Chapter 54 – Are you serious?

Selina turned her head and happened to face a camera.

David nodded in satisfaction and turned his phone around.

“How’s the shot? Did you find the right angle?”

On the phone screen, Selina was wearing the stolen sapphire ring, with a mischievous smile on her face like a cunning cat.

“Delete it!”

Seeing evidence of her theft being captured, Selina hurriedly reached out to grab it.

But David easily stepped back and avoided her, putting the phone in his pocket in front of her and tapping it lightly.

“This will be the evidence used in court in the future.”

“Give it to me!”

Selina reached out to grab it, trying to snatch the phone from David’s hand and delete the evidence of her face being captured. Her movements were agile and nimble, but every time she reached out, she was a step too slow.

David remained relaxed, like a butterfly dancing in a flower garden. He didn’t seem fast, but Selina couldn’t even touch the corner of his clothes.

After a few attempts, Selina, who was not used to physical activity, held her knees, panting heavily. Suddenly, she looked surprised at something behind David, as if something extraordinary had happened.

“What is that?”

“Don’t use these childish tricks.”

Although Selina’s acting skills were superb and her timing for shouting was unexpected, David didn’t even turn his head and his expression was dull.

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, was an international thief who targeted various precious artworks such as jewelry and cultural relics. Her stealing skills were top-notch, and she could steal targets in any heavily guarded environment.

Although Selina was still young, David didn’t believe that she would be exhausted by just a few attempts.

“As a thief, is this all the stamina you have? Aren’t you afraid of being caught and taken to the police station?”


“Let me warn you, outsider. Don’t provoke anyone in Gotham, even if she is a thief.”

Slightly annoyed by David’s teasing, Selina took out a black whip from her bag, swung it fiercely, and made a loud crack, causing a tremor in people’s hearts, as if announcing the arrival of a queen.

Her whole demeanor changed, resembling a thorny dark rose.

“It’s too late for some things. I just met the darkest and coldest person in Gotham.”

Seeing the young Catwoman’s change in demeanor and her weapon, David raised an eyebrow curiously.

“By the way, how did you know I’m an outsider?”

“Your trench coat is very nice. But in Gotham, where there is constant rain and standing water, only two types of people dress like this.”

Selina took off her glasses, flicked her whip, and the black whip crossed several meters like a snake, attacking David.

“Don’t understand Gotham, or someone who wears luxury items once and throws them away!”

“You’re right.”

Casually grabbing the attacking whip, David glanced at the splashed mud on the hem of his coat and turned his head with a smile.

“But why can’t I be the latter?”

Seeing that her plan didn’t work, Selina was taken aback, but she tried to pull back the whip, dragging David off balance. However, the whip seemed to be tightly pressed by a hydraulic press and couldn’t be pulled at all, even with both hands. Her feet slipped on the damp ground.

“Damn, what did your parents feed you when you were young?”

She felt like she was wrestling with a bull.

“Vegetables, apple pie, oatmeal? Occasionally, a glass of milk in the morning?”

With one hand holding the whip, David gave it a slight tug, and Selina’s light body flew several meters and fell to the other side, covered in mud, in a sorry state.

“You’re lighter than I imagined.”

Turning around, David looked at Selina, who had fallen painfully on the ground, and raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“Aren’t you supposed to be heavier? How can you run fast like this? You’re quite a gentleman, country boy.”

Selina’s voice sounded pained. She limped to her feet, deliberately speaking sarcastically, but the next second, she took out a stun gun from her bag.

The high-pressure nitrogen gas in the magazine quickly released, and two electrodes in the barrel shot out.

“Let’s see if you can withstand this!”


The two electrodes hit David’s chest in an instant, releasing a high-voltage current that was enough to immediately incapacitate a 300-pound man, causing spasms and convulsions as he fell to the ground.

The scene Selina had anticipated did not happen. Her half-smile froze on her face.

As if nothing had happened, David casually tore off the barbs on his clothes and walked towards her.

“What kind of monster are you?”

Seeing that David was unharmed, Selina became somewhat panicked, like a mischievous kitten that had caused trouble and wanted to escape, but she was blocked at the alley entrance.

“What do you want?”

With no way out, she retreated against the wall, realizing that David had followed her not just to catch a thief.

“Madam, I don’t think you want the police to find the evidence of your theft, do you?”

David took out his phone and shook it.

“Be more specific.”

In a temporary hotel apartment.

Selina, who had been caught with evidence, had a helpless expression on her face.

The person in front of her was using the evidence of her theft to threaten her to gather information, but what kind of information was still unclear.

“I want to know everything important that has happened in Gotham recently, especially anything related to the underworld.”

David emphasized.

Avery came to Gotham, and based on what he said before leaving, he didn’t come to Gotham just to enjoy his abilities in a city with loose laws.

“There are many numb people waiting to be conquered.” “I will come back and erase everything that makes me uncomfortable.”

This guy was ambitious.

A glimmer of curiosity flashed in his eyes.

Unlike Clark, Avery immediately thought about erasing his weaknesses after discovering his abilities.He came to Gotham, likely to recruit a group of people, then take them back to the small town, dig out all the meteorites and destroy them, so that there would be nothing left in the world to stop him.

But this world is not as simple as he thinks.

“You should know that there are more gangs in Gotham than hotels that provide hot water, right?”

She didn’t know where this guy came from, or why even a stun gun couldn’t take him down. Selina fiddled with the discharged stun gun, replying in frustration.

“Who are the most famous and biggest gang leaders in Gotham?”

David thought for a moment. Considering Avery’s inflated mentality after gaining power, he probably wouldn’t care about ordinary small gangs.

“Black Mask, Roman Sionis, Vulko, the Penguin…”

Selina counted on her fingers, naming the notorious gang leaders in Gotham.

“I need information on them, their recent movements, to see if there’s anything unusual.”

“Are you serious?”

Upon hearing David’s casual words, she paused her finger counting, slightly widened her eyes and looked up, “Do you think they’re like those small-time thugs in your rural town who would wet their pants at the sight of the sheriff?”

Without exaggeration, each of these gang leaders could make Gotham tremble with a single stomp. They were all ruthless, cold-blooded monsters who wouldn’t hesitate to devour their victims. The mere mention of their names would scare the children of Gotham to tears.

Crossing the mayor would be better than crossing them.

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