Chapter 56 – News in hand

“That is a large-scale weapon used for war, a microwave generator. It can emit microwaves and evaporate enemy water sources through high-temperature heating from a distance.”

Lucius had been stationed in the basement of the building for several years, during which William Earl showed no interest until a few days ago when he suddenly sent someone to collect detailed information about the microwave generator.

“Water sources?”

“It sounds like losing them is not a big deal. But the person who stole it must have a more complex motive, because dozens of people have died just to obtain it.”

All the crew members on the cargo ship transporting the microwave generator were killed.

“Do you have any leads?” Bruce frowned.

“All the bodies have disappeared, presumably thrown into the sea. At the scene, someone found this.”

Lucius took out a photo, showing a bloody ninja dart embedded in the cargo ship’s bulkhead.

Seeing the style of the dart, Bruce’s pupils contracted.

“Do you recognize it?”

“I will find a way to investigate this matter.”

Without directly answering, Bruce’s face became complicated.

Of course, he recognized it. Most of his skills were learned there, where he underwent brutal and inhumane ancient training, and developed a strong will – the League of Shadows.

But when the League ordered him to kill a criminal to prove his commitment to justice and lead the League of Shadows to destroy Gotham, he caused chaos and destroyed the base with explosives.

“Now it seems that this matter is not over yet.”

Looking at the photo, he seemed to smell the earthy smell mixed with the steam before the storm, his gaze sharp.

Gotham City, Burnley District, Manchester Restaurant.

This is one of the best restaurants in the city, frequented by the rich and powerful.

The restaurant was brilliantly lit, with elegant decor and accompanied by the melodious sound of violins.

Inside the restaurant, David and Selina sat face to face, watching the people coming and going on the second floor, their reflections rubbing against the windows, allowing a view from downstairs to upstairs.

“Is this the location you chose for the information exchange?”

“If those people I investigated notice you, it doesn’t matter where you make the exchange. They will find you like bloodhounds smelling blood and tear you apart.”

Selina shrugged.

“If we’re lucky, they haven’t noticed. It won’t be a problem to complete the transaction even on the street.”

Nervous? There was not a trace of nervousness on David’s face, only suspicion.

He suspected that she wanted to take the opportunity to vent her frustration from being threatened earlier and take advantage of him.

Just by looking at the menu, having a meal here would be enough for an ordinary family to live off for a year.

“Speaking of which, I’ve wanted to have a meal here for a long time, but I never had the chance.”

Selina curiously admired the surroundings.

The East End, the slums of Gotham, where Crime Alley, which caused Bruce Wayne to lose his parents, is located.

Although Catwoman had many expensive items in her collection, she always believed that being too high-profile as a thief was not a good thing.


The loud roar of a sports car.

A silver-gray sports car with an exaggerated streamlined body stopped downstairs, attracting the attention of the diners who looked down.

A young man in a suit got out of the car.

The waiter walked up, his eyes almost glued to the limited-edition luxury sports car, unable to look away.

“This car is so cool.”

Hearing the waiter’s involuntary exclamation, Bruce smirked.

“This is nothing. I have an even cooler one.”

Two-seater sports cars, with two beautiful models sitting in the other one, he buttoned his suit and gentlemanly helped the two models out of the car.

They went upstairs together.

“Mr. Wayne.”

Everyone who saw him greeted him warmly, even obsequiously.

“Wayne’s son returns to Gotham. When I turned on the TV today, there was almost no other news.”

Looking at Bruce Wayne, who became the center of attention as he walked up the stairs, Selina sighed with a complex tone.

“It’s really glorious. Some people are born with everything.”

David recalled Catwoman’s miserable childhood.

Catwoman’s mother, Maria Kyle, was a cold and indifferent woman who spent more time with cats than her husband. One day, she committed suicide. Selina’s father, who drank heavily, was reminded of her mother whenever he saw Selina, who resembled her, and treated her very coldly, eventually drinking himself to death.

After that, Selina, who had nowhere to go, wandered the streets for a while before being sent to an orphanage.

David wanted to say that Bruce Wayne wasn’t much better than her, but he felt that it didn’t sound like a comforting remark.

Not far from the second-floor restaurant, several Wayne Enterprises directors were having a dinner party, invited by William Earl.

“Bruce, you’re here?”

Seeing Bruce Wayne arrive in this manner, with two female models on his arm, he couldn’t help but pause for a moment, a hint of disdain flashing in his eyes.He had made a big deal about this guy’s return, thinking it would take some effort to persuade the board again.

“Mary, over here!”

At the corner of the stairs, Selina waved to a hotly dressed girl who was heading upstairs.

Lowering her sunglasses, Mary took a couple of glances at the tall and straight David, gave a seductive smile, and took a seat.

“Here’s what you wanted.”

An envelope wrapped in parchment was placed on the table and pushed towards Selina.

David frowned slightly. This woman’s pupils were slightly dilated, and she didn’t seem very sober, as if she was slightly drunk. Could information from such a person be reliable?

“Would you like to eat something here?”

Catwoman provided channels that were difficult for ordinary people to access. David paid for it. After paying, Selina invited the woman to sit down and eat.

“No thanks, I don’t like the atmosphere here. It makes me uncomfortable.”

With that, she got up, blew a teasing kiss to the stone-faced David, and left without any hesitation, swaying her body.

“Mary is one of the people in Gotham who specialize in information channels.

Her sources are not high-end: restaurant waiters, street pickpockets, vagrants and orphans, nightclub dancers, addicts who can be seen everywhere in the alleys, corrupt police officers in the police station…”

Seeing David’s doubts about the reliability of the information source, Selina explained as she handed him the envelope.

“But her information is usually very reliable.

Even most of it is firsthand.”

The best informants are those who appear frequently in people’s eyes but are inconspicuous.

“Selling information about the terrifying mob boss you mentioned.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid at all?”

David said.

“That’s Gotham for you.

The wailing police cars, the shattered glass, the piercing screams, the dirty laughter in the alleys, there are too many things in Gotham that scare and worry people. If you’re always afraid, you wouldn’t have time to do anything.”

She replied nonchalantly.

“It seems that the delicacies I ordered can only be enjoyed by me alone.”

The two sat in a corner by the window on the second floor. Catwoman was enjoying the feast alone, while he quietly read the information he had received.

He didn’t expect to see Bruce Wayne here again, but he had no interest in going up to say hello.

Batman was not a suitable person to deal with.

“Even if he could provide considerable emotional points.”

These days, David occasionally caught glimpses of emotional points coming from Batman.

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