Chapter 28 – One after another came knocking on the door

“But what?”

Chronicle raised his hand and put a piece of orange into his mouth, casually responding.

“The worldview I use to create stories was developed with the help of my elders at home. I always feel that it’s not very reliable…”

Lu Youyou sighed lightly and sincerely said.

“Isn’t everyone like that?”

Chronicle comforted casually.

Lu Youyou glanced at him deeply upon hearing this, but did not continue speaking.

They had been classmates for two years, and she had even been the class monitor. How could she not know about Chronicle’s family situation:

Both parents deceased, only one set of housing, which was relatively remote and recently had some issues in their happy home.

Perhaps there was some savings, but at most it could support him to create one or two cards. After that, he wouldn’t have much left and would have to rely on subsidies for meals.

With such poor conditions and no family elders to rely on, she couldn’t imagine how much hardship he had endured to start from scratch and gradually create that terrifying and exceptional card.

Thinking of this, her gaze couldn’t help but be mixed with some admiration, which then turned into a strong fighting spirit:

If Chronicle could achieve what he has with his conditions, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for her, a young lady from a wealthy family, to keep complaining and feeling sorry for herself?

“Is this girl possessed?”

Seeing Lu Youyou’s performance, sometimes lost, sometimes proud, sometimes sad, sometimes full of fighting spirit, Chronicle couldn’t help but feel confused.

Just as he was surprised, the girl suddenly returned to normal and, seeing that he wasn’t speaking anymore, picked up her phone again to let her family and friends know she was safe.

Chronicle ate some snacks and suddenly felt bored, so he lay back on the sofa and closed his eyes to rest, using this time to recover his mental strength.

At the same time.

In a nearby “tombstone”.

Li Baitian sat on the sofa with a confused expression, looking up at the lights, and in his heart, he asked the philosophical questions of “Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?”

Many people judge character based on appearance and initially thought she was a carefree girl.

But that was not the case.

Her thoughts were actually very delicate.

In terms of personality, she was somewhat similar to Chronicle: brave but not impulsive, cautious but not timid.

This kind of personality made her seem indifferent on the surface, but she silently remembered everything Wei Ya had said.

After learning that the training party might come to make a show of force tonight, she didn’t even enter her bedroom.

She leaned against her newly created equipment card, the “Ghost Head Great Sword,” and sat on the sofa all night.

As she expected, about twenty minutes ago, a burly ghost crawled in through the window, and they had a staring contest.

Faced with this situation, after judging the opponent’s approximate strength, she didn’t even summon a card and directly attacked with her sword.

In less than five minutes, she had dismembered the ghost and successfully obtained a white summoning material.

In addition, with her keen insight, she also sensed the presence of a stronger ghost in the room.

So she made a quick decision and directly summoned her initial battle card, the “Yin Thunder Vajra,” attacking from two directions, attempting to surround and eliminate the opponent.

Unexpectedly, the ghost was as slippery as an eel.

After more than ten minutes, not only did she fail to kill the ghost, but she herself was exhausted.

After using several powerful moves from the “Yin Thunder Vajra,” she almost depleted her already limited mental strength.

Just as she was about to give up, five tall and dignified figures appeared, stepping on dark clouds and passing through walls.

After entering the house, they went straight to the second floor and soon captured the ghost that had been playing with her for half a day.

The whole process took less than two minutes.

“Did the training party think I wasn’t strong enough, so they sent someone to take away that little ghost?”

Sitting on the sofa, Li Baitian’s mind was filled with thoughts.

If she had lost in a head-on confrontation, she wouldn’t have thought much of it. She could just practice more.

But now, she had been played like a fool by a ghost using a simple tactic of “flying a kite.”

If this got out, she wouldn’t be able to show her face anymore.

As for the five who appeared later, although they were powerful, she could tell at a glance that they were not of a higher quality than blue-grade spirits. From the perspective of card-making, they also dealt a blow to her:

It turned out that her pride in being “invincible in the same level” was just a joke.

“I don’t think this seems like the work of those teachers… Could it be one of my classmates?”

She muttered to herself and accidentally messed up her carefully styled short hair.

After sighing heavily, she pulled open the curtains and saw that the neighboring house was also lit up.

“If I remember correctly, this should be the dormitory assigned to Lu Youyou…”

She thought to herself, but suddenly widened her beautiful eyes. “Wait, why is Chronicle in her room?”

She stood by the window, puzzled, and watched for a while.Half a day had passed, and the two of them were still engrossed in their own activities, one playing with his phone and the other lounging on the sofa.

After a moment of thought, she didn’t even bother to put on a coat, just wearing a white T-shirt, she ignored the bone-chilling autumn night wind and stepped out of the door.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

Chronicle, whose mental strength had somewhat recovered, was about to check on the ghost through shared vision when the knocking sound rang out.

Before he could react, Lu Youyou got up first. Under the protection of the eight-foot bride, she approached the door.

After tonight’s incident, if she had learned anything, it was to be cautious.

Even after seeing through the peephole that the person outside was Li Baitian, she didn’t open the door herself but let the eight-foot bride do it.

So, after another door handle was broken, the door opened with a creak.

Li Baitian strode in with a gust of wind.

Seeing her reaction and glancing at her out-of-season attire, Lu Youyou finally confirmed that the person in front of her was indeed Li Baitian.

After all, no one, not even a ghost, could imitate his “tiger-like” vigor.

“Baitian, what brings you here?”

Lu Youyou greeted him with a smile, warmly taking his arm.

“Don’t even mention it.”

Li Baitian casually sat down on the sofa, picked up a pear from the coffee table, and started eating it heartily.

“I’ve been led around by a little ghost all day, and in the end, someone else got the upper hand. Isn’t that infuriating?”

As she spoke, her gaze flitted between Chronicle and Lu Youyou, trying to confirm whether this card-making expert was indeed her classmate.

Just then, the knocking sound rang out again.

Lu Youyou was about to get up, but Chronicle beat her to it, turning around to avoid Li Baitian’s gaze.

Through the peephole, he could see Ginger Tea, dressed in a cat-themed pajama set and a pink down jacket, shivering outside.

Seeing this, Chronicle quickly opened the door. The young girl immediately ran in, shouting, “I’m freezing, I’m freezing.”

As she spoke, she burrowed into the arms of Li Baitian and Lu Youyou.

Chronicle couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. Just as he was about to close the door, he saw Yao Yuan walking towards them.

He froze on the spot.

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