Chapter 53 – Be careful, that ring is very dangerous!

A fierce bird of prey broke into the gloomy forest named Gotham.

Bruce Wayne wanted to know the identity of the intruder.

But when he pressed the button.

The screen displayed a bright red “No Data” message.

In front of the computer screen, which was over a hundred inches, Bruce frowned.

“No criminal record, no driver’s license, no consumption records, no immigration records…”

Either this person has been living in the primitive forest since birth, or he is just like Bruce, wearing a fake face.

Walking with an umbrella on the bustling streets of Gotham, David touched his face.

With his extraordinary vision, he saw the pinhole camera on Batman’s chest, but he ignored it.

The face was a genuine face.

However, it had been slightly modified compared to before.

“A person’s face has more than forty muscles, divided into expression muscles and biting muscles.”

Facial muscles, along with blood vessels and nerves, are intertwined with cartilage and bones. Smooth skin is attached to the muscles. These tissues are interconnected and interact with each other, allowing for various movements and expressions.

“Among them, the number of facial muscles that a person can control is very limited. Talented performers can control more facial muscles, making their faces slightly stiff and showing a different appearance, imitating others. However, they cannot control all of them.”

Ordinary people cannot do such things, but he happens to be not an ordinary person, and he is not even considered a human being on Earth.

Thanos’ Eternal mutant physique gives him the ability to control all the muscles in his body with precision and ease. He can practice combat skills, control strength, and also change his facial appearance.

“Thanos probably has never used this ability.

One reason is that the Dark Lord may not bother to hide himself, and even if he does, there are better means, such as magic and technology.

Even if he hides his two to three-meter-tall body and his unique purple yam head, it would be useless.”

Passing by the street, he caught sight of a group of high-voltage wires.

David remembered Avery in Gotham.

As the future Superman, he didn’t believe that Clark would easily lose his abilities.

And Superman’s abilities come from his genes, from being named Clark Kent. It’s probably not easy to take them away.

“If I catch Avery and recreate the accident, maybe I can transfer the abilities back to Clark, that is, by strengthening the Kryptonite with a high current.”

If that doesn’t work, he can try to attract lightning on a rainy day.

But all of this depends on finding Avery in Gotham and bringing him back.

A hint of contemplation flashed in his eyes.

“Let’s go find two local bosses first and ask about the recent news in Gotham.”


Suddenly, a hurried figure bumped into him.


A beautiful girl with brown hair walked quickly, as if she had something urgent to do. She lowered her head and apologized before quickly disappearing around the corner.

After taking a few steps, she remembered something.

David touched his pocket and a hint of helplessness flashed in his eyes.

As expected, the wallet he just took was gone.


He raised his right hand, and the Kryptonite ring on his hand was also missing.

He raised an eyebrow, showing surprise on his face.

He encountered a robbery just now, and before he could even walk a block, he encountered a theft. It wasn’t a rare occurrence, especially in the simple-minded Gotham.

But even if he was distracted, the person who collided with him stole something from his hand in an instant. The skill of this thief?

[From Selina Kyle’s excitement +21…]

Selina Kyle? The name sounds somewhat familiar.

“Young master, I don’t know if you still remember, but this cave is Wayne Manor.”

With gray hair and dressed in a meticulous butler’s uniform, the old man’s eyes carried the weight of time and wisdom. He walked slowly with a silver tray holding a cup of iced coffee.

“Of course, Alfred.”

Taking the coffee, Bruce Wayne took a sip and continued to manipulate the computer.

“I wouldn’t forget such a simple thing.”

“But since you came back, you’ve been hiding in this Batcave. You haven’t been to the manor more than a few times.”

A hint of helplessness flashed in Alfred’s eyes.

“I have many things to do, Alfred.

Many urgent matters.”

The computer invaded and downloaded the withdrawal records of Gotham National Bank, hoping to find some clues from them. However, the result showed that the card used for the withdrawal belonged to a former underling of a small gang leader in Gotham, and that leader had been dead for over a year.

Bruce Wayne frowned.

Looking at the death records, the neck was twisted, and the body was found in the gang’s temporary hideout, along with over a dozen gang members who were also dead.

Some died from severe brain injuries.

“The Hyena Gang?

A few members survived, but they became vegetative.”

During the same period, dozens of gang members in Gotham died from severe brain injuries, and seven or eight of them suffered brain damage and became vegetative.

Apart from that, there was nothing else. The current clues seemed to have been cut off.

“Young master, I understand your mood.

But you are too impatient, and I am a bit worried.”

Looking at the young master with a slightly unpleasant expression, Alfred slightly bowed and made a suggestion.

“In 1840, your ancestor Solomon Wayne invested in the establishment of the current industrial and commercial districts of Gotham, and Gotham’s prosperity was born from this.”

“But you have to know that these things were not accomplished in a day.”

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, I know, Alfred.”

Rubbing his temples, Bruce Wayne confided in the old man who had raised him.

“I have undergone life-threatening tests and hellish training that would drive many people crazy. I thought I was ready.

But when I returned to Gotham, I realized that I still lacked a lot.””Infiltration, destruction, assassination, and blending in, investigation, protection are worlds apart.”

He stood up and walked to the workbench, using tools to polish his bat darts, the sparks reflected in his pupils.

“Alfred, I have advanced technology, powerful weapons, but there are things that technology cannot replace.

I need to be more precise, stronger, faster…”

Like a bat in the night, coming and going without a trace, accurately preying on its target, striking with one hit, coldly efficient, never making a mistake!

“I must interrupt you, Master.”

Alfred shook his head.

“I don’t know how long it will take for you to achieve these, but you’d better protect what you already have first.”

“What do you mean?” He stopped his actions, turned his head, a trace of confusion on his face.

“If you continue like this, the top-secret technology and powerful weapons from Wayne Enterprises’ technology research and development department may be taken away from you.”

Alfred didn’t want to see the child he had watched grow up pushing himself so hard, not even giving himself a moment to breathe for this city.

“Then there will be no cool advanced Batmobile and Batsuit for you to play with.”

And indeed, there are more pressing matters now.

Bruce Wayne’s eyes showed a hint of inquiry.

“For many years, William Earl has been managing your family business on your behalf. After your disappearance, some of his actions have gradually become out of line.

Recently, as the chairman of the board, he is lobbying a group of directors to take your family business, Wayne Enterprises, public.”

Listening to Alfred’s narration, Bruce Wayne’s face darkened.

For a typical company, going public might bring various benefits, but for Wayne Enterprises, which has coexisted with Gotham for nearly two hundred years, those benefits are negligible.

Only one point, after the company goes public, changes in shareholding will become very easy, such as diluting the shares of a certain Wayne who has been missing for several years and kicking him out of the board of Wayne Enterprises.

“You’re right, Alfred.

Perhaps it’s time for Gotham to know that the son of Wayne is back.”

The sharp bat dart flew over ten meters, accurately hitting the target. His eyes were firm, he slowly said.


After many twists and turns, on the brick-paved ground, in the deserted alleys.

A young girl wearing black tight jeans, a blue striped women’s shirt on the upper body, her loose brown hair covering her swan-like white neck, her bright and smart eyes hidden behind square glasses.

Her outfit made her look like a female student who spends all day studying in university and doesn’t socialize. No one would be alert to such a bookworm.

She stuffed the stolen money into her waist bag without interest, curiously playing with a transparent green ring in her hand.

“What material is this?

Jade? Emerald? Green crystal?…”

Pushing her glasses up, a trace of doubt flashed in Selina’s eyes.

She, who loved jewelry the most, couldn’t recognize it.

It seemed to be glowing?

“Be careful, that ring is very dangerous!”

A young magnetic voice came from behind without warning.

Like a startled cat, she quickly hid the ring and turned around.


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