Legion Card crafting process through your teaching, I will consider them qualified.”

“But for this Chronicle, he must know as much as you do!”

Saying that, the middle-aged man with white temples pointed to the young man in the surveillance screen and then turned to Su Wen, “Understand?”

“Yes!” Su Wen stood up immediately and replied with a serious face.

Seeing his appearance, the president waved his hand lightly, indicating for him to sit down.

In fact, Su Wen didn’t do anything wrong today.

As one of the top experts in the Land of Peach, the representative card of his, the Legion Card [Dark Crow], not only had strong power but also had a certain restraining effect on ghosts.

With just one card, he could easily defeat the flesh mountain ghost that was heavily injured by Bai Ziliang a few days ago.

The white-haired president was also concerned about this powerful ghost because of its “intelligence”. He almost let his disciple Bai Ziliang fall into a trap. He also valued Chronicle too much, which led to his concern.

In fact, even if Chronicle couldn’t defeat the flesh mountain ghost, with the protection of the Dark Crow, these students would be safe.

But after experiencing various coincidences, the current situation is:

Before the flesh mountain ghost could react, it was defeated by Seven Brothers and his group.

The Dark Crow on their side was also downgraded to an independent card state by the upgraded Seven Brothers while silently watching and waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Even the blood left before “death” was carefully collected by Luoyouyou, who knew that Chronicle had no money and would use everything, and put it in Chronicle’s backpack.

And in this whole process:

The president discovered a good seedling;

Other students not only broadened their horizons but also gained a lot of motivation;

As for Chronicle, the benefits he gained from this night were needless to say.

Only Su Wen, who didn’t do anything wrong, was scolded and had his Legion Card destroyed, and he was even labeled as “Bai Ziliang the Second”.

“It’s a cold night…”

Lying in bed, Su Wen, who had thought about everything, felt more and more aggrieved.

He couldn’t understand why he, who had criticized others just a few hours ago, was scolded in such a short time.


Looking at the bright moon reflected on the skylight, he couldn’t help but sigh, “I should rest early.”

“The children from other schools will come tomorrow, and I have to prepare some ‘sudden surprises’ for them.”

Thinking of the last few words, Su Wen couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter. He felt like he was developing a “fear of surprises”.

But even so, he didn’t plan to reduce the intensity of the “surprises”.

In his opinion, that would be irresponsible to the students.

Although he appeared respectful (because he couldn’t beat him) in front of the president, deep down, he actually disliked the president’s educational philosophy.

He always believed that Bai Ziliang, who was only in his early twenties and was once known as a genius, ended up being persecuted by everyone because of the spoiling from his teacher.

If it weren’t for the president’s constant interference and his constant reminders of “don’t go to this dangerous place, I’ll handle the powerful ones”, how could a genius like him end up like this?

“You may be powerful in battles, but when it comes to educating children, it’s up to me, Su Wen.”

Under the moonlight, Su Wen, lying on his back, had a confident expression on his face, “No one understands education better than me.”

With this thought in mind, he quickly fell asleep, exhausted.

At the same time.

Chronicle, who had been wandering outside for a while and was starting to feel tired, was about to return to his grave-like house.

But on his way back, he encountered a robust and white-haired old man.

“Something’s not right.”

Chronicle keenly sensed something unusual, but upon closer inspection, although this person had white hair, his face still looked young.

The reason why Chronicle mistook him for an old man at first glance was mainly because of the man’s dusty face and wrinkles, giving a sense of exhaustion and premature aging.

Just looking at his face made Chronicle feel tired, and he couldn’t help but yawn and prepare to go back to sleep.

Unexpectedly, the man stopped him at this moment, with a smile on his face, “You must be Chronicle?”

“Who are you?”

Chronicle knew that anyone who appeared at this training site at this time was not an ordinary person, so he spoke very politely.

The middle-aged man with white hair didn’t hide anything and introduced himself, “I’m Fan Lei, the vice president of the Card Craftsman Association in Land of Peach. Your school invited me to give a lecture before, so you should know me.”

“President Fan, it’s you.”

Chronicle smiled and replied.

But in his heart, he secretly complained: Who would listen to a lecture organized by the school?

But on the surface, he politely said, “What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to ask if you have any difficulties in card crafting recently.”

Fan Lei smiled warmly, a look that Su Wen had never seen before, “I saw your performance last night, and I must say it was very impressive!”

“The summoning card you crafted was very creative, and it seems that you also equipped yourself with a card that has the [Automatic Protection] function.”

“For a high school student who just entered the third year, it’s really impressive!”

“But I think you can do even better!”

Fan Lei generously praised him, obviously having high hopes for Chronicle.

And when Chronicle heard these words, his eyes lit up.

You see, what he lacks most now is various material resources and knowledge about card crafting.

The former goes without saying.

As for the latter, he has been trying to obtain it by all means but has been struggling because he has no way.

Therefore, even if it’s just a copy of Ginger Tea’s father’s notes from college, he would treasure it.

But now, it was like a blessing from heaven, a leap to success.

The personal guidance of the vice president of the City Card Craftsman Association, this was a privilege that many wealthy people couldn’t buy with all their money.

Thinking of this, he quickly smiled politely: “Thank you for your encouragement, President. I do have quite a few questions about card crafting recently. Could you please give me some guidance?”

“Hmm, you first tell me the problems, let me sort them out.” Fan Lei pondered.

“First of all, it’s about the domain cards. We haven’t learned how to make this kind of card yet. I used an elder’s notes to self-study, but there are still many things I don’t understand.”

“Also, I recently made a protective equipment card. Although the quality is not high, it is very suitable to be modified into a disposable card for protecting citizens. But after several days of experiments, I still got nothing. Can you teach me?”

Fan Lei listened to Chronicle’s questions, his face was calm at first, but when he heard the words “protecting citizens”, he showed a smile.

If someone else said this, he would probably suspect that the other party was deliberately flattering and had ulterior motives.

But Chronicle was different.

As the son of a hero, he had the right to say this.

“Of course.” He said with a smile.

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