Chapter 51 – Let us see who you are

【From Bruce Wayne’s tension +33, +astonishment 41…】

After David finished speaking, the lobby fell into silence.

“Bruce Wayne?”

The people in the bank hall, who were huddled on the ground, looked at each other with confusion and strangeness.

The people of Gotham may not know who the mayor is or what his name is, but they definitely know Bruce Wayne. From birth to death, the citizens of Gotham cannot escape the influence of Wayne Enterprises in all aspects of their lives.

And Bruce Wayne is the heir of the wealthy Wayne Enterprises.

But Bruce Wayne has been missing for several years. How could he appear here, and why would he be robbing a bank?

“There is a gang of thugs in Gotham called the Red Hood Gang, with a leader named Red Hood. They are not powerful and not well-known.”

David was also a little surprised.

Compared to well-known villains like Bane, Joker, and Scarecrow, Red Hood is just an unknown minor character.

But the Joker, who originated in many worlds, was once a Red Hood. To escape from Batman’s pursuit, he fell into a pool of chemicals and became the pale-skinned, green-haired Joker.

“I originally wanted to use emotional cues to see if this Red Hood is the Joker.”

“Red Hood Five” looked at him in shock, a playful smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he looked him up and down.

“I didn’t expect to see Batman instead of the Joker.”

When “Red Hood Five” approached him to teach this disobedient hostage a lesson, a surge of emotions from Bruce Wayne refreshed his memory.

“Shut up! If I were a brat who didn’t know where my corpse was rotting, would I be standing here?”

“Red Hood Five” shouted angrily and swung the butt of the gun towards David’s forehead.


The leader of the Red Hood suddenly raised his gun and aimed it at Five.

“Boss? I don’t understand. You said to teach him a lesson, and I’m doing it.”

With the gun pointed at him, “Red Hood Five” quickly raised his hands and sounded confused.

“Do you… believe this kid’s nonsense?”

The remaining Red Hood lackeys also pointed their guns at Five, and the black muzzles aimed at Five and David behind him.

“I don’t know if you are Bruce Wayne or not.

But you are definitely not Five.”

Red Hood shook his head with regret.

“Five is the craziest among us. He would never act when he can shoot.

You talk too much!”

The expression under the mask of “Red Hood Five” changed.

He originally wanted to kick down this young man who seemed to have no fear, and then knock him unconscious with the butt of his gun to end it.

But he didn’t immediately shoot, which caught the attention of the other party.

“And… Five is left-handed.” The leader of the Red Hood smirked contemptuously.

“Red Hood Five” looked at his right hand holding the gun and a look of displeasure appeared in his eyes. He had made more than one mistake.

David confirmed that the Red Hood lackey in front of him was Batman Bruce Wayne, but he should have just returned to Gotham to fight crime not long ago.

“The current Bruce Wayne is like a rookie, not the mature and cool Batman who never makes mistakes in the future.”

Where did the bank’s security personnel go?

Ignoring the seven or eight submachine guns pointed at them, David looked around.

At the entrance of the security room, a figure lay on the ground, lips turning purple, foaming at the mouth, and there was another person lying on top of him, in a similar state.

It turned out that they had been poisoned in advance.

“Now, take off your hood…”

Although they were robbing a bank and the police could arrive at any time, the leader of the Red Hood was not in a hurry. He pointed his gun with interest.

“Let us see who you are, whether you are the famous orphan of the Wayne family, or a police officer who thinks he can take us down alone.”

“If you really are Bruce Wayne, you won’t have to worry in your next life.”

Several lackeys with guns burst into laughter.

“We are not like that idiot Joe Chill, who killed the richest couple in Gotham for a string of pearls.”

The harsh voice echoed in the hall. David saw the hand raised by “Red Hood Five” and the veins on the back of his hand bulging.

Joe Chill, a cowardly and insignificant street thug who was not accepted by the gang, became famous after killing the Wayne couple for a string of pearls, causing the infamous tragedy in Gotham.

Under the threat of the gun, “Red Hood Five” reluctantly took off the hood on his face, revealing a middle-aged face with thick black beard, showing an expression of anger as if misunderstood.


Just as the several Red Hood lackeys were stunned, “Red Hood Five” flicked his wrist, and a miniature remote control shot out from his sleeve. He pressed it down lightning-fast.


The thick and sturdy glass door of the bank was blown to pieces.

The explosion’s shockwave swept through the hall, glass fragments flew, and the Red Hood lackeys were knocked down by the blast.

Almost at the same time, a smoke bomb was thrown on the ground.

“Red Hood Five” was about to pounce on David, who was still standing, and jumped into the bank counter to avoid the imminent gunfire.

But Bruce, who turned around like a wild beast, felt like he had collided with a statue weighing hundreds of pounds when his shoulder hit David. He groaned and looked up in surprise.

He had considered that this young man had practiced martial arts, but no matter how powerful the martial arts, the weight of the body cannot be changed. How could he not move at all under the sudden attack?

David, who didn’t think he needed to dodge, glanced at the wrinkled skin on the neck under the surprised middle-aged face, smiled lightly, and casually threw Batman into the solid wood counter.

The newly emerged Batman still had some greenness in his planning, but he had always had the habit of leaving a backdoor.

“Shoot, kill him for me!”Seven or eight submachine guns fired simultaneously, bullets roaring out of the chamber. The metallic torrent easily penetrated the thick counter, with Bruce Wayne crouching on the ground, covering his head.

Bullets, yellow and bright, hit David’s body, immediately losing all their momentum and clinking to the ground.

“Cease fire!”

Hundreds of bullets had been discharged when the red-hooded leader barked out an order.

In the faintly dispersing smoke, a slender figure stood, unmoving.

Several red-hooded henchmen were waiting for the figure, who should have been riddled with bullets, to fall straight back.

But in the smoke.

A dangerous purple light flickered.

“What’s that?”

A henchman frowned, holding his gun, squinting to make out what was shining.


A laser shot out from the smoke, and with a sharp pain in his chest, he looked down in disbelief.

A thumb-sized hole had pierced through his chest.


The body fell, and the bright red quickly spread across the hall floor.

“Kill him!”

Aiming at the figure in the smoke, the red-hooded men panicked and fired.

Using the counter as cover, Bruce Wayne hid behind it, peering out with a pair of eyes filled with astonishment.

Whoosh, whoosh!

Not far in front of him, the handsome young man in the trench coat stood in place, raising an arm, mimicking a gun with his hand.

Just like in a silent film, imagining his fingers as a gun, a cool cowboy dueling with bandits. Before losing his parents, Bruce Wayne was no exception, playing in the bushes of his family’s estate.

But at this moment, that figure was actually shooting something from his fingertips, not bullets – but purple lasers!

Time seemed to slow down at this moment. In the bank hall, from a side view, the upright figure looked casual, as if playing a game, shooting leisurely with his fingers.

But it was as if the Grim Reaper was calling names.

The lasers that scorched the air passed by, and the bandits, with their hair standing on end and scrambling to escape, could not avoid the bloody holes blossoming in their chests. One by one, bodies fell to the ground.

【Shock from Bruce Wayne +43…】

“How did this guy… do it?”

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