Chapter 52 – Gotham can be easily destroyed

The body fell to the ground, and there were no more gunshots in the bank hall.

Only the people lying on the ground screamed in fear.

Outside the bank, police cars surrounded the bank with sharp sirens. The police cars formed a barrier, and the Gotham police officers trembled behind the cars, shouting anxiously through the loudspeakers.

“Don’t move, drop your weapons and surrender immediately!”

A series of harsh noises.

David rubbed his ears and looked outside.

Not a single police officer had an expression of urgency to rescue the hostages. They hid behind the cars, like new soldiers on the battlefield facing the possibility of being machine-gunned at any moment. Some didn’t even dare to show their heads, and a few who were slightly better had pale faces, pointing at the bank with trembling hands holding guns.

“Don’t be afraid. The elite Gotham police officers are here. You will be saved.”

Picking up the money just taken out from the counter, David smiled at the terrified people on the ground. His body stirred up a gust of wind, dispersing the smoke, and disappeared from the spot.

Bruce Wayne’s eyes widened at the disappearing figure.

Having studied ninjutsu under a ninja master, ninjas could achieve invisibility by combining light and smoke. But just now, he didn’t see any flaws in that move.

Seeing the bodies of the robbers lying on the ground, the police officers seemed to be trying to make a breakthrough. Bruce quickly bent down and ran towards the bank upstairs, breaking through the glass and escaping into the alley.

The surveillance cameras had stopped working before the robbers entered.

After the small incident of withdrawing money was over, David used his finger to deal with the robbers leaving the bank and arrived at an empty alley a few hundred meters away from the street. He waited for a while for his skin to return to normal, and was about to take a step to leave and find a hotel to stay.

“What is your purpose in coming to Gotham?”

A deep and thick voice suddenly sounded from behind.

David turned his head, and Red Hood Five stood in the shadows, with a cold and solemn expression like the ice and snow that never melted on the top of a mountain. He had already thrown away the gun he was holding, and he seemed to be facing a terrifying monster with his bare hands, his suit tightly stretched over his explosively powerful muscles, ready for battle.

“You dare to chase after me. Aren’t you afraid of meeting your accomplices together?”

“You should know that I am not a criminal.”

Bruce Wayne frowned, full of doubts in his heart.

This young man was shrouded in mystery from head to toe. He didn’t know if he had any high-tech weapons hidden in his hands that could shoot lasers, and he seemed to surpass him in the use of ninja invisibility techniques.

The most crucial thing was that he revealed his identity hidden under the mask and human skin mask with a single sentence.

“You are not a police officer either, so you don’t have the right to question me.”

David smiled.

The present Bruce Wayne already had a bit of the future Batman’s demeanor.

Compared to Clark, who had not yet stepped out of school during his adolescence, he was closer to the complete Batman, who was crucial to the fate of the world. Therefore, although his strength was far inferior to Clark, who had not lost his abilities, the emotional points he could provide were still considerable.

“I am not a police officer? Who else would risk their lives to infiltrate into the criminals and try to stop the robbery?”

Bruce asked slowly.

He admitted that he had been a bit reckless this time, and there were many mistakes in playing the role of Red Hood Five, mainly because he didn’t have time to waste on a group of bank robbers.

But no matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t figure out where he had revealed his true identity.

“You are right. But you forgot one thing—this is Gotham.”

David spread his hands.

As a young man from Metropolis, he introduced the native Gotham people like this.


“In this corrupt city, the police officers are just part-timers. The thugs and insiders of the gangs are the real job of Gotham police officers. Just like those people in front of the bank, they will never risk their lives for a few hundred dollars of police salary a day.”

Bruce Wayne fell silent.

“Gotham won’t be like this forever.”

His voice was low, as if reciting the ideals he had decided to devote his life to.

“Good luck.”

David smiled and said, leaving behind a sentence before turning to leave.

“It seems that you don’t agree with this.”

Bruce Wayne took a step forward, like a cheetah biting its prey.

Many people have different answers about whether Gotham still has hope, but that won’t shake his belief. However, he wanted to know what this young man in front of him thought.

Because for some reason, this person seemed to inexplicably understand him, including recognizing his identity. When he said that Gotham wouldn’t be like this forever, the other party was sure of what he was hiding in his heart.

“Gotham, with its long history, has given countless people the life and hope they desire. But undoubtedly, it is sick now, terminally ill.”

David said lightly, his footsteps slightly paused.

There are various explanations in the comics about why Gotham is so dark and chaotic, such as being located on the gates of hell, cursed, or controlled by the Court of Owls, and even the spirit of the city is twisted and not human-like.However, there is a phrase that can roughly describe Gotham – Gotham can be easily destroyed, but it is hard to change.

“If no one is willing to step forward and wield the cold, precise scalpel to cut away its rot, Gotham will continue to suffer in pain and decay until it dies.”

“Like what you’ve been doing? Killing mercilessly?”

Bruce Wayne sharply caught the implication in his words, his tone unfriendly.

There was a time, many years ago, when Joe Chill was paroled to testify against a mob boss and escaped from prison, he had thought about shooting the man who killed his parents as soon as he stepped out of the courtroom.

But someone woke him up, his parents would never want to see him fall into darkness, becoming like those criminals.

“You seem to have just arrived in Gotham, but you’ve already taken seven or eight lives in this city.”

“So, facing a gang of armed thugs, I can’t defend myself?

I just didn’t use a gun.”

David didn’t plan to argue with him anymore and walked away.

Although he came to Gotham to find someone, Bruce Wayne at this moment couldn’t help.

In the public’s eyes, Bruce Wayne was still missing, which meant that Batman had just returned to Gotham not long ago. He probably didn’t even have a clear grasp of his own company, let alone the situation in Gotham.

“By the way, don’t throw things at me randomly next time, Gotham’s vigilante.”

Pulling a miniature locator from his trench coat pocket, he flicked it backward with his finger.

A gust of wind came, Bruce Wayne quickly turned his face to dodge, the coin-sized locator, sharp as a razor, cut through the skin on his face and deeply embedded into the brick wall behind him.

When he turned his gaze back, the alley was empty, with no one in sight, only a cold wind blowing.

He was not surprised, just frowned.


“Master Bruce?”

In the underground tunnel, a sleek black motorcycle came roaring, its tires thick enough to be bulletproof, its imposing shape intimidating. It slowly stopped in front of a bunker.

The man on the motorcycle, tearing off the ragged skin on his face, revealed a young and cold face. His eyes were firm, his whole person unshakeable like a piece of steel forged through countless trials, yet seemed eager to achieve something.

“It’s me, Alfred.”

“I saw the news, you’ve had another day on the run, Master.”

In the rumbling sound of the motorcycle’s engine, an old voice full of helplessness and worry came from the front of the door.

“There’s still a long way to go before the day ends, Alfred.”

At the entrance of the bunker, waiting for the door to open, Bruce Wayne got off the bike, took off the red rose on his suit like a gentleman, looked thoughtful, and glanced at the tiny black dot hidden in the rose’s stamen.

“Forgive me, Master.

To be honest, operating a supercomputer was not part of the butler training I received.”

The door of the bunker opened slowly after half a minute.

“It’s okay, Alfred.

I still have a lot of time today.”

He walked into the base he called the Batcave at a leisurely pace, connecting a miniature camera to the huge computer screen.

The entire process of the bank robbery was played, then the screen froze, and a young face was captured.

The screen’s light flickered on the face of Wayne’s son, staring at the face on the screen, he murmured and pressed the search key.

“Now – let’s see who you are.”

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