Chapter 8 – I thought too much

The bar was filled with red lights and lively atmosphere.


After escaping from home, Clark, who was like a walking corpse, walked in, unable to accept reality. He wanted to get drunk and forget everything.


He heard that getting drunk could make you forget everything.


"You're only eighteen. According to state law, I can't sell you hard liquor."


The bartender glanced at Clark's ID and said, "Do you want beer?"


"As long as it's alcohol."


Taking back his ID, Clark, who was lost and confused, urged the bartender to bring it quickly.


Men and women danced passionately on the dance floor, and people at the booths excitedly played drinking games.


All the noise and excitement had nothing to do with him. Clark only felt lost and lonely, like a lone wolf separated from the pack.


An indescribable discomfort filled his heart.


"Is everything fake?"


He recalled the scenes of his past life with his parents and younger brother.


He never belonged to that family, and he didn't even belong to this planet where he grew up.


When he was a child, Clark wondered why others couldn't lift trucks or would get hurt if they fell from a few-story building. His parents and younger brother were also different from him. Now he had the answer.


Because he had no blood relation with his father, brother, and parents.


"I'm just an extraterrestrial monster picked up by my parents."


Beside the dimly lit bar counter, Clark's eyes turned red as he stared blankly at the name Clark Kent on his ID.


He wasn't even surnamed Kent, and his name shouldn't be in this form. He should have a name that sounded strange to Earthlings.


Among billions of people on Earth, not a single one was his kin, and not a single place was his hometown…




Clark clenched his fist in frustration and anger, unable to stabilize his emotions. Was this God's mockery of him?


Why wasn't he an Earthling? Why couldn't he be a relative connected by blood with his parents and brother?


He wished that his father would tell him tomorrow that everything was fake, and he could still taste the apple pie carefully made by his mother when he woke up, go to school with his brother on the school bus while arguing, come back and help his father with farm work. Life would be ordinary and fulfilling.


"Why does my life have to be suddenly shattered?"


Telling him this bad news suddenly, how could he go back to that home again and enjoy his parents' love with a clear conscience?


Clark, confused and angry, suddenly had the urge to punch and destroy.


Just then.




A hand patted his shoulder.


"It's really you."


Clark turned his head and saw Whitney and several teammates holding beers in their hands, with a malicious smile on their faces, surrounding him like hunting dogs seeing a weak rabbit.


"Clark, why are you drinking alone here?"


Whitney held a beer in one hand and put his arm around Clark's neck, appearing very intimate, but secretly exerting force with his arm.


"Whitney, don't bother me now."


To his surprise, Clark, who should have felt pain in his neck, didn't move a muscle. His body seemed to be made of steel, and he forcefully opened Whitney's hand.


Although he had just wanted to destroy something and vent his anger, the future Superman, who had been well taught by the Jonathan couple for more than ten years and had a kind heart, resisted the urge to fight back.


"I have good news for you, Clark."


Whitney stumbled back, spilling the beer in his hand onto the ground. Feeling embarrassed in front of everyone, he became extremely angry.


"I've decided that you will be this year's scarecrow!"


He signaled a few football players with his eyes to put down their beers and forcibly take Clark away.


"I told you, don't bother me!"


The loud rock music in the bar pierced Clark's ears. He suddenly stood up and grabbed Whitney's collar, anger evident in his eyes. He could hardly control the urge to strike.


But suddenly, Whitney's collar was pulled open, revealing a familiar green crystal necklace.


The radiation belonging to Kryptonite enveloped him.




Clark's divine power quickly drained away, and he looked uncomfortable and in pain. The hand that was close to the Kryptonite even had abnormal green veins popping up, as if it had been poisoned.


In the flickering light, Whitney didn't notice this detail and swung his fist, knocking down the weakened Clark to the ground. He disdainfully adjusted his clothes.


"So what if I provoke you, Clark?"


He squatted down, grabbed Clark again, and lowered his voice with jealousy and fierceness.


"I've noticed the way you look at my girlfriend, Clark. I know what you're thinking.


Who do you think she belongs to?"


With the high school football championship approaching, Lana gave her meteorite crystal necklace, which she had worn since childhood, to her boyfriend, hoping to express her feelings and bless him to overcome all obstacles and win the championship, and be discovered by football scouts.


As a result, Clark once again experienced the power of Kryptonite.


"Do you want her necklace so badly?"


Noticing that Clark, who was in pain, kept staring at the necklace on his neck, thinking that he was jealous and bitter, Whitney sneered and hung the necklace around his neck, humiliating him.


"Then I'll give it to you. This is as close as you can get to Lana."


"Take him away."


He stood up and beckoned to several football players, who took the even more painful and uncomfortable Clark and led him out through the back door.


With so many people and prying eyes here, Whitney planned to take Clark to a secluded cornfield and teach him a lesson.


"I'll make you understand that you should give up your foolish fantasies!"


Suddenly, a voice devoid of emotional fluctuations came.


"Where are you taking Clark, Whitney?"




Seeing a figure slowly approaching with both hands in the pockets of his brown jacket, Whitney was somewhat surprised and then sneered.


"Since you've come to me, I'll take you away too."


To make Clark see how his inappropriate thoughts could affect his brother.


David remained calm, as if he hadn't heard what he was about to do.


"David, hurry up."Clark, who was awkwardly held up and too weak to even stand, saw his brother enduring the pain and quickly shouted, "You can't beat them."


Whitney and his group of five, each one a robust football team member, didn't want to see his brother being bullied.


【Urgency from Clark +18, Regret +13,…】


"I originally thought you might not be able to handle today's events, that you might fall and take a different path, causing trouble for the family."


Ignoring Whitney and his group, David looked at him, raised his eyebrows and slowly said.


"It seems I was overthinking, Clark."


Even when faced with a few high school students holding Kryptonite, he could still back down.




Seeing his dismissive attitude, Whitney couldn't help but get angry.


"Show him what you're made of."


Two tall, muscular football players, with fierce expressions, pounced from left and right, throwing punches.


The commotion at the bar finally attracted some attention. Many people looked over, clapping and cheering, enjoying the spectacle.


"Good, fight!"


Fights were a common occurrence in bars.


David stood in place, swaying his body to casually dodge the first punch, and counterattacked with a lightning-fast strike.




The football player's eyes bulged, his face turned red like a cooked lobster, he clutched his stomach in pain and knelt on the ground, spitting out saliva.


Another one rushed up with his fist raised, David elegantly spun around and elbowed him. He fell to the ground uncontrollably like he had been hit in the head with a baseball bat, passing out.




In less than two seconds, he had taken out two opponents. Some people in the bar applauded in surprise.




Was this young man a professional fighter?


【Shock from Clark +8, Bewilderment +9,…】


Ignoring the frequently omitted emotional reminders, Whitney stood in place, unable to believe the two team members who had been knocked down.




Clark was even more surprised, he never knew his brother had this side to him.


"Let's go together."


Whitney and the two team members who had thrown Clark to the ground rushed at David.


Bang bang bang!


David moved like a butterfly, light and graceful. The three of them couldn't even touch a piece of his clothing. His punches were powerful like bee stings, and he easily knocked them down with three casual punches.


The three of them fell to the ground with bruised faces.




Whitney clutched his aching chest, his ribs seemed to have been broken, yet he gritted his teeth and struggled to rush at David again.


He was just a guy who didn't dare to participate in any activities at school!


"Just stay down, Whitney,"


As soon as he got up, David kicked him over like an adult bullying a child, casually stepped over him who couldn't get up again, and walked towards Clark.


"As long as you use too much force, your skin color will show.


But to deal with these guys, you don't need to use more than human strength."


The people in the bar who were watching the excitement saw him coming over, not wanting to cause trouble, they all retreated, giving him a path.


Could a retired SEAL team member be this powerful?


"Where did you learn to fight? Da…David."


Kryptonians risk their lives when they are exposed to Kryptonite for a long time. Clark's neck veins were abnormally protruding, his face was pale, and he asked in surprise while enduring the pain.


He never knew his brother had such impressive fighting skills.


"On TV."


David replied indifferently, pulling off the necklace around his neck.


"On…on TV?"


Clark didn't expect such an answer. Seeing that his brother was fine, he finally stopped forcing himself and passed out.


Putting the necklace in his pocket, David casually carried the tall Clark on his shoulder, turned around and left the bar, and everyone made way for him.


Even if the fight had affected his business, the bar owner didn't dare to ask David to stay.


After walking a distance.


Under the cold moonlight, they reached a deserted road.


Clark on David's shoulder woke up in a daze, realized that this was the way home, and struggled.


"Put me down, David, I don't want to go back!"

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