Chapter 13 – Create success

The term "mountain ghost" originally appeared in Qu Yuan's "Nine Songs" in the "Chu Ci" and is the title of one of the chapters.


Named as a ghost, but actually a god.


Because it has not been officially conferred by the Heavenly Emperor, it can only be called a ghost.


Naturally upright, advocating justice for others, able to slay demons and protect the mountains and all living things, it is a majestic and towering deity.


Later, ancient Taoists engraved its related image and description on coins in order to ward off evil and disasters and ensure peace in the mountains. They also used Taoist talismans and Bagua patterns to cast coins as magical tools.


This is the original "Mountain Ghost Coin".


However, there is also a saying that the so-called "mountain ghost" is a misinterpretation by the world, and its true name should be "Killing Ghost Coin".


Whether it is a mountain ghost coin or a killing ghost coin, they both embody people's longing for the state of "invulnerability to evil".


Chronicle once had a "protective coin" like this.


Although it was something from before he crossed over, he often took it out to admire and play with it. He was quite familiar with the specifications of this "coin of victory" and was confident in replicating it.


"I hope it will be successful."


After carefully collecting the three materials, he returned to his hotel room and couldn't help but say.


The successful creation of "Guide Ghost Envoy, Osiris" was largely due to the special state of the first card creation.


Now, relying solely on himself, even if he only needs to create a copper coin, he cannot guarantee that he can handle it.


After all, this small "Brother Kong" contains the top-level concepts of Chinese mythology, including the Tai Shang and Bagua.


Although according to the textbook, it only borrows the name, image, and symbol of the pattern, and does not directly summon, it does not impose additional burden on the card craftsman.


But this is still a top-level mythology. Even if it is just brushing the edge, it is enough to make people tremble.


But Chronicle still decided to take a gamble:


After all, whether this "borderline" card creation idea can succeed or not will have a huge impact on his future.


For example, if this method is feasible, he can completely include powerful artifacts like the "Three Pure Bells" and the "Heavenly Ruler's Ruler" that involve top-level concepts but do not directly summon immortal gods into his creation goals.


Opening up this train of thought will greatly accelerate his growth.


"It doesn't matter if I fail. There are so many money themes. I can temporarily change it to Zhong Kui expelling the Five Poisons or Liu Hai playing with the Golden Toad, and it can still be used."


Thinking about it, Chronicle said to himself, "Let's do it."


Then he took a deep breath and quickly adjusted his state, sitting cross-legged.


His consciousness calmly entered his sea of knowledge.


Standing in the vast white world, the two materials, "Brother Kong's Mystery" and "Evil-Breaking Copper Coin," also returned to their original forms and surrounded him.


One was a dirty and ghostly square hole coin.


The other was a round hole copper coin surrounded by fine thunder and entangled with positive energy.


Completely opposite things, under the drive of his spiritual power, gradually merged into one.


Yin and yang collided, electric arcs splashed, and waves surged in the sea of knowledge.


Seeing this, Chronicle took out the card drawing pen, dipped it in spiritual liquid, and lightly touched the two coins in the air, causing them to merge into one.


It turned into a rich and dim light, following the trajectory of the card drawing pen, and fell into the blank card.


"Mountain Ghost Coin"


Chronicle confirmed the true name of the card as he wielded the pen, and incorporated his understanding of it into the card through written descriptions.


Fortunately, the worry did not happen. The "review system" in the depths quickly approved it, and he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.


Feeling joyful in his heart, but not daring to relax, he began to "draw the card face".


For the coin style, he directly chose the most classic round square hole coin.


On the front ends, he engraved the four characters "Thunder Command" and "Mountain Ghost".


On the sides of the square hole, there were twenty-seven words of Taoist incantations: "Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt, Killing Ghosts, Suppressing Demons, Slaying Demons and Dispelling Evil, Always Maintaining a Clear Mind. Urgently following the orders of the Supreme Old Lord."


To be honest, when he wrote this, he felt a little uneasy.


After all, the meaning of the phrase "Urgently following the orders of the Supreme Old Lord" is actually asking the practitioner to "seek help" from the Supreme Moral Taoist Lord.


In this world where immortals and gods do not appear and there is a gap in mythology, it seems problematic no matter how you look at it.


But for the sake of the experiment, he gritted his teeth and wrote the incantation very seriously.


The first four sentences went smoothly, but when he wrote the character "Urgently", the card drawing pen made of special materials seemed to leak oil.


Although he could still write normally, the eleven characters he wrote were not clear.


However, the thunderous meaning revealed by the first four words clearly indicated that this incantation could still function properly, which made him somewhat puzzled.


But time was pressing, and he didn't have time to think too much. He quickly started to engrave the Bagua on the back of the coin.


The neatly written regular script added a lot of color to the Bagua pattern.


When it came to engraving the back of the card, it was purely mechanical work.


Relying solely on muscle memory, Chronicle completed it in just a few minutes.


Finally, the card creation was successful.


Chronicle watched as the white card was rendered by vibrant green light and gradually transformed into a small copper coin.


With a wave of his hand, the coin automatically fell into his palm.


Except for the slight blur in the last sentence of the front incantation, there were no other defects.


It can be said to be exquisitely crafted.


But it is not the cold and hard beauty of modern craftsmanship, but the simple and majestic atmosphere of an antique. Upon closer inspection, there is a hidden charm flowing within.


"Not bad."


Chronicle praised and checked the specific information of the card:


"Mountain Ghost Coin" (to be improved)


Quality: Green (Blue)


Category: Human/Fairy


Card Type: Equipment


Skills:【Mountain Ghost】: Consumes a certain amount of mental power to summon a phantom of the Mountain Ghost. The strength and duration of the phantom depend on the user's mental power.


【Ghost Slayer】: Consumes a certain amount of Yang Qi, recites a spell, summons divine thunder, and can cause massive damage to units of the four categories: demons, devils, ghosts, and monsters. There is also a small chance to trigger the 【Instant Kill】effect.




【Gathering Qi】: When worn daily, it can automatically absorb the scattered Yang Qi between heaven and earth as a substitute for mental power.


【Exorcism】: Demons of the same quality or below, intimidated by the majesty of the Mountain Ghost, will not dare to approach within five meters of the wearer.


【Evil Warding】: Condenses Yang Qi to attack malicious demons within five meters.


Introduction: Thunderous, Ghost Slayer, Demon Slaying, Evil Warding, always keep the mind clear.


Upgrade: Merge with coin-type materials to perfect the 【Mountain Ghost Coin】. Afterwards, you can choose either 【Single Coin Enhancement】 or 【Multiple Coin Combination】 as the upgrade path.


"Still to be perfected… Does the potential of Mountain Ghost Coin go beyond this?"


Looking at the note after the card's proper name, Chronicle subconsciously stroked his chin.


He suddenly remembered that when he was purchasing materials online to create Osiris, he seemed to have seen a blue item material called 【Evil Warding Copper Coin】.


The price was probably around seventy to eighty thousand.

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