Chapter 47 – Clark who lost his ability


Dark clouds covered the sky, and heavy rain poured down, turning the grassy field into a muddy mess.

Jonathan, Martha, and David sat in the warm house, drinking hot tea.

The raindrops pelted against the window, making a pattering sound.

“Why hasn’t Clark come back yet?”

Martha, holding a steaming cup of tea, looked outside with confusion.

“I saw Chloe calling him away.”

David took a sip of his hot tea and said.

“He’s probably helping Chloe proofread.”

Jonathan worried about the safety of his eldest son.

“It’s just a heavy rain, not a flood. Clark will be fine.”

He said with a smile.


Suddenly, a weak hand slapped against the door.

A tall figure opened the door, with torn clothes covered in mud and wet hair sticking to his face. He stumbled and fell into the house.


A bright lightning illuminated Clark’s pale face as he lay on the ground, with traces of blood on his cheek.

“What happened to you, Clark?”

Jonathan and Martha were shocked. They had never seen their son in such a state. They hurriedly went to help their eldest son.

Martha touched her son’s head and felt the heat. She was surprised.

“Oh, why is your forehead so hot?”

“Are you okay?”

David’s face changed, his brows furrowed. He quickly took the heavy Clark from his parents’ hands.

Clark looked disheveled, and the only possibility was that he encountered Kryptonite.

“Did you and Lana take shelter from the rain and got caught by Whitney?”

“No… it’s not that.”

Clark, drenched and weak, sat on a chair with his brother’s support. He looked at his brother with panic in his eyes.

“David, my… my powers are gone!”

The family looked shocked.

“What do you mean?”

David was puzzled.

Did Superman ever lose his powers?

Although it was cloudy and raining outside, it wasn’t the red sun that would make a Kryptonian lose their powers.

“I don’t understand either. I was struck by lightning before I came home, and then my powers disappeared.”

Clark looked at his burned hands, and suddenly a drop of blood fell on them.

He touched his nose and found that he was bleeding. His vision went black, and he collapsed on the table.


David was about to ask if Clark accidentally inhaled Kryptonite powder, which would temporarily disable his powers.

But Clark fainted.

“David, we need to take your brother to the hospital.”

Martha, in a panic, wanted to drive to the hospital in the rain, but Jonathan grabbed her arm.

“Wait, Martha.”

If they went to the hospital and the doctors found something, it would surely cause trouble. He didn’t want to lose his son, whom they had raised so hard.

“Maybe this is normal for Clark. Let’s wait and see.”

Clark wasn’t an Earthling, and no one knew if he would go through any special periods during his development, just like bears hibernating in winter or butterfly larvae forming cocoons.

“No need, Mom.”

Listening to Clark’s heartbeat, David frowned.

“Clark’s heartbeat is strong and powerful. He probably fainted from exertion and fever.”

“Just take some medicine and rest.”


Martha looked at her serious younger son with doubt.

Clark’s body seemed normal, even stronger than an ordinary person, but compared to a Kryptonian, it was abnormal.

However, for now, there was no immediate danger to his life.

“I’ll take him upstairs first.”

Something happened to Clark’s body, and David’s eyes were filled with doubt as he and his father, Jonathan, carried Clark upstairs.

As the storm approached, Avery, with his blond hair and tattered clothes, ran towards home.

Suddenly, his speed inexplicably increased, and he flew past like an out-of-control plane, breaking the sound barrier, exploding raindrops, and crashing into a large tree on the side of the road.


Like a rocket hitting its target, the tree shattered, and wood chips flew everywhere.

Avery pulled his body out of the tree, shocked to see that he was unharmed.

“What’s going on? How am I not injured?”

Even if a speeding truck crashed into a tree like this, the front of the truck would have been crushed.

But he was completely fine.

“What about the speed just now?”

“I’m like an angel warrior from the comics!”

Unable to believe it, Avery was ecstatic and shocked by the miraculous scene before his eyes!

This kind of power?!

Angel Warriors was a popular comic series that had been serialized for over a decade, accompanying many children through their childhood. It told the story of the superhero Angel Warrior, who had super speed and immense strength.

He tried to throw a punch with all his strength.


The air compressed and boiled like a high-pressure cooker, and a sonic boom rang out for miles, even drowning out the thunder in the sky.

Suddenly, within a few meters, raindrops and accumulated water on the ground were forcefully expelled, and a visible shockwave swept forward. Within a dozen meters, a fan-shaped area was instantly destroyed, with trees shattered as if hit by missiles.

After a few seconds of daze, a smile that had been suppressed for a long time burst out in the rain. Avery covered his forehead, looked up, and laughed madly, with a rebellious and defiant look in his eye.

With this kind of power, what could stop him in the world?

“I can do whatever I want!”

The strap of his backpack broke when it collided with the tree, and the backpack fell to the ground, scattering books and homework.

In the past, he would have hurriedly picked them up to avoid being scolded by his parents when he got home.

But now…

A heavy disdainful expression appeared on Avery’s lips.

Now that he had the power of a deity, did he still need to go to school?

His parents, especially his old-fashioned father, couldn’t control him anymore!He took a step, ready to leave.

A meteorite fell out of his backpack, fist-sized, emitting a green light as if sensing something.

As he passed by the backpack, Avery stumbled and fell to the ground, feeling as if his skin was being scorched.

“Have I lost my powers again?”

He fell into the mud, weakly looking at the inexplicably glowing meteorite, his face pale and filled with both shock and suspicion.

“What is this thing?”

The next morning, after the rain, the bright sunshine shone into the room.

On the warm and comfortable bed.

With a cold towel on his forehead, Clark opened his eyes, feeling much better.

His parents and younger brother were all gathered around his bed.

He sat up, pulling back the covers.

“Clark, how are you feeling?” His parents asked with concern. A warm current surged in Clark’s heart, and he smiled.

“I’m fine now.”

Clark’s gaze then fell on his younger brother. Although his brother stood there without saying a word, his brows were furrowed, and his eyes were filled with concern and inquiry.

“What exactly happened to you?”

Not only David, but the couple also wanted to know why their eldest son had ended up like this.

“After school yesterday…”

Holding his forehead, Clark recalled that it should have something to do with the lightning.

“The dam bridge, Avery, saving people, being struck by lightning, green lightning?”

After listening to his account, the couple looked at each other, unable to make sense of it.

“It must be the meteorite.”

David shook his head.

Was it the lightning reacting with the Kryptonite, causing Clark to experience an effect similar to inhaling Kryptonite dust?

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