Chapter 46 – Clark, burned by a small fire on Mars

Night fell, with stars hanging high in the sky. The silent dark clouds drifted over, quietly covering half of the moon.

Rickman finished dealing with the company’s affairs and returned home.

He lit a fire in the fireplace, and the firelight illuminated the room. He sat on the sofa chair, his face changing constantly, like a beast about to devour someone.

Since gaining his abilities from the meteor shower more than ten years ago, Rickman had been smooth sailing. He was no longer the small salesperson who could be bossed around and almost fired. Now, he had achieved great success.

“The feeling of being threatened, the feeling of embarrassment, I haven’t experienced it for a long time, Blue Cloak!”

The small patches of soil on the living room floor that were found had been sent for testing and the results would be available tomorrow.

“Also, send the soil samples from these farms to the Geological Survey Bureau for comparison. It won’t be difficult to determine which farm you have a connection with.”

Rickman’s eyes were fierce as he played with several sealed test tubes.

These were the soil samples he had secretly retrieved from those farms in the afternoon.

Soil testing was a complicated matter. Different soils contained different organic and inorganic substances, as well as bacteria, viruses, and other elements, which would present different data.

Especially the soil from the farms. Some farms raised cows and sheep, with manure mixed into the soil. Some farms grew corn, some grew wheat, and some grew fruits and vegetables, each using different fertilizers and brands.

“From this point, it won’t be difficult to track you down, Blue Cloak!”

From signing the land acquisition contract to the appearance of the Blue Cloak threatening him at noon, it had only been a few short hours, and it was a small town in the countryside.

He didn’t believe that guy was a masked vigilante who occasionally heard about this and came to uphold justice!

“It must be related to those farm owners.”

A gust of wind blew, lifting the curtains, and moonlight shone into the room like silver gauze.

In the living room, a figure appeared on the sofa without anyone noticing.

“You are observant.”

A deep voice came.

“Who are you?”

Rickman, like a startled bird, suddenly sat up from the table and chairs near the fireplace, took out a silver pistol from under the seat, and pointed it at the figure on the sofa.

After being threatened by the Blue Cloak in his own home, he had hidden firearms in many places in the house in case of emergencies.

“A person leaves traces wherever they go.”

The person on the sofa seemed to have not seen the gun in Rickman’s hand, muttering to himself.

“It seems that someone is pleased to be one step ahead and has forgotten about the others.”

David heard that Rickman was going to send the soil for comparison at the Geological Survey Bureau, and it was not difficult to guess what had happened.

Perhaps a Kryptonian was feeling a bit smug, or maybe it was their first time doing something like this and they didn’t realize they had left a trace.

“They are about to catch your tail!”

He slowly stood up, revealing a cold face from the shadows.

“Who are you?”

Rickman’s eyes widened at the purple skin, and the gun in his hand brought him no sense of security.

After fusing with the second template, the vertical lines on David’s chin had disappeared, but his skin still turned purple when using the powerful physique of the Eternal Clan.

Just now, he had come in at almost the speed of sound, so his skin color was revealed.

David moved and appeared in front of Rickman. Before he could react, David grabbed his neck and left the villa.

Rickman couldn’t breathe, his vision blurred. After a few seconds, everything spun around, and he was thrown onto the cold cement ground.

A dark and deserted alley.

“Where is this?”

In a panic, he stood up and vaguely recognized that it seemed to be a street in Metropolis.

“This is where you will be buried.”

“Who are you?”

Looking at the terrifying figure emitting a dreadful aura, Rickman’s heart skipped a beat. He was both fearful and angry.


“You don’t need to know who I am.”

David’s eyes emitted purple rays, and the gun in Rickman’s hand had somehow ended up in his hand.

With an irritating sound, he effortlessly crushed it into scrap metal and melted it into a dazzling pool of molten iron that flowed through his fingers.

“You… you…”

Rickman, who had just felt a bit angry due to fear, felt his throat being choked and couldn’t speak. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“You only need to know that you have caused a couple who shouldn’t be worried and anxious to argue all morning. You only need to know that you have set your sights on a house and land that you shouldn’t have.”

This matter should not end with just reclaiming the land and house. It couldn’t be easily resolved.

David said coldly, “When you make a mistake, you have to pay the price.”

“I have a lot of money, I can give it all to you, spare my life.”

Looking at the figure with purple eyes that made people tremble, Rickman’s voice trembled. He didn’t understand why causing trouble for a few small-town farmers with his abilities would bring such a disaster.

Clearly, he had never encountered this situation when he did as he pleased in Metropolis before.

First, there was the Blue Cloak with incredible speed, and now there was this purple-skinned person who was as strong as a monster.

“Thirty million, no, eighty million…!”

Before he could finish speaking.

David’s face remained unchanged, and two purple rays shot out from his eyes, incinerating Rickman, who was begging for mercy, into ashes that fell in the cold and damp dirty alley.

He turned and left, disappearing from the spot.

“David, do you know what’s going on?”

The next day, outside the school gate, leaving home.Clark stopped David with a worried look on his face.

“This morning, mom and dad, along with a few other farmers, went to the police station to report something. They found out that Rickman has gone missing.”

“Did you kill someone again?” He didn’t want to speculate in that direction, but it was hard not to make the connection when a detective had recently disappeared under David’s watch.

That’s why David was so calm yesterday, completely unlike his character.

By the end, Clark couldn’t help but feel a bit angry.

“Isn’t it normal to run away from Metropolis out of fear of being exposed after your secret is revealed?”

David shrugged indifferently.

“With his abilities, he could thrive anywhere he goes.”


Clark wanted to say something else.

Entering the school, David casually pulled out a fist-sized, pockmarked meteorite from his pocket, forcing Clark to retreat helplessly.

“David, I just asked you a couple of questions, and you’re already using a meteorite against me.”

Under the radiation of the meteorite, Clark retreated, unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Don’t misunderstand, did you forget about Mr. Reagan’s geography homework?”

David weighed the meteorite in his hand.

“He asked us to collect various rocks based on the identification methods he taught us. I was assigned to collect meteorites and rose quartz.”

In other places, it would be absurd for a geography teacher to assign students to collect meteorites as homework. But in Mogul, a town that prides itself as the global capital of meteorites, they were everywhere.

Clark, who was afraid of meteorites, could only watch his brother leave, planning to ask him again after school.

By the time school was over, the sky outside was overcast with clouds, as if a heavy rain was about to fall.

Clark looked up at the sky in frustration.

After school, Chloe asked him to help proofread and revise the school newspaper articles, but David was nowhere to be found.

He missed the school bus and had to walk home.

Most of the time, he didn’t like his superhuman abilities. Clark decided to walk home and wait for the rain to start.

“I can think about how to ask David about it on the way.”

Ten minutes later, he was on the bridge.

Clark looked up casually, his face changed dramatically.

“Avery, what are you doing?”

A gust of cold wind blew by, and a rebellious figure stood on the railing of the bridge, wearing headphones and looking down at the dam below, irritably throwing stones from his bag.

Clark recognized his classmate, Avery Reagan, the son of their geography teacher.

But Mr. Reagan always insisted that Avery call him “teacher” instead of “dad” at school. Just this afternoon, in front of the whole class, he had harshly scolded his son for only completing half of his homework.

“Get down, it’s dangerous!”

Clark shouted.

But Avery, with his headphones blasting rock music and a rebellious look on his face, didn’t hear him.


A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, thunder rumbling.

Seeing the dangerous figure standing in the wind, Clark rushed forward to grab his waist, trying to pull him down from the bridge to prevent him from falling or being struck by lightning.

Wearing electronic devices and standing at a high place could easily attract lightning.


Just then, a bolt of lightning struck, hitting both of them.

The meteorite in Avery’s bag, which was part of his geography homework, shone brightly, and the lightning connecting the two turned green.



With a brief reaction like being electrocuted, his body stiffened, and Clark let out a painful cry, falling to the ground.

Avery also fell to the ground, his clothes torn by the lightning, sparks lingering.

“Are you okay, Avery?”

Clark felt a slight numbness in his body, but he felt fine.

He tried to help Avery, who was lying on the ground, to see if he was injured.

Unexpectedly, the sparks on Avery’s clothes burned him.


Without any warning, Clark cried out in pain, pulling back his hand as if he had been electrocuted, staring in shock at his blistering hand.

“Just a little spark, why?”

Looking up again, Avery had sparks on his chest, but he seemed fine, just a little dizzy as he woke up.


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