Chapter 11 – Dagger squad

“There’s no seat, I can’t possibly lie in a coffin, can I?”

Looking at the paper figures not far away, Chronicle couldn’t help but grumble.

However, his inherent aesthetic for the underworld made him find this card quite interesting.

After some simple consideration, he summoned a drawing pen from the void, made minor adjustments to the shape of the paper figures, and then pulled out a white sheet from the hotel, covering it over the coffin.

Then he began to bind the card.

In no time, the task was completed.

Returning to reality, he immediately picked up his phone that was charging on the bedside table and scanned the card.

About half an hour later, the interface finally displayed: “Registration successful, card owner Chronicle can use this card normally within the jurisdiction of Jiuzhou.”

Seeing this, Chronicle couldn’t help but feel a little excited, thinking about “drifting in a hearse”, and indeed did so.

At night, he found a small path where few people passed by and began to experiment.

It was early autumn, the night was deep and foggy, and the moonlight was cold.

But he saw a deep green light sweeping from Chronicle’s fingertips, and a team of paper pallbearers with pale faces and blood-like cheeks came out of the thin fog, carrying a majestic and eerie coffin.

After circling the coffin a few times, Chronicle, who was very satisfied, lightly jumped and sat on top of the coffin.

With a few faint shouts, the coffin-carrying team began to move.

The paper figures were ethereal and light-footed.

Even though the coffin board under his butt was a bit hard, Chronicle sitting on it still felt like he was riding on clouds and mist.

Free and easy.

It was just a bit cold when the cold wind hit him.

But it didn’t matter to his enhanced body.


Chronicle smiled, and just like that, he “flew” around the hotel for ten laps, having a great time.

Then he got down from the coffin, put away the card, and returned to his hotel room to rest.

A night passed.

When he woke up the next morning, he saw that the group of “Third High School 22nd Level Card Craftsman” had 99+ new messages.

After a quick glance, he realized that today was the day to return to school.

However, because the school was within the range of the secret realm invasion, they couldn’t go back for now and could only hold an online meeting.

The meeting started at eight o’clock, and it was already seven o’clock. Chronicle quickly washed up, had breakfast, and entered the meeting room.

After a few minutes, the familiar voice of Wei Ya finally came: “Hello everyone.”

“My name is Wei Ya, the head teacher of the senior year, and also the head teacher of the Elite Class. In the coming year, I and several other teachers will lead you to continue on the path of card crafting.”

“Due to some special reasons, we can’t meet in the classroom for now, so we have to hold this online meeting to discuss the matters after returning to school.”

“Now let’s start the roll call, comment ‘1’ if you’re online, ‘2’ if you’re not.”

Seeing a series of “1”s on the screen, Chronicle resisted the urge to comment and make sarcastic remarks, and silently typed a “1”.

It was only then that he realized that the future head teacher, whom he had only met a few times, had such a naive side.

However, she quickly realized her mistake and explained somewhat awkwardly: “I’m sorry, students, I’ve been a bit dizzy from being busy these past few days and didn’t react in time.”

“Looking at the number of people, everyone should be here, right? Then let’s briefly talk about the matters after the start of school.”

“First is the issue of class division that everyone is most concerned about.”

“According to the latest requirements, students must bring their first battle card to the Card Craftsman Association for certification before tonight. The school will officially announce the class list tomorrow noon based on the results you report.”

“Also, there’s another thing to tell you.”

“After this secret realm control incident, the Association found that some card craftsmen have the ability to make cards, but lack the corresponding adaptability and combat level.”

“Therefore, it has decided to carry out a half-month unified combat training for this year’s senior card craftsmen. The teaching staff is strong and the rewards are excellent.”

“However, the quota is limited. After discussion, the school decided that students of the Elite Class will directly obtain the training qualification. If there are extra places, the best ones from the key classes will be selected to fill in.”

“I hope everyone prepares well…”

At this point, Wei Ya paused, then explicitly said: “Many important people are very concerned about the results of this training. If you plan to apply for prestigious schools, it’s best to strive for it.”

After saying that, she took a sip of tea and asked, “Does anyone have any questions?”

“Teacher, do students from parallel classes and key classes have the opportunity to be promoted to the Elite Class later?” A student asked through the microphone.

“No.” Wei Ya shook her head.

“Teacher, how many of us can get into the Elite Class?” Chen Yuan asked online.

Obviously, everyone was quite concerned about the so-called “Elite Class”.

“I only know of three at the moment…” Wei Ya combed her hair and answered, “The exact number will depend on tomorrow’s announcement.”

“I see.”

Sitting in a room on the third floor of the hotel, Chen Yuan nodded, feeling a lot of pressure.

He didn’t expect that there would be more than one fellow student as powerful as Chronicle Brother.

While he was lost in thought, he heard a familiar voice from the computer. It was Chronicle: “Teacher, when can we probably return to school?”

“It should be in the next few days.” Wei Ya answered.

After that, a few more people asked questions, and she answered them all.

Seeing that no one else had any questions, she ended the meeting.

Thinking about the news that he could return to school in the next few days, Chronicle began to pack his things.

At this moment, the phone next to him rang again with a “ding”.

He picked it up and saw that Wei Ya had created another small group.

The group name was simple and straightforward, called “Third High School 22nd Level Card Craftsman Elite Class”.

Including him, there were only four people.

Chronicle opened the list and saw that the other two people were both marked with their real names, one called “Ginger Tea” and the other called “Yao Yuan”.

The former had won the silver award in the city-level story competition, and the latter was elected as the new student council president. Both were influential figures among their peers.He even had Yao Yuan as a friend in his WeChat, though they weren’t very close.

“Please adjust yourselves well and strive to achieve good results in the final assessment of this training. At that time, the school will also have rewards. @All members.” Wei Ya’s message scrolled across the top of the screen.

Chronicle returned to the chat page, only to see a message from Ginger Tea, whose avatar was an anime girl: “Teacher, there are only a few of us in the group now, can you share some insider news?”

Yao Yuan chimed in: “Yeah, teacher. The association has been making big moves this year, and we have no clue, it’s really panic-inducing.”

“This…” Wei Ya on the other end of the phone hesitated a bit.

Chronicle, who was also somewhat curious, quickly sent a “please” emoji.

Wei Ya gave a helpless smile, sighed lightly, and then began to type on her phone.

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