Chapter 9 – I am doing this for your own good, Clark

Clark and David left.


Whitney, who was knocked down, and a few football players struggled to get up after a while.


They beat someone up without even touching their clothes, and amidst the laughter of the crowd, they helped each other leave in embarrassment.


Shortly after they left, a slender figure walked out of the bar and stared at the few people in baseball uniforms leaving, with a cold look in his eyes.


"No rush, there's plenty of time."


He muttered to himself and returned to the bar to continue drinking slowly, occasionally glancing at a black man in the corner of the bar who was flirting with girls, his face devoid of any expression, as if looking at a dead person.


The original plan cannot be disrupted.


As for those equally despicable high school students from the school team.


He remembered that tomorrow night was the spring dance at the high school in town.


"I've never attracted anyone's attention at the dance before, but this time it's different." Jeremy sneered.


He would be the most dazzling one at the dance.



"Let me go, David."


Clark weakly woke up and struggled to get off David's shoulder.


"I don't want to go back."


He hadn't figured out how to face his parents yet.


"What's wrong, 18-year-old Clark wants to run away from home?"


David thought this matter had a very simple solution and didn't need any melodramatic pulling and tugging.


He raised his hand and delivered a chop.




Clark was hit on the back of his neck, and he looked at his younger brother in confusion, not understanding what his brother was trying to do.


"You used too little strength."


Seeing this situation, David clicked his tongue.


Being away from the radiation of the Kryptonite, although there was no sunlight at the moment, Clark gradually began to recover.




He delivered another blow.


The terrifying strength was enough to split a tank with one chop, and the shockwave spread over a dozen meters, causing the weeds on both sides of the road to sway violently as if a gale was blowing.


Clark's eyes rolled back and he fainted.


"It's done."



In the dim light on the road, David carried the unconscious Clark back to the farm.


The couple was still waiting for their two children inside the house, and warm light shone from the doorway.


Before going in, he took out the green glowing Kryptonite necklace and waved it in front of Clark's face, giving him a "makeover".


After being exposed to Kryptonite radiation, Clark, who had already recovered, once again had a painful expression while unconscious, his face pale and weak, as if seriously ill.


When he felt it was enough, David satisfactorily put away the Kryptonite.


"A Kryptonian needs to be exposed to Kryptonite for at least a month or even a year to be in mortal danger."


It's fine for a short period of time, especially since Clark is not an ordinary Kryptonian.


"Of course, I'm doing this for your own good, Clark."


He definitely wasn't doing it for any information prompt like "Clark's pain +3" or "+2".


David smiled and carried Clark inside.


"Oh my god, David, what happened to your brother?"


Seeing this scene, Martha covered her mouth in shock.


"Clark, why did he faint?"


Jonathan's expression was incredulous. Clark had always been stronger than a bull since he was a child, never getting sick or injured. It was the first time the couple had seen him like this, pale and unconscious.


"I'm not sure either, it seems like Clark's superhuman physique has a problem."


David said nonchalantly.


"Quick, let him lie down."


Carefully taking Clark from his younger son's shoulder, Jonathan placed him flat on the sofa.


Martha quickly went to pour a glass of water and came to the front of the sofa, anxiously calling her son's name.




The couple were both a little flustered.


Because, even though they were in their middle age, they had never encountered a situation where their son was sick.




Feeling a slight movement, Clark groggily woke up.


His parents anxiously surrounded him, their eyes filled with deep concern that couldn't be dispelled, being careful not to shake him too hard.


"Father, Mother…"


Returning to the warm and familiar home, looking at his parents surrounding him, he felt a bit dazed.


He almost forgot when it was, his father's hair had turned white, his face had become weathered, and his body was no longer as strong. His mother's eyes had wrinkles at the corners, and her loose skin felt like a knife piercing his eyes.


He only remembered that when he was a child, he loved riding on his father's neck and having his father run around, not interested in playing passing games with other father-son pairs, which made his father helplessly play with David alone.


Right, there was also a time when he liked to eat corn dogs, always pestering his mother to make them… The scenes from the past flashed before his eyes.


Clark's nose felt a sourness as if it had been punched, realizing that he had consumed his parents' youth.


"My parents picked me up from the meteor shower and raised me as if I were their own son, taking care of my mental and emotional well-being even more than David's.


They never asked for anything from me, never thought about what they could get from me."


Even though they could easily use his abilities to make him a promising football or soccer star and earn a lot of money, without having to spend every day working on the farm with endless chores, his parents had never done that.


"I've been told to hide my abilities all this time,you just want to protect me, and yet I was annoyed by it…"


"Clark, what's wrong?" Martha was worried when her son was silent for a long time, fearing that he might be unwell.




Clark's eyes reddened, and he suddenly stood up, filled with guilt, and hugged his parents tightly.


"I was wrong, father.


No matter what my identity is, it can't change the fact that I'm your son."


How foolish he had been before. His parents didn't care about his identity and treated him as their own son for more than ten years, giving him the best and the warmest love in the world.


Yet, he was troubled by this fact after learning the truth.


"As long as you're back, Clark."


Jonathan's heart was relieved, a faint smile appeared on his face, and he exchanged a relieved look with Martha, also hugging their son.


"So, someone has given up on running away from home?"


Leaning against the door frame, David clapped his hands with a playful expression. Clark felt a bit embarrassed and said to his younger brother.


【Happiness from Clark +14, Gratitude +7, Shame +5…】


"You always see things clearer than I do, David."


Jonathan and Martha also admitted this. Their younger son was smart and mature, never causing them any worries.


"Clark, are you okay?"


The warm family atmosphere was restored, Martha remembered her son's pale face just now, "Why did you look like you were sick?"


"I'm fine, except for the back of my head… Ow!"


Clark touched the back of his head, as if he had been hit by a rocket falling from the sky, he gasped in pain and looked up at David in confusion.


"David, you…?"


Was he too weak from Lana's necklace? How could he be hurt so badly by his younger brother?


That shouldn't be…


"It seems I hit a bit too hard."


A thought flashed through David's mind, he calmly changed the subject.


"Maybe Clark was hurt by Whitney and the others."


"Hurt? Clark, were you beaten up?"


Clark, who was about to ask David what happened, was immediately questioned by Jonathan and Martha with concern and confusion. He couldn't find a chance to ask David again.



Under the starry sky, a large warehouse where farm machinery and tools were stored.


On the second floor, by the open window, Clark explained the ins and outs of the situation to his parents. It took a while to reassure them that he hadn't been hurt.


At least not by Whitney and his friends…


The breeze blew, the wheat field in the farm rustled, making people feel comfortable and peaceful, everything seemed like before.


Clark sat in front of the window, looking through the telescope at the house a kilometer away, a smile unconsciously appeared on his face.


In front of the house in the telescope, a beautiful figure with black hair was sitting on the porch, blowing the evening breeze, writing an English report.


Most importantly, the green necklace was no longer around her neck, which made him start to fantasize…


Suddenly, in his line of sight, a figure sneaked up to Lana's house, took a few pictures of Lana from behind the bushes, put away the camera, deliberately shook the bushes, and ran away after leaving a gift box in a flustered and shy manner.


Lana went over in confusion and opened the gift box.


Several butterflies with colorful wings and green glowing dust flew out, just like a scene from a fairy tale.


She covered her mouth in surprise, looking towards the street, trying to find the person who gave her the gift.


"A suitor?"


Clark felt a bit sour in his heart. Lana's charm was really extraordinary.


He was ready to see who the gift giver was, whether he knew him or not.


"I remember someone asked mother for three hundred dollars, saying he was very interested in astronomy?"


Suddenly, a voice came, Clark was startled and turned around to look.


David slowly walked up from the stairs, his expression strange and surprised.


"To be honest, when I first saw you looking outside with this thing, I thought you were looking for your hometown among the stars, feeling lonely and sad after learning about your origin."


"But the result…"


Looking at the telescope pointing straight at a certain house, he raised an eyebrow.

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