Chapter 7 – I will bring Clark back



Jeremy seemed to hear a joke and raised his palm.


There was a terrifying scar left by a steel nail piercing through his palm.


"After Jesus was crucified and bore the sins of the world, he ascended to heaven."




As he spoke, his palm emitted a dazzling and intense electric current, causing the workers to widen their eyes in horror.


"Seventeen years later, I returned to the mortal world. God granted me these abilities to cleanse your sins!"


"Since you like games so much.


Now, let's play another game!"


Jeremy took step by step, approaching like the Grim Reaper.


"Ah ah ah!"


The window was illuminated by electric light, accompanied by a chilling scream.


After more than ten minutes, when a thin figure put on a hood and left coldly.


In the repair shop, a tortured body that had been electrocuted into charcoal lay quietly on the ground, no longer arrogant, no longer contemptuous, curled up like a baby, returning to an infantile state.





Jonathan opened the door of the barn.


The smell of old, rotten, and damp rice spread out.


David already knew what was about to happen from this classic scene.


"Clark is about to learn about his origins."


He rarely restrained his casual expression, looked at the bewildered Clark beside him, and a trace of worry arose in his heart, uncertain if he could accept this truth.


Because of David's existence, especially since he had just been born, Jonathan and Martha had no suitable reason to adopt another child.


The couple secretly adopted Clark and publicly claimed that they were biological brothers.


"What are you talking about, father?"


An inexplicable panic gripped Clark's heart, and he regretted his outburst towards his parents just now.


Father and mother were doing it for his own good, wanting to protect him.


He knew everything, so why couldn't he control himself just now, Clark?


"This is something your parents left for you, Clark."


Jonathan took something out of an inconspicuous and dilapidated box, his expression heavy with a hint of sadness, his voice dull as he handed it to Clark.


It was an elongated stone-like seal, black in color, with an "S" embossed on the top.




Clark couldn't believe what he heard, his face turned pale, looking at the black elongated object, he dared not reach out to touch it, as if facing a fragile bubble, afraid that reaching out would burst it, and some things would be irretrievable.


"Father, this joke isn't funny."


Why, why didn't his heart beat faster even though father was clearly lying?


"The key to the Fortress of Solitude?"


David frowned and withdrew his gaze from the key.


Looking at Clark's reaction, he worried that he would be overwhelmed by this sudden news.


For ordinary people, suddenly learning in one day that the parents who loved them were not their biological parents, that there was no blood relationship, was already difficult to bear.


"If he learns that he is an alien…"


David suddenly remembered a line from a pale and crazy person.


To drive someone crazy, all you need to do is give them a bad day – the Joker.


"He probably won't, right?" His eyelid twitched.


If a Super Joker were to develop, that would truly be a deadly joke.




The cellar opened again, and Jonathan led his two sons down, lifting a piece of canvas that covered something.


After the dust settled, a small spaceship appeared in the sight of the three, with a streamlined shape and the size of a cradle, seemingly only able to accommodate a baby.




Seeing the spaceship that shouldn't have appeared on the farm, Clark was struck by lightning and took two steps back.


"Father, don't do this to me."


His expression stiffened, with almost a hint of pleading, looking at Jonathan like a child about to be abandoned.


"Clark, you are actually the son we adopted, me and Martha."


Seeing his son's reaction, Jonathan felt very distressed, but now that the words had reached this point, he couldn't stop anymore. It's better to get it over with, he gritted his teeth and revealed the truth.


"You come from another planet. We found you in a meteor shower more than ten years ago."


Clark felt like he was stepping on clouds, his head dizzy, feeling that everything in front of him was about to leave him.


"What about David?"


Suddenly, he saw David and grabbed onto a lifeline, hurriedly asking.


Please don't tell him…


"David… is our biological son, me and Martha's."


Seeing that David's face showed almost no surprise, Jonathan was puzzled, thinking that he still believed that all of this was fake. But at this moment, he couldn't care about David anymore. After hesitating for a moment, he revealed the cruel and hurtful truth.


"No, no!"


"All of this is fake, I won't accept it."


Gritting his teeth and roaring, like an injured beast, Clark, with bloodshot eyes, turned and ran away as if his life depended on it.


He wanted to escape from this lie, from this painful reality.




At a speed far beyond the speed of sound, Clark fled from the cellar and disappeared.




Jonathan wanted to chase after him anxiously, but as a mortal father, how could he catch up with the son of a Kryptonian? He could only stop helplessly at the entrance of the cellar, looking at the empty barn, just like his heart.


"Clark will figure it out, father."


Seeing his father's lost appearance, David couldn't help but be moved. He had never seen Jonathan, who was stubborn and unyielding, show such an expression.


He stepped forward and supported his father, comforting him.


"I don't believe he will abandon our family."


"David, why aren't you surprised at all?"


Jonathan turned back wearily.


"We only have a few houses in our family, and Clark is so extraordinary…"


In fact, David was also unclear why Clark hadn't discovered the spaceship in the cellar for more than ten years, especially when he was a curious and adventurous child who liked to climb up and down.


He had secretly sneaked in here to check when he was only a few years old."After all, it's a real spaceship."


"I understand." Jonathan seemed to age a few years, doubting whether his previous actions were correct. He was helped to sit down on the steps, unexpectedly patting his son's shoulder.


"David, my son, you did well."


His voice was hoarse, his eyes looking at his son with satisfaction. Since childhood, David had been exceptionally sensible, not showing any unusual reactions because of this.


"Where Clark comes from, whether he is an alien or not, is not important. What's important is that he is our family, your brother who grew up with you."


"Don't blame him for reacting so violently, he just can't accept it for the moment…"


"I'll go find him." Seeing his father in such a daze, David frowned and got up to leave.


"If, I mean if…" Jonathan paused, advising, "If Clark doesn't want to come back for now, don't force him."


Within a day, he had received two pieces of bad news, and his past life as a Kent's son had been denied. He could imagine the impact on his eldest son.


"I will."


David nodded to his father.


However, he didn't think so in his heart, secretly saying.


"If I can't persuade Clark.


Given the current situation, I'll have to give him a punch to calm him down."

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