Chapter 15 – Lu Youyou

“@All members, fellow students, let me share some good news with you first:”

“With the joint efforts of our school teachers and the city’s Card Craftsmen, the area around the school campus has been cleaned up. This afternoon, you can return to your original classes, and then according to the class roster, under the guidance of the original class teacher, find your new class.”

Wei Ya announced in the group chat.

Someone quickly asked below: “Teacher, has the class list been released?”

Wei Ya replied: “The specific list will not be announced until noon, but the general information is already out.”

“According to statistics, there are a total of 197 Card Craftsman students in our school this year, among which 5 have entered the elite class, 30 meet the conditions for the key class, and the remaining 162 have automatically been assigned to parallel classes 1, 2, and 3.”

“As for the class division standards, Teacher Li has already mentioned it in the group, I believe everyone knows which class they will enter.”

“What I want to say is, for those who did not get into their ideal class, don’t be discouraged. This is just the beginning, you still have a long way to go.”

The chat record ended here, and Chronicle put away his phone after reading it.

This time he didn’t miss any important information.

The only thing that surprised him was that Third High School, which was not considered top-notch in the city, could actually have five students in the elite class.

“That’s really something to celebrate.”

Chronicle shook his head with a smile, packed his luggage, and set off for the small two-story building where the Third High School teachers were temporarily staying.

When he arrived at Wei Ya’s office, he saw her packing up, so he helped out for a while.

When he brought up the matter of the personal dormitory, she didn’t hesitate and pulled out a bunch of keys from the drawer for him to choose from.

He didn’t stand on ceremony, directly choosing a key for a room with good lighting and a quiet location based on his memory, and put it in his pocket.

“Now I don’t have to worry about not having a place to live after selling the house.” He thought to himself.

“Are you really going to sell the house?”

Wei Ya spoke at this moment, turned around and took out two bottles of mineral water from a small refrigerator nearby, handing one to him.

Chronicle nodded, thanked her, then sat down on a chair next to him, unscrewing the bottle cap as he replied:

“Yeah, it’s just me at home, living in such a big house is a waste. It’s better to sell it and use the money to buy some materials, maybe I can make another blue card.”

“You’re quite confident.”

Wei Ya lightly flicked Chronicle’s forehead with a smile, but sighed in her heart:

In order to take good care of the elite class, she had spent the night reviewing the files of Chronicle, Ginger Tea, Yao Yuan, and two other students who had just been confirmed yesterday.

She found that apart from Chronicle, the other four all came from wealthy families and didn’t need to worry about money at least during high school.

But Chronicle, who might even be more talented than them, was an orphan with no one to rely on.

Even after making his first card, he had to sell the old house left by his parents to ensure his livelihood.

This made her feel sorry for this student who had left a deep impression on her.


After a light sigh, she turned around, took out a registration form from the drawer, and said to Chronicle:

“The Provincial Card Craftsman Association is going to hold a card competition with a ghost theme in a month. Originally, with your strength, you were not qualified to participate in such a major event.”

“But this year, the association seems to pay special attention to the cultivation of high school graduates, and has specially set up a sub-competition for bronze level. You don’t need to win the championship, the prize money for the top ten is enough for your high school expenses.”

“This is the registration form, take it back and fill it out, and bring it to my office tomorrow morning.”

Looking at the form in his hand, Chronicle was stunned.

After understanding the reason, he thanked her solemnly.

He was about to leave when he suddenly realized that he knew nothing about the competition, so he turned back and asked, “Teacher, is this competition just a simple card battle?”

“Hard to say.”

Wei Ya shook her head, her understanding of the competition format was also somewhat ambiguous:

“If it were in previous years, competitions like this would basically be a hard card battle. But a lot of changes have happened this year, and the association might make changes because of this.”

“By the way, didn’t you just get three material cards from me a few days ago? Take advantage of the unified training and hurry up to make the cards. This way, even if the competition rules are adjusted, you can have a response.”

“Okay, I got it, thank you, teacher.”

Chronicle nodded slightly and left the room.

“I didn’t expect there to be an unexpected joy.”

Looking at the registration form in his hand, he thought to himself, but he also knew the priorities:

No matter how much money this competition can make, it’s still more than a month away.

His current focus should still be on the upcoming unified training and the research and design of one-time cards.

“Speaking of the World aristocracy, there’s no shortage of things to do every day.”

Chronicle casually complained, but he was quite satisfied with his current situation.

So he strolled back to his hotel room and immediately picked up the material cards he bought yesterday to continue experimenting.

But by noon, there was still no progress.

He could only leave the hotel with a slight disappointment, and after handing the key to the front desk, he set off for school in his coffin.

Perhaps because it had just rained, the streets were sparsely populated.

He looked up to see lightning flickering in the sky, worried about another downpour, so he infused his spirit into the paper man team.

Their speed indeed increased, and in less than half an hour, he arrived at the entrance of Third High School.

Tucking away his cards, Chronicle followed the crowd and squeezed into the school. He first put his luggage in his “new home”, then easily returned to his original class with a relaxed demeanor, took his seat, and waited for the old class teacher to come.

At this moment, someone called his name.

He looked in the direction of the voice and saw a girl about 168 cm tall with shoulder-length short hair sitting next to him.

“Lu Youyou?”

Chronicle called out her name.

In his memory, this girl was the class president, with excellent grades and a good personality.

A few days ago, when the secret realm was out of control, the young girl knew that he lived in the “disaster-stricken area” of Happy Home and specifically sent a message to inquire.

However, he was busy watching the excitement at that time and casually replied with an emoji.

Seeing the person in question now, he felt a bit awkward, so he changed the subject: “You’re here early too?”


Lu Youyou put her teddy bear backpack on the table, sounding a bit melancholic: “We’re about to be divided into different classes. Even though we’re still in the same school, our circles will be different, and the chances of us gathering together again are slim. So, I thought I’d come early to see everyone…”

As she spoke, she unzipped her backpack to reveal a bag full of snacks. She grabbed a handful and handed them to Chronicle.

Chronicle couldn’t refuse, so he slowly started eating.

Meanwhile, more and more people were gathering in the class.

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