Chapter 57 – What is he afraid of?

【Template Integration: 36%】

During this time, David’s progress in integrating the template has hardly fallen behind.

Bruce Wayne occasionally thinks about things related to him, with emotions mostly being confusion, suspicion, and worry…

“Rarely stops from morning till night.”

One of Batman’s biggest personality traits is being suspicious. Even if they are his friends, if he thinks there is a threat or a possibility of losing control, he will secretly prepare a set of countermeasures.

However, one admirable thing about him is that he doesn’t have double standards. He treats others the same way he treats himself, or even harsher.

The plan he prepared to prevent himself from losing control was actually to have someone dig up his parents’ graves and attack him while he was angry and irrational.

“It’s better to finish Avery quickly and return to the town.”

Compared to Batman, David prefers to deal with Clark, even if Clark is more self-righteous than Batman.

The information given by Mary was very concise, with no photos, only handwritten text.

It is not difficult to understand that people like Vulko and the gang leaders like Black Mask are generally not easily photographed. If there are photos, it means there was an opportunity for a gunshot.

“Roman crime lord Carmine Falcone has recently been suspiciously injured.

His hands are wrapped in bandages, and there are rarely seen bruises on his neck, covered by a suit collar.”

Seeing this message, David narrowed his eyes.

There is no need to read the rest. Avery should have found the Roman.

While Bruce Wayne and others were dining and chatting, others mentioned the appearance of vigilantes in Gotham recently, and he casually pointed to his head and disdainfully commented.

“That guy who dresses up as a bat probably has a mental problem.”

“He must not have many things worth enjoying in his life, otherwise he wouldn’t be so idle as to snatch jobs from the police officers.”

The restaurant manager, with a small mustache, walked over with a somewhat arrogant attitude: “Sir, please take a look at your companion. The restaurant’s pool is for decoration only and cannot be used for swimming.”

A playboy with money, who knows nothing about etiquette except for driving luxury cars and dating models.

Bruce Wayne turned his head and looked. The two models he brought with him had stripped down to their underwear and jumped into the pool decorated in the restaurant, playing like two mermaids, splashing water at each other as if no one else was around. This impolite behavior had already attracted the attention of some people.

“I want you to leave.”

“Sorry, they are just more unrestrained in character.”

Bruce Wayne smiled apologetically and took out his checkbook from his pocket to start signing.

“Sir, no matter how much tip you give me, it’s the same.”

One zero, two zeros… he casually drew a series of zeros like doodling, Bruce Wayne stood up, and without caring, he stuffed the check with astronomical figures into the manager’s chest as if it were a piece of waste paper.

“I want to buy this restaurant.”

“New rule, from now on, swimming is allowed in the pool.”

Ignoring the manager who was dumbfounded in place, as well as the others sitting at the table in a daze, Bruce Wayne winked at them and jumped into the pool to play with the two models as if no one else was around.

In the pool, Bruce Wayne, who was deliberately indulging in the playboy persona he had created, suddenly caught sight of a familiar figure and froze in place.

But the two models didn’t freeze, they laughed and splashed water on his face.


Water poured over his head, his hair sticking to his face. Batman wiped his face and his subsequent casual smile seemed a bit stiff.

It’s not often that Batman finds himself in an awkward situation. David, who was sitting at the table on the shore, withdrew his interested gaze and got up to leave with Catwoman, who had finished her meal.

“Bruce, you look so handsome today.

Let’s go buy a few more restaurants elsewhere!”

In the pool, the two models were still laughing and playing.

He nodded stiffly in response.

“Did you find your target?”

As they walked out of the restaurant, Selina, dressed in a black dress, asked.

David nodded.

As expected, Avery went straight to one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham, Roman crime lord Carmine Falcone.

“Falcone, nicknamed ‘The Roman,’ is known for his cold and ruthless personality. The crime syndicate he runs is called the Roman Empire, and he is almost the biggest crime boss in Gotham today, with connections to the city council and the top brass of the police department.”

People of his status are generally not attacked by anyone. Once they are attacked, they must have prepared for a kill, otherwise they will face cruel retaliation.

“So, is our deal reached?”

David knew that what she actually wanted to ask was about her heart-shaped herb.

“When I come to Gotham next time, I will bring it to you.”

“Next time?”

Catwoman couldn’t believe what she heard and widened her eyes.

“Miss Beautiful, don’t you know that flowers have seasons?”

David smiled and suddenly looked behind Catwoman with a puzzled expression.

“What’s that?”


Caught off guard, Catwoman turned her head in confusion. When she looked back, there was no one in front of her, and David’s figure was nowhere to be seen on the empty street.

She instantly realized what had happened. She had been tricked.

Selina felt like her lungs were about to explode, like an angry, beautiful black cat gritting her teeth.

“Don’t let me see you again, you…”

Her anger faltered, and Catwoman suddenly realized that from yesterday to now, she didn’t even know the man’s name.

Ah, she was somewhat exasperated.

Seeing her in a beautiful dress, behaving not like someone from high society, and standing in front of one of Gotham’s most expensive restaurants, a few passersby shook their heads. Another poor girl used and discarded by a playboy.

“Miss?” Someone tried to strike up a conversation.


The night was pitch black. In an old mansion on the outskirts of Gotham, cold-faced gangsters led muscular, ferocious dogs on patrols.

This was the headquarters of the Roman, the biggest gang leader in Gotham.

The security and defense here were even stricter than a prison.

David, dressed in a sharp suit, appeared outside the mansion.

“Sometimes, even a child’s tricks can fool people.”

As for the heart-shaped grass…

He didn’t have any in this universe.

But Catwoman didn’t lose out, at least she got to eat an expensive meal at a restaurant she had always wanted to visit.

Inside the mansion.

The luxurious master bedroom that originally belonged to the Roman was occupied by someone else, and some sensual sounds could be heard from inside.

Exiting the bedroom that originally belonged to him.

Vulko’s face was as gloomy as water. This man, who had always been a significant figure in Gotham’s underworld, had short, sharp grey hair and a stern face that commanded respect without anger.

Seeing him come out, someone immediately rushed up excitedly wanting to say something.

He calmly shook his head, stopping the person from speaking.

“Too close.”

He went to another castle.

“Did you find him?”


His name is Avery Regan, a high school student from the town of Mogul in Metropolis.” His subordinate reported.

“A high school student?”

Hearing this, Vulko touched his neck with an ugly expression.

A while ago, someone suddenly broke into his mansion, disregarding all the firearms, appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye, grabbed his neck with one hand, lifted him up, and threatened him to submit, or he would break his neck.

“A high school student almost suffocated me to death.”

Facing the threat of death, everyone is equal, forcing him to submit in a humiliating way.

These few days, even though they were short, brought him deep humiliation. His gang became a tool for that kid to play and enjoy, and he became a servant at the kid’s beck and call.

“Our people have already been placed near his parents. With your command, we can capture them at any time to use as bargaining chips.”

“Wait, it’s not the time.”

Vulko shook his head, his eyes full of caution.

That kid’s skin could easily withstand bullets from a submachine gun, his speed was faster than sound, like a monster, not the ordinary people he used to deal with. He had to admit, this made him somewhat afraid.

Young kids are often the most uncontrollable people in the underworld. They often act recklessly, as if they have no fear, and they are not hesitant to act, even doing anything in a moment of hot blood.

“Threatening him with his parents may not work, it can only be used as a last resort.”

Even though he was already in his fifties, he didn’t want to risk his life.

“But when will it be the right time?”

The gang leader’s confidant couldn’t help but ask.

“What is he afraid of?”

Inside the room, Vulko frowned and murmured.

“What?” The confidant was puzzled.

“That kid has a lot of concerns.” Vulko said with certainty.

“I’ve tried to probe him in various ways, such as letting him, who has that kind of monstrous ability, unify the Gotham underworld, but he seems to be wary of something, and has not agreed, only saying that I should gather assets and recruit people to follow his orders.”

“But what could someone with his abilities be wary of?” He furrowed his brow.

If they could figure this out, things would really be secure.

Just as the godfather of the Gotham underworld and his subordinates were puzzled.


The window glass exploded, shards flying everywhere, and a cold figure burst through the window like a cannonball!

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