Chapter 31 – Leaping Green Zombie

He took a short break when he finished writing up to this point.


He quietly waited for the reviewing system in the dark to process the information he provided about "zombies".


It didn't take long. Almost the moment he stopped writing, the lines of text burst into bright light.


"It's almost done."


As he watched the huge vortex hovering above his sea of consciousness gradually dissipate, Chronicle dipped his brush in spiritual liquid and continued writing:


【Evil spirits covet the power of zombies, so they use cypress wood coffins to carry the bodies of the dead. They gather yin energy with crow's blood and yin bagua, and choose a place of decay and ruin as the burial ground to cultivate zombies through the changing of the moon and the warmth of the sun.】


【After the body is formed, it feeds on the yang energy of human blood. Its eyes are like cinnabar, its fingers are like curved hooks, and its teeth are exposed like sharp blades.】


【Indestructible and incredibly strong, it can also leap on rooftops and trees and jump like a flying creature.】


【It likes to reside in places with heavy yin energy and will actively attack living beings and livestock.】


【It uses the zombie poison in its minions to expand its race.】


When he finished writing up to this point, Chronicle suspended his brush in the air.


Then, a thick mist of blood emerged from the tip of the brush, swirling and enveloping the cypress wood coffin in mid-air.


From a distance, it looked like a crimson and elongated cocoon, with a vivid color that gave off a cold and sticky feeling.


Seeing this, Chronicle nodded in satisfaction. He knew that the second step, "adding information," had been successful, and the next step was to draw the card face.


Even without the bonus from the first card-making, his foundation and various film and television works as references made it effortless for him to draw.


In no time, a delicate and eerie, terrifying zombie image was completed in his hand.


On the card face, a clear and cold full moon hung in the sky, and a tall and ragged figure stood proudly on top of a mountain.


Although the figure had its back to the viewer, just the half of its face that was revealed gave a strong visual impact, as if it could break out of the card at any moment.


Its black and sharp nails and its green face with exposed fangs reflected a metallic gleam under the moonlight, giving off a strong sense of oppression.


With the completion of the card face, the next step was to "engrave the card back."


This step was something Chronicle practiced during his daily cultivation, so it was not difficult for him to do it again.


Relying solely on muscle memory, he quickly completed the engraving.


But before he could relax, the scene in front of him began to change.


In the misty sea of consciousness, a hunched figure appeared, similar in size to him.


Wearing a bamboo hat, a raincoat, and carrying an opaque black bag, the figure walked alone in the muddy wasteland after the rain.


Chronicle watched as he buried the coffin, gathered yin energy, used blood as a guide, and refined the zombie. Although he stood in the same place from beginning to end, it felt as if he had personally experienced everything.


This made him secretly sigh, realizing that he was indeed straying further and further down the path of "evil spirits."


"The art style seems a bit off."


He joked, then silently thought "return."


In the flickering of his vision, a familiar and festive bright red card face came into view.


At the same time, the related information of the zombie card also flashed into his mind.


【Leaping Green Zombie】


Quality: Green


Level: ★★


Category: Corpse/Monster


Card Type: Summon




【Corpse Qi】: Attacks with strong corpse qi, causing a certain impact on spiritual beings.


【Zombie Poison】: Attacks living beings with minions carrying hidden zombie poison. Upon hitting, there is a certain probability of infecting them as "Jumping Zombies" and forcibly making them join our side. The infection probability depends on the quality level of both sides.


【Bloodsucking】: When using fangs to attack living beings, there is a certain probability of entering the "Bloodthirsty" state, allowing it to quickly restore its own yin energy and the user's spiritual power by converting the yang energy in the blood. The conversion efficiency and limit depend on the quality level of the card.




【Indestructible】: There is a certain probability of directly immune to physical attacks from units of the same quality, star level, or below during battles.


【Moon Essence】: Under the moonlight, when this unit is not in combat, it can exist in the mortal world without consuming the user's spiritual power.


【Yin Absorption】: Being in a place with heavy yin energy will enhance its state and have a low probability of advancing or breaking through the current level on its own.


Introduction: Leaping like a flying creature, it likes places with heavy yin energy.


Advancement direction: 【Indestructible · Hairy Zombie】(Blue) → 【Divine Flying Zombie】(Purple)


Transformation direction: When the card advances to 【Divine Flying Zombie】, the user can choose one of the three transformation directions: 【Form】, 【Body】, or 【Soul】, opening up a completely new advancement path.


Bond: When deployed with cards possessing the characteristics of 【Maoshan】, 【Wild Maoshan】, and 【Evil Cultivation】, the bond effect 【Rushing the Corpse】 can be activated.


"Not bad."


Chronicle nodded lightly and made his evaluation.


Although this card had a low initial quality level, it had many outstanding skills and characteristics, as well as a bright advancement path. It could be used as a trump card.


"The most important thing is that its characteristic 【Yin Absorption】 allows the card to advance and level up on its own, saving a lot of resources…"


Chronicle keenly caught the "saving money" aspect and couldn't help but smile: "This is definitely someone from our my family who knows how to live and save money!"


Then, he said "good" three times in a row, holding the card in his hand and liking it more and more.


But he was the kind of person who enjoyed the best of both worlds and wouldn't forget his old love even if he found a new one.


So, after playing with the zombie card for a long time, he summoned Osiris, the "Guide of the Ghosts," and carefully examined it.


He found that the level of the card had changed from two stars to three stars, which surprised him.


You see, although the level of a card can be increased through battles, the requirements for it are extremely strict.


It's not like you can just find a bunch of wild monsters and use them as "experience packs" for your card to level up.


The logic involved is something that even top card craftsmen find hard to explain.


Therefore, most people consider resource feeding as the main path for card leveling.


As for "leveling through battles," many people treat it as winning the lottery, something that can happen but cannot be sought after.Such a good fortune, the kind that once encountered, is worth celebrating with ten posts on social media, had unexpectedly fallen onto Chronicle's head without any warning.


Fortunately, he was a calm person and was not stunned by the surprise.


After the surprise, he couldn't help but ponder:


"From the first time I made a card until now, it hasn't been many days. The battles I've experienced can be counted on two hands, and the only formidable opponent I've encountered is the Meat Mountain Trickster…"


"But Seven Brothers still leveled up."


"That means, the core of a card leveling up through battle is not based on the 'quality' or 'quantity' of the battle, but rather…"


Chronicle felt as if he had touched upon something. After pondering for a long time, he suddenly slapped his thigh: "Could it be 'role-playing'?"

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