Chapter 30 – Close call, recreate the cards

"I just wanted to use this Glutton to scare those ignorant brats. You have no idea how reckless kids are these days…"


"Just now, a little girl ran into the 'surprise' I prepared for her. She didn't even use a summoning card, but dared to charge forward with a broken knife."


"If they develop these bad habits, won't they end up like 'Bai Ziliang' when they go to the battlefield or enter the secret realm in the future?"


Su Wen spoke to himself.


Unexpectedly, the president on the other end of the phone was furious upon hearing this, "Scare them? Do you know that the Glutton was captured alive because a student stepped in and helped Bai Ziliang share some of the pressure."


"And that child is now among the trainees. I can't even imagine what would happen if the Glutton saw him!"


"In such a dangerous situation, you tell me that you have everything under control?"


"Let me tell you, Su Wen. These children are rare talents in the Land of Peach. If anything happens to them, your life won't be enough to compensate!"


The president's angry roar mixed with the sound of wind passed through the phone, obviously he was on his way.


But he waited for a long time with his phone in hand, his hand was numb from the cold, but he didn't get a response from Su Wen.


Just when he thought Su Wen was stunned by his scolding and was about to scold him again to wake him up, Su Wen finally spoke.


But his voice was unusually hoarse, mixed with surprise and disbelief, "President, the Dark Raven I placed beside the kids at Third High School… has been wiped out…"




Hearing that the president was about to explode again, Su Wen quickly added, "But don't worry, the Glutton has also been knocked down…"


"Before my Dark Raven was turned back into a card…" After thinking for a moment, he added.


The president was silent for a while, but he knew that Su Wen wouldn't lie to him about this, so he asked, "By whom?"


"A group of ghosts…"


Looking at the image on the monitor, Su Wen's eyes flickered, and it took him a long time to come back to his senses.



Meanwhile, in the living room of the house where Lu Youyou was staying.


Chronicle, exhausted, was leaning on the sofa, his head throbbing with pain, and even moving a finger was difficult.


In the yard opposite him, the Glutton's huge body, piled up with fat, had already fallen.


At this moment, even some weak flies dared to buzz around it, as if they wanted to enjoy a gluttonous feast on this ghost with a physical body.


But Chronicle had no energy to care about these.


Looking at the four people beside him who were shocked, he forcefully suppressed the bizarre scenes in his mind and the side effects of mental exhaustion, struggled to remove Lu Youyou's hand, managed to say "mental potion", and then passed out.


When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was already back in his room.


Recalling everything that had happened, even though it was all over, he was still a little scared.


In the absence of Osiris, who was out "shopping", and without the protection of a summoning card, he could only watch as the Glutton smashed the courtyard wall and charged at him.


Fortunately, at the critical moment, Seven Brothers returned with four ghost messengers in time, and through the residual power of the skill [Borrowing Path], forcibly controlled the ghosts caught from various houses to launch an attack on the Glutton.


As the saying goes, "Many ants can bite an elephant to death."


Not to mention, Seven Brothers' strength was not inferior to the Glutton's, and with the help of the ghost messengers and other evil spirits, they quickly defeated the seemingly terrifying Glutton.


And he "only" paid the price of "mental exhaustion".


Looking at it this way, it was a close call, but everyone was happy in the end.


However, thinking comprehensively, he, who possessed a vast treasury of civilization, was not here to gamble his life with evil spirits.


As the old saying goes, "A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall."


After this incident, he deeply realized the harm of a lack of cards.


Feeling the mental power refilling his body, he didn't care who had given him the mental potion.


The urgent task was to hurry up and make a card to expand his deck's combat power.


Thinking of this, he directly took out the card-making materials he had obtained from Wei Ya from the backpack he carried with him.


That is, the Corpse Demon, the Sun-avoiding Black Robe, the Yin-scripted Flower Plume, and the Dark Green Corpse Poison.


"Eh, what's this?"


Looking at the mud ball stained with some kind of bird's blood that suddenly appeared in his originally clean backpack, Chronicle frowned.


It wasn't until a strand of mental power probed it and found out that the gloomy mud ball was stained with crow's blood that his eyes lit up.


Adhering to the simple concept of using what he could, he didn't bother to find out where this thing came from, and directly used a blank card to collect it.


Although it was of white quality, it was still a usable material.


"Where does that coffin come from?"


The moment this question popped into his head, Chronicle suddenly remembered his vehicle card: [Paper Man Carrying Coffin].


If he remembered correctly, the coffin that was very uncomfortable to sit up in was made of incense cedar wood with Yin Absorption, which could also be used temporarily.


With this thought, everything was ready.


He then sat cross-legged on the bed, quickly adjusted his state, and entered his sea of consciousness with his mind.


Since the day he crossed over, he had been shuttling back and forth between the sea of consciousness and reality, conducting various experiments on card making, so he was not unfamiliar with everything here. With a thought, various tools and materials appeared beside him.


Then he waved his hand, and a blank card and the vehicle card [Paper Man Carrying Coffin] automatically floated out of the pile of materials.

The former quickly ascended under the guidance of his mental power, merging into the sea of consciousness along with many strange phenomena;


The latter hung in mid-air, swiftly transforming into a coffin engraved with words of blessing and longevity.


As for the paper man procession, he temporarily placed them into the sea of consciousness.


Next, under his control, the heavy coffin lid slowly moved, and several raw material cards instantly turned into flowing light and fell into it.


Accompanied by a flash of intense light, the dull-colored coffin began to shake uncontrollably, emitting a series of teeth-gritting creaking sounds.


Seeing this, Chronicle remained calm and composed, and with a stroke of his pen, he wrote two large characters in the air: "Zombie".


The characters exploded with a golden luster, and the previously shaking coffin instantly returned to stillness.


At this point, the formal card-making work began.


The first step was to determine the target of creation.


Chronicle had already decided to create a "Zombie", so there was no need for further discussion.


Then came the addition of information. With a pre-prepared draft in mind, he didn't hesitate and wrote a series of texts:


"Zombie, born from the resentment and filth of heaven and earth."


"Immortal and indestructible, abandoned by the universe outside the cycle of reincarnation."


"Powered by resentment, it absorbs the essence of the moon, venting its endless loneliness with the fresh blood of all beings."

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