Chapter 29 – Meat Mountain Ghost Reappears

"Chronicle? What are you doing here?"


Yao Yuan was first stunned when he saw Chronicle standing at the door, then he asked with some confusion.


"It's really cold outside, come in first."


Chronicle stepped aside to make room for Yao Yuan to enter the house.


Just as he was closing the door, he heard Yao Yuan ask in confusion, "Are you all here?"




Li Baitian replied weakly.


At this moment, he was lying on the sofa with her head tilted back, looking very disheveled with her chicken coop-like hairstyle and wrinkled white T-shirt.


Ginger Tea, sitting next to her, seemed carefree. Just half a minute ago, she was shivering from the cold, but now she was already looking for snacks on the coffee table.


As for Lu Youyou, who was tapping on her phone next to them, she quickly stood up and greeted Yao Yuan when he entered the house, "Good evening, Yao Yuan."


"Good evening."


Yao Yuan greeted back and then sat on the nearby single sofa.


Looking at the different expressions of the people, he organized his words a bit and then spoke, "You… have also received the 'warm' welcome from the training party, right?"


"Yeah." Li Baitian replied lifelessly, "Twice."


"One white and one green?"


Yao Yuan pushed his glasses up and asked with a confident tone, although it was a question.


"You took down a few of them?"


Upon hearing this, Li Baitian immediately became spirited and stood up, not answering but asking back.


Yao Yuan didn't say anything, he just slowly raised two fingers.


"You took down both of them?"


Ginger Tea, who was next to her, put down the snacks in her hand and asked in surprise.


Yao Yuan licked his lips, pondered for a long time, and then said somewhat awkwardly, "Both of them got away."




Upon hearing this, Li Baitian leaned back on the sofa and returned to her state of doubting life.


Ginger Tea picked up the snacks again, puffing her cheeks like a hamster while eating potato chips, but her eyes kept glancing at Chronicle. She felt that what had just happened should have something to do with him:


Just like Yao Yuan, she also gained nothing tonight.


But she wasn't discouraged by this.


After all, her initial battle card, "Hate Marriage Mysterious Face," which was made with the core material of [Crying Sadness], had many advantages but also a fatal flaw.


That is, "short legs."


In other words, she was not good at chasing battles.


This meant that she was almost helpless when facing two weak but elusive ghosts.


But just when she thought she was going to spend half a month with those two ugly things, five tall and thin figures suddenly appeared effortlessly and captured the two ghosts.


Amazed, she couldn't help but ponder who was behind this.


After thinking for a long time, the name Chronicle suddenly popped into her head.


So, after a few twists and turns, she came here.




After the recollection, she couldn't help but sneeze.


Li Baitian, who was next to her, looked disgusted, "You caught a cold just by going out for a walk. You've ruined the face of a Card Craftsman."


Although she said that, she honestly poured a glass of boiled water for Ginger Tea.


Ginger Tea happily took it, said thank you, and then turned her gaze to Chronicle.


After a few minutes of being stared at uncomfortably by everyone, Chronicle was about to speak when he was interrupted by a sense of vibration under his feet.


"What is that?"


Li Baitian, who had keen senses, stood up abruptly and frowned, looking in the direction facing the window.


Everyone turned their heads and saw a huge creature outside the courtyard wall, much taller than the "tombstone" they lived in, moving in a certain direction.


With each step, the ground trembled.


And as it approached, a stench like that of a dead rat also came, making people feel uncomfortable in various ways.


With their superhuman vision, the five of them quickly saw its appearance.


They saw that this guy was covered in layers of fat, which formed folds that accumulated many impurities.


Looking up, they saw a disproportionately large head on its thick neck.


With red cheeks, cracked corners of the mouth, it presented a creepy and horrifying smile.


Even though they were used to seeing supernatural scenes, the five of them couldn't help but feel their heartbeats accelerate.


They felt that a string corresponding to fear in their minds was being plucked fiercely, causing various physiological discomforts.


Chronicle's reaction was not as strong as theirs, but he also took a deep breath, trying to forcibly recall the five big shots who were still crazily "harvesting" outside.


Although he didn't know why the other party appeared here, he would never forget this appearance in his lifetime, and it was impossible to mistake it!


"The Meat Mountain Specter is here!"


Suddenly, these five words popped into his head, and Chronicle subconsciously touched the Mountain Ghost Coin in front of him.


Unexpectedly, at the next moment, the long-unseen Meat Mountain Specter seemed to sense their gaze and suddenly stopped, showing a somewhat conflicted expression as if it wanted to turn its head but couldn't.


Just as the group frowned, curious about its next move, it suddenly disappeared.


When they found it again, it had pressed its round chin against the courtyard wall, revealing only a terrifying big head, infinitely horrifying.




Even Li Baitian, who was usually bold, couldn't help but curse, but she didn't notice that the monster's gaze had been fixed on Chronicle the whole time.


A fat and fierce face also revealed a sinister smile, as if saying, "Long time no see."




At the same time, in a tent not far from this place.


Su Wen, who was bored, was trimming his nails "click clack."


But unexpectedly, a ringtone suddenly rang, scaring him so much that he almost cut his finger.


Angrily, he threw the nail clippers onto the table and answered the phone, asking in an annoyed tone, "Who is it?"


Little did he know that the voice on the other end was even louder than his own, "Who do you think I am?!"


Hearing the roar from the other end of the phone, Su Wen unconsciously straightened his back and put on a flattering smile, "President, it's you? What's the matter calling me so late?"


"How dare you ask me that?!"The person known as "President" seemed to have a bad temper, catching Su Wen and bombarding him with a series of questions: "Did you take away the Meat Mountain Ghost that almost capsized Bai Ziliang in the ditch before?"


"Do you know that it's a blue-quality ghost?!"


"Daring to use it to test students, who will be responsible if something happens?!"


Su Wen subconsciously said, "I will," only to be met with a barrage of curses, "You can't take responsibility for shit! Hurry up and catch that thing back for me. If the kids get hurt even a little, I'll take your head off and use it as a ball for them to kick."


Hearing this, Su Wen couldn't help but say, "President, you really lack faith in me, don't you? Don't you know what kind of person I am?"


"Don't worry, I've already sent the Dark Ravens to guard the kids. With them there, no matter how fierce the Meat Mountain Ghost is, it won't be able to cause any trouble…"

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