Chapter 58 – He is right there

Late at night, under the dim yellow light of the street lamp.

Jonathan, who had just returned from delivering goods, drove his pickup truck with a worried expression on the outskirts of the road.

A lot has happened in the past few days.

His eldest son unexpectedly lost his powers, and his youngest son had been hiding his superpowers for so many years. He left the town to go after Avery and headed to Gotham.

But for the past two or three days, his youngest son had been in constant contact with the family, which made him and his wife slightly relieved.

“Just now on the phone, they said David has already found Avery and should be coming back soon.”

Jonathan’s face showed a slight relief.

Beep beep beep!

An old, rundown blue car behind him honked its horn, forcing Jonathan to move aside.

Jonathan frowned and turned the steering wheel to give way, but the person seemed to be in such a hurry that the blaring horn didn’t stop at all during the process.

“Hey, buddy, do you have to be in such a hurry!”

When the car approached, he rolled down the window and greeted unhappily.

The car seemed to have not heard at all. In the driver’s seat of the car was a middle-aged man wearing a messy white coat, with a somewhat disheveled scholar’s demeanor. His hands trembled as he excitedly made a phone call.

“Richard, I did it, I really did it… Hahaha!”

In the passenger seat, there was a basin with a flower that looked peculiar, like a sunflower sealed in a glass jar.

He continued to make the phone call while looking at the jar, his eyes burning as if he was witnessing the greatest scientific discovery of the 21st century.

“Oh, it’s you. It’s already so late, Hamilton. I just finished dinner and was about to sleep, and you call me at this time.”

The person on the other end of the phone scratched his head, sounding distressed.

“Listen, I succeeded! No, to be precise, I succeeded halfway, but it’s enough to regain my former glory.”

Hamilton used to be a hot figure in the scientific community. When he was young, he participated in a national research group studying the rocks and soil brought back from the moon by the Apollo mission. The scientific community believed that he would eventually be one of the strong contenders for the Nobel Prize, until he published an article.

—On the role of meteorites in genetic evolution and mutation.

Without any evidence, it was almost like a fantasy-like speculation. The scientific community was in an uproar, and they all thought he had gone crazy. From then on, all funding and honors drifted away from him, and he had to return to his hometown, hiding in the woods to conduct research alone.

“I successfully used meteorites to make a genetically evolved version of a plant called Devil’s Flower, which thrives even in harsh planting environments and was already extinct. You must take a look at it and help me publish a statement.”

“Devil’s Flower, that doesn’t sound like a good name at all.” Hamilton couldn’t wait to share his achievements, but the tone on the other end of the phone was casual, as if he was dealing with a mentally ill person.

“That doesn’t matter. Do you know what this represents? I will immediately…”

Excitement surged through his heart, Hamilton’s pupils dilated, and he couldn’t control his emotions, wanting to continue speaking.

On the night road, a stone suddenly hit the car, and with only one hand on the steering wheel, he couldn’t hold on. The car lost control and rushed towards the roadside.


Facing the slope on the side of the road, he held his phone, his face filled with horror.


The car rushed out after crossing the slope, spinning a few times before crashing upside down on the ground.


The sound of intense braking, the pickup truck stopped, illuminating the scene.

“Oh my god.”

Seeing the person in front of him suffering a terrible car accident, despite just being rudely honked at by the other party, Jonathan didn’t feel a hint of schadenfreude. He quickly got out of the car to rescue.

With great effort, he dragged the unconscious driver with a bleeding forehead out of the overturned driver’s seat.

Suddenly, he caught sight of a broken flower pot lying at his feet. The flower was as big as a silver plate, resembling a yellow moon with a faint green glow.

He smelled a strange fragrance, and his body felt a sudden heat, but he didn’t pay much attention to it.

After dragging the person far away to the side of the road, away from the vehicles that had started to catch fire, Jonathan took a deep breath and quickly dialed 911.

In a dim room with heavy curtains.

On the soft and expensive bed.

Avery, with his strong upper body exposed, had two mature models with flushed faces cuddling next to him, occasionally feeding him fruits like maids. He was happily playing video games on the newly installed projection screen.

The satisfaction in the game excited him.

Everything was just as planned. Coming to Gotham, with the supernatural powers bestowed upon him by lightning, he easily conquered one of Gotham’s most powerful gangs, enjoying the luxurious life that he could only dream of before.

“But it’s still not enough.”

Pressing the buttons frantically, flames of excitement surged in his eyes.

The meteorite was his weakness. As long as it remained unresolved, it would weigh on his chest like a stone, preventing him from fully enjoying himself.

“Vulko’s funds and manpower have been gathered almost.”

After using both soft and hard tactics to obtain all the meteorites from the townsfolk, and then turning the town upside down to destroy all the meteorites underground, there would be nothing left on this planet to hinder his steps.

He wouldn’t need to hide anymore, the whole world would be his playground, and he would become the king of the world.

“When that time comes, I can do whatever I want.”

The man on the screen was shooting wildly, Avery’s expression was excited with a hint of brutal ferocity, like a cruel dictator about to take control of a country, which scared the models standing next to him.


The glass window was shattered, a figure with bat wings spread out behind him cast a large shadow, and flew into the room.


“An assassin, protect the boss!”

The sudden attack threw the room into chaos, and guns were drawn to aim at the intruder.

From outside the mansion, David saw that only one window in the several castles a few dozen meters away was brightly lit. Through the gap in the curtains, it seemed that a few people who didn’t look like henchmen were secretly discussing something.

Not wanting to waste time with the gang members and hunting dogs, David simply let out a powerful kinetic burst from his feet, his body shot over seventy or eighty meters into the house like a cannonball.

“Are you Vulko?”

Amidst the flying glass shards and the terrified screams of the crowd, David’s gaze locked onto Vulko, who was being protected by the crowd.

“This is the fifth floor, how did he get up here?”

Seeing David in a suit, without any climbing equipment, several people shouted in surprise.

“Shoot, shoot, kill him!”

Hearing the commotion in the room, the guys guarding the door outside rushed in with submachine guns, along with a few others in the room, aiming at the only stranger in the room.

Dada dada!

The sound of a typewriter echoed in the room.

The submachine gun bullets hit David but didn’t even break his clothes, they lost all their kinetic energy and fell to the ground. Vulko was seen being shielded by several people and escaping towards the door.

He casually flipped the mahogany desk by the window.

The hundred-pound desk whirled through the air, crossing six or seven meters and killing two guys with submachine guns at the door, blocking the way out.

Everyone looked shocked, and Vulko paused.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

David looked at him coldly, as if he was not on the same level of life, like an elephant facing an ant, his powerful aura was suffocating.

“Enough, you bunch of idiots, stop shooting.”

Seeing David unharmed under the bullets, Vulko pretended to be angry and shouted, looking at David with a respectful smile on his face.

“Sir, I am Vulko, is there anything I can do for you?”

He didn’t look like a gang boss facing a man who had just barged into his house and killed his men, but more like a humble broker facing a distinguished customer, extremely polite.

“You’ve had an unusual guy here, haven’t you?”

David raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Where is he?”

“Of course, he is in…”

From the moment Vulko saw David, he felt that he had found what the guy named Avery was wary of.

Thinking about it, in just a few days, two powerful monsters who were not afraid of bullets had broken into his mansion. Could there be no connection?

Perhaps his chance to break free from that guy’s threat and control had come.

As Vulko was speaking, a roar came from the broken window where the night wind was blowing in!

Fire broke out in a room in another castle.

A figure with bat wings glided down a bit awkwardly.

“He… he’s in that room.”

(End of the chapter)

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