Chapter 14 – Money-making path

"If I buy that card and use it as a strengthening material to fuse into the Mountain Ghost Coin, it should be able to upgrade it to a blue card…"


Chronicle pondered as he returned to reality. After receiving the feedback from the Card Craftsman, he lay down with a slightly tired expression, murmuring, "Spending seventy to eighty thousand to upgrade this highly functional equipment card is worth it."


"But I only have thirty thousand on hand, and even if I sell everything I own, I can't make up the remaining forty to fifty thousand."


Chronicle rubbed his head, staring at the pale ceiling, his mind filled with thoughts. "What if… I sell my house and apply for a single dormitory at school? As a student of the elite class, I should have this privilege."


In fact, he had thought about selling his house the day he crossed over, but his attention was diverted by the start of school, the invasion of the secret realm, and other major events.


Now that he thought about it again, the idea was incredibly strong:


The Happy Home Community was located on the outskirts of the city, far from the school, hospital, association building, and other city infrastructure.


That wasn't really a problem.


The issue was, after the recent incident of the secret realm going out of control, the area had become a potential danger zone.


Who knew what evil spirits might be lurking in the sewers and alleys there.


Although he now had the Mountain Ghost Coin, a life-saving artifact, he still needed to be cautious.


There was no need to take such meaningless risks.


"Out with the old, in with the new. When it comes to houses, if it needs to be sold, it should be sold."


After finding a bunch of reasons for himself, Chronicle took out his phone and logged into the house selling platform.


The relevant personnel quickly assessed the value of his house.


The result was a shock to him: the house that could have been sold for over five hundred thousand was now worth less than three hundred thousand after the recent incident.


Looking at the explanation from the official personnel, he felt his heart bleeding.


"These evil spirits deserve to die."


For the first time, he felt a deep disgust for the monsters and ghosts of the Grand Scenery World: couldn't these bastards wait for him to sell his house at the original price before coming?


As Chronicle was cursing under his breath, the official personnel suddenly changed the subject, saying that as a certified Card Craftsman of the alliance, his residence was entitled to a guaranteed price, so the base price was still set at five hundred and fifty thousand.


This made him worry that his house might not sell.


However, the other party said that there were many parents who were so eager to have a Card Craftsman in their family that they would pay tens of millions more to buy a house where a famous Card Craftsman had lived.


Compared to that, his situation was nothing.


"I really made the right move."


Chronicle's eyes lit up at this.


To be honest, he didn't have much information about the benefits of being a Card Craftsman in his mind.


After all, as a member of the World Aristocracy, the various welfare policies introduced by the alliance for this group could fill dozens or even hundreds of A4 papers.


With so much information, most people wouldn't bother to read it carefully, and even if they did, they might not remember much.


But after today's incident, Chronicle suddenly realized the importance of these seemingly boring and complicated things. He decided to study them carefully to see if he could make some money from his status as a "Certified Card Craftsman".


At this moment, the official personnel asked him in a very respectful tone if he still wanted to list his house on the platform.


Chronicle immediately replied "yes", and the information about his house for sale was instantly posted in the most prominent position on the homepage.


However, since the evil spirits there hadn't been completely cleared yet, his house wouldn't be sold for a while.


The problem returned to the original point: he still needed to find a long-term, stable, and fast way to make money.


Looking at the Mountain Ghost Coin deeply embedded in his palm, he suddenly thought of the disposable defense card with extremely poor effects.


Since other Card Craftsmen could mass-produce such useless things based on the "Mental Barrier" prototype, why couldn't he use the "Mountain Ghost Coin" as a template to make some disposable inferior versions to sell?


After the recent secret realm incident, the local residents should have a deeper understanding of the importance of these "amulets".


If he could really make them, he wouldn't have to worry about selling them, and he might even be able to connect with the Card Craftsman Association and earn some copyright money.


"This idea is feasible."


Chronicle was always a person with strong execution. Once he thought of something, he would do it immediately.


Now that he had an idea to make money, he immediately got dressed and went downstairs. He summoned the "Paper Men Carrying Coffin" vehicle card, jumped onto the coffin lid and sat cross-legged, heading straight for the Card Craftsman Building.


Along the way, he attracted many eyes.


After all, the Paper Men Carrying Coffin he had adjusted was more aesthetically pleasing in a terrifying Chinese style compared to the original version.


Some people even forgot what they were doing and took out their phones to take pictures.


Chronicle didn't pay them any mind. When he arrived at the Association Building, he put away the card.


Entering the lobby, the receptionist behind the front desk was still the familiar one.


The yawning receptionist, seeing Chronicle come in, quickly perked up and put on a professional smile, "Chronicle, what can I do for you this time?"


"I want to buy some coin-related material items."


Chronicle replied with a smile, then looked around and casually asked, "Is Brother Ziliang not here?"


"He's in seclusion."


The uniformed girl's fingers flew over the keyboard. Knowing that Chronicle and Bai Ziliang were close, she didn't hide anything, "He's in seclusion. I heard that he didn't perform well a few days ago and was scolded by the president."




Chronicle opened his mouth, not saying anything as his guess was confirmed.


The uniformed girl then pulled up the online material library of the Association Building, went to the item category, entered the keyword "ancient coins", and listed a bunch of materials that met the criteria for Chronicle to choose from.


"Five 'Dragon Tongbao' and five 'Pearl Hollow Coins'."


After a long time, Chronicle rubbed his sore eyes and said tiredly.


"That will be 4800 yuan." The uniformed girl smiled sweetly.The two materials Chronicle had chosen were both of grey quality. They weren't expensive, but they still amounted to one-sixth of his current wealth.


With a soft sigh, Chronicle, who had been tormented by poverty, opened the payment code and transferred the money.


He thought to himself: If the experiment fails, this money will be wasted.


But now that things had come to this, there was no point in saying more.


After bidding farewell to the uniformed girl, he returned to the hotel in his coffin.


On the way, he passed by a street stall and spent five yuan on a red string. He threaded it through the square hole in the middle of the mountain ghost coin, made it into a necklace, and hung it around his neck.


Upon careful feeling, the consumption of mental power was very small, and a warm energy would quickly fill it up.


In this process of consumption and replenishment, his mental power had actually gained some exercise.


"This card is really well made."


Chronicle thought to himself, unable to resist touching the Bagua pattern on the back of the copper coin.


In this way, he returned to his hotel room, casually ate lunch, and threw the ten newly purchased materials onto the table to start the experiment.


But until the next day, he had only made a little progress.


"It's harder to work with the castrated version than the original… It's really difficult to make a disposable card that ordinary people can use."


Chronicle sincerely sighed, took out his phone and saw that there were more than a dozen group messages in the WeChat group.

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