Chapter 12 – Mountain Ghost Flower Coin

"There's no big secret."


Wei Ya rapidly typed on the nine-square grid, saying, "Through this incident of the secret realm going out of control, you probably noticed that not only are we humans getting stronger, but the monsters and demons from the other side are becoming more troublesome than before."


"Overall, their growth rate even surpasses ours. This has led to a rapid decline in the output rate of materials around the world, making resources extremely scarce, and the amount distributed by the alliance to various units has also begun to be halved."


"The so-called 'class division system' was born under this background. After all, it's not a time of abundant resources, and the alliance can't achieve 'equal education for all', so they can only choose this 'the strong get stronger, the weak get weaker' model."


"And you guys are the lucky ones who got the first wave of benefits. Just hide in your bed and gloat when you're free."


Looking at the messages, Chronicle vaguely grasped something.


Taking advantage of the fact that Ginger Tea and Yao Yuan on the other side of the screen were still silently digesting the news, he tagged Wei Ya: "So what's the deal with this training, teacher?"


Wei Ya replied: "It's said that it's because a Card Craftsman who recently joined our city's association performed very poorly in this incident, almost made a major mistake, which angered the higher-ups, and that's why the training was arranged."


Seeing this, Chronicle instinctively sat up straight.


"Could it be Bai Ziliang?"


He thought to himself.


He had had this idea during the previous meeting, and now with Wei Ya's words, his intuition became even stronger.


He was almost certain that the fuse for this training incident was Bai Ziliang, who had just given him a "ride" yesterday.


"I didn't expect things to be so serious. It was just the two of us at the scene. If he chose not to report it, probably no one would know about it, but he still did. He's indeed a honest person, worth befriending."


Thinking of this, Chronicle nodded approvingly.


Little did he know, Bai Ziliang had indeed thought about "concealing" the incident, but considering Chronicle's suspected "college student" status, and that he couldn't get past his own conscience, he reported the truth.


But that's not important.


Wei Ya's next sentence was the key: "However… I personally think that the mistake of that Card Craftsman is just an excuse. Even without him, this unified training would have been held sooner or later."


Ginger Tea timely sent a curious cat emoji.


Wei Ya continued: "I won't beat around the bush, the leaders told us: your performance in this training will directly determine the investment and resource supply to our school by the association for this year."


"In plain terms, this training is a deeper level of resource concentration, essentially no different from class division. If you win, the school wins; if you lose, the school loses. It's that simple."


After Wei Ya sent the message, the group fell silent.


Obviously, such a large amount of information required the three of them to digest for a while.


However, Wei Ya privately messaged Chronicle at this time, asking him to come over to her place.


Seeing this, Chronicle quickly put on his coat and headed downstairs.


He guessed that the materials she had promised him had arrived, and he was somewhat excited. He glanced at his phone again, but there was no further message from her.


Instead, a small red dot appeared in the "New Friends" section of his contact list.


He clicked to see, and it was a friend request from Ginger Tea, which he accepted immediately.


After exchanging greetings with her, he turned off his phone.


After reaching the first floor, he headed straight for the temporary workspace of the Third High School's teaching team.


It was a small two-story building, not very large, just barely accommodating a hundred teachers.


Yet under such circumstances, Wei Ya was able to occupy a private office, showing her exceptional status among the teachers of Third High School.




Pushing open the door, Wei Ya was standing by the window, gazing into the distance.


Chronicle called out to her softly, pulled up a chair without ceremony, and sat down next to the desk.


"Good morning."


Wei Ya turned around, nodded at Chronicle, and without any roundabout, she directly took a meticulously crafted black alloy box from the side.


With a "click", she opened the box, revealing the materials inside to Chronicle.


"The school leaders value you very much. Considering that you're going to participate in the unified training in a few days, they've directly replaced your materials with better ones. You carefully choose, make two good cards, and don't let down the teachers' expectations."


"There are dozens of materials in here, corresponding to all kinds of cards. You can choose two item-type materials and one scene-type material from them. Start."


Chronicle nodded, looking at the material information in the box:


Item-type materials: 【One-Stroke Black Smoke Sword】(Green), 【Evil-Breaking Copper Coin】(Green), 【Dirty Mountain Vine Shield】(Green), 【Kong Fang Gui】(Green), 【Blood-Dripping Scissors】(White), 【Rusty Chopper】(White)……


Scene-type materials: 【Zhao Nan County North Yin Theater】(Blue), 【Bone-Crossing Hill】(Green), 【Qing Mountain Mental Hospital】(Green), 【Human Head Lantern Alley】(Green)……


Looking at the dozens of cards in the box, he fell into deep thought.

Normally, scene-type materials of the same grade are often several times more expensive than other types of materials due to their difficulty to obtain, and they are often priceless.


Under such circumstances, the blue scene-type material "Zhao Nan County North Shadow Theater" seemed very conspicuous.


According to Chronicle's estimation, if this card were put on the black market, its price might be higher than all the item-type materials in the box combined!


Such an optional combination made him feel a bit strange.


But he still subconsciously picked up the card and carefully put it away.


"You can still choose two item-type materials."


Wei Ya looked at Chronicle with a smile, seemingly not surprised by his choice.


After all, it was a material card worth a house in the Land of Peach, even a fool would know how to choose.


But Chronicle's next choice was not so easy to guess.


As is well known, equipment cards made from item-type materials can not only be equipped to the "spirits" summoned by summoning cards, but can also be used by the card masters themselves.


And in the early stages of a card master's career, it is usually the latter case.


What type of equipment card to create often reflects a card master's style preference.


Whether it's taking the initiative to attack or defending and counterattacking, it can be seen from the chosen items.


Based on Wei Ya's first impression of Chronicle, she always felt that he would choose a material like the One-Stroke Black Smoke Sword, which is used for killing.


After all, he was a "tough guy" who dared to confront the Weeping Ghost face to face with just one card, choosing these violent items was normal.


But things didn't go as she thought.


After a brief struggle, Chronicle finally chose the "Evil-Breaking Copper Coin" and "Square Hole Ghost" materials.


From the beginning, he had a clear positioning for the first equipment card in his life: it should be able to attack and defend.


And in his memory, there happened to be a kind of ancient coin-type magical tool that possessed both attributes.


So naturally, he chose these two coin-related cards.


And what he wanted to create was the "Mountain Ghost Coin", which was quite popular among the Taoist youths in his previous life.

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