Chapter 55 – Heart-shaped grass? Lost weapon

“Dare to investigate and inquire about their related information, and spy on their power changes. Are you not afraid that your boldness will cause ripples in the dark waters and attract sharks?”

Selina paused after her warning, her face showing anger.

“And, are you overestimating the abilities of a thief?”

She only wanted to steal things secretly, but this person wanted her to touch the tiger’s bottom. This was no different from giving her a gun and asking her to assassinate the president. Maybe the consequences of assassinating the president would be better.

David, who was wearing a neat black suit, looked away from the busy street below, which was drizzling with rain. He smiled at the Catwoman sitting on the sofa inside the house.

“I believe in you. You are not an ordinary thief.”

There were too many well-known gang leaders in Gotham. Instead of approaching them one by one, having accurate information would undoubtedly be faster.

“Absolutely impossible!”

When it came to life-threatening situations, the young Catwoman firmly refused.

“Attracting the attention of those people would leave nothing but bones. It’s better to be caught by the police and sit in jail for a few years at most.”

“A few years in jail?”

David raised an eyebrow, his tone cold.

“Don’t secretly reduce your sentence. I guess the things you’ve stolen could add up to a hundred years in prison.”

In addition to valuable jewelry, Catwoman’s targets also included various precious artifacts.

“Regardless, it’s better than being dead.”

After hearing David’s purpose, Selina no longer cared about his threats. She got up and walked towards the room, thinking that even if she went to prison, there was still a possibility of escape. The guards in prison might not be more vigilant than the security in a private museum. She felt at home when stealing things from museums, and she wouldn’t be trapped in prison for long.

“How about we make a deal?”

“I’m not interested in money.”

Selina directly rejected David’s monetary temptation and reached for the doorknob to leave.


A dime coin, like a bullet shot from a shotgun, shattered the brass doorknob.

“What… what do you want?”

She turned around, her hair standing on end, and assumed a defensive posture as if facing a formidable enemy.

“How did you do that? With your hand?”

Seeing David retract the hand that flicked the coin, Selina looked shocked.

“You’re not interested in money, and you probably have a lot of jewelry. But there are things you’ve never encountered before.”

David smiled mysteriously.

“In our countryside, there is a cave where escaped slaves from the last century used to hide. They secretly cultivated a peculiar herb brought from Africa called Heartleaf Grass.”

“Heartleaf Grass?”

Catwoman was puzzled.

“After consuming Heartleaf Grass, a person’s physical abilities, strength, and speed will reach their limits.”

“Is it true?”

This fantastical story made her face full of doubt.

As a thief, it was important to observe and understand people’s words and expressions, to know who was the best target and who couldn’t be provoked.

She had studied psychology to some extent, but when she heard David talk about Heartleaf Grass and how it could push a person to their physical limits, he didn’t seem like he was lying.

And if it wasn’t for Heartleaf Grass, how could this guy’s strength be explained?

“So, I’ll give you the information you want, and you give me Heartleaf Grass?”

Selina remained skeptical.

“Are you going off-road on a motorcycle again this time?”

On the 13th floor of Wayne Tower, Lucius Fox, who was in charge of the Wayne Enterprises’ technology research and application department, smiled when he saw the son of his deceased friend coming.

“By the way, I just saw your headline news. Bruce Wayne, who has been missing for years, appeared at a high-level meeting of Wayne Enterprises.”

Bruce smiled.

This morning, when William Earl held a board meeting to discuss the listing, he officially reappeared in front of everyone without doing anything. He interrupted the meeting, and a few directors who had agreed said they needed to reconsider.

“Gotham seems to have not forgotten me.” He sighed.

After the day he almost fell into darkness when he wanted to kill the paroled Joe Chill, he left Gotham and has been traveling outside, learning various knowledge and honing himself. He has been out of the public eye for six years.

“Your family contributed to part of Gotham’s prosperity. They will never forget you.” Looking at the young man in front of him, Lucius thought of his deceased friend and sighed.

“Mr. Fox, I want to know if there are clothes that have a special resistance to laser weapons?”

After chatting for a while, Bruce Wayne got straight to the point.

“What is it this time? Mountain climbing, cave exploration, or skydiving?”

Putting away his emotions, Lucius teased.

Under the pretext of these excuses, the son of his deceased friend would ask for several high-tech tools from him.


Bruce choked on his words.To be honest, even with his intelligence, he couldn’t figure out why a hedonistic rich second generation would need to face laser weapons.

“If you don’t want to tell me exactly what you’re doing, that’s fine. At least when I’m asked, I don’t have to lie.”

The old man humorously and considerately changed the subject.

Bruce Wayne remained silent. His high-tech gear might fool others, but it certainly couldn’t fool the old man who had personally handed him several pieces of equipment.

The two tacitly did not continue the topic.

“There’s a semi-finished product.”

Leading Bruce to a box covered with a curtain, he lifted the dust-laden curtain and took out a pair of black wrist guards from inside.

“Energy-absorbing wrist guards, made of superconducting composite materials, as light as carbon fiber, but with the ability to resist swords. Most importantly…”

Taking the wrist guards to a work desk, Lucius used a taser to tap on the wrist guards.

A current flashed on the wrist guards, the light flickered and disappeared.

“Was it absorbed?”

Seeing this, Bruce’s eyes lit up and he asked eagerly.

“Can it absorb lasers too?”

“As long as it’s energy, it can. But there’s one thing…” Lucius raised a serious finger, “Once it reaches the absorption limit, even a little more will cause an explosion!”

“The power is enough to blow up a tank’s defense. If a person is wearing it…”

The outcome didn’t need to be said, it would turn into a pile of minced meat.

“So it’s a semi-finished product.”

Such an obvious and fatal flaw made Bruce frown.

“Why didn’t you continue the research?”

“Firstly, ordinary people don’t need to face Star Wars stormtroopers.


After making a slight joke, Lucius spread his arms, a look of desolation flashed across his face, indicating him to look at the empty floor.

“The technology research and development department of Wayne Enterprises is virtually non-existent.

Earl believes that the foundation left by Wayne Enterprises is enough to last for more than a decade, and there is no need to invest a large amount of money in technology research and development for the time being.”

“Like the AK47, it’s been selling globally for decades and it’s not outdated.”

His words hinted that some businesses were simple to invest in but extremely profitable.


Bruce keenly noticed his tone, not knowing why he mentioned it.

“Once, weapon development was only a part of Wayne Enterprises’ business, but a few years ago the focus began to shift. Now, the majority of the company’s income comes from arms.”


Bruce Wayne’s face changed. He had been deep into war-torn areas and had seen firsthand the damage war brought to people. He gritted his teeth.

“How dare he do such a thing in the name of Wayne.”

“Speaking of arms, there’s something quite important that I need to tell you.”

Remembering something, Lucius frowned, his face serious.


“In the past few days, Wayne Enterprises has lost a large-scale technological weapon used for war.”

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