Chapter 48 – The world will be Avery’s playground

“What’s wrong with the meteorite?”

Jonathan was puzzled by his youngest son’s words.

“Clark’s power is not invincible. He becomes weak and uncomfortable when he gets close to the meteorite, like an acute allergy.”

He turned to his parents and said.

“Is this true? Clark, why have you and David never told me and your mother?”

Jonathan widened his eyes, surprised that his two brothers had kept such an important secret from him and his wife.

“You guys are already busy taking care of the farm.”

Clark forced a smile and explained.

His abnormality was enough to worry his parents, but fortunately, his extraordinary abilities sometimes allowed his parents not to worry about him.

“If you knew that I am allergic to the meteorite, I’m afraid you would worry about me even more.”


Martha sighed and hugged her eldest son tenderly.

“Maybe… it’s not a bad idea for me to be an ordinary person.”

Clark hesitated.

When he had abilities before, he often felt lonely because he was different from ordinary people. After his younger brother also showed his abilities, he rarely experienced that kind of emotion.


Clark wouldn’t be devastated by losing his abilities, but if he lost his abilities, his brother would have no more constraints in the future, and he wouldn’t be able to stop him from doing anything.

Seeing Clark looking at him with concern, David knew what he was thinking and rolled his eyes.

“Son, as long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters.”

The couple comforted Clark, saying that it didn’t matter if he lost his abilities and became an ordinary person.

“Whether you can lift a pickup truck or not, you are still our son.”

Jonathan thought for a moment and said, “At least you don’t have to hide anymore.”

Clark also thought of several benefits of becoming an ordinary person. First, he didn’t have to avoid various sports on campus, and he didn’t have to hide and embarrass himself because of Lana’s necklace.


Thinking that he could join the football team and get along with Lana freely, his eyes lit up slightly.

Maybe this thing wasn’t really that bad.

“Yesterday, it might not just be you losing your abilities.”

Seeing Clark starting to daydream and forgetting about other things, David shook his head.


Clark coughed, put away his thoughts, and put on a serious and attentive look.

“Lightning struck from the sky and hit you and Avery.”

Facing the puzzled parents and Clark, he analyzed, “You, I can understand, but why didn’t Avery turn into charcoal?”

“He probably awakened his abilities.”

Being struck by the powerful lightning turned green by the Kryptonite, David didn’t believe that nothing had happened to Avery.


Clark’s face changed.

“David, we have to go to Avery’s house and take a look!”

“Avery, where did you go yesterday?”

At the dinner table, the mother’s face was full of worry and couldn’t help but ask.

“I went to your room to pack things. Why is your backpack missing and your clothes torn, as if they were burned?”

“I’m fine.”

Facing his mother’s concern, Avery ate the steak on his plate and replied with an unpleasant expression.

Something incredible happened to him yesterday. After being struck by lightning, he gained god-like power.

But at the same time, he discovered that there was something that could still restrain him, who should have been invincible on this planet – the meteorite.

“When I get close to the meteorite, my whole body becomes weak and in pain, unable to even stand like an ordinary person.”

Because his father was a geography teacher, there were many rock samples including meteorites in the garage at home.

After returning home, Avery conducted multiple experiments and confirmed this.

“Why do I have such power, but have such a deadly flaw!”

His eyes were fierce, and he couldn’t help but clench his fists, which made many of his beautiful fantasies go down the drain.

Avery couldn’t tolerate having such a fatal weakness when he should be able to do whatever he wanted on this planet.

“Why didn’t you come home even though school was over?”

Seeing his son’s gloomy expression and not knowing what he was thinking, Reagan was full of anger and asked sternly.

“Are you not coming out until you don’t eat? Do you know how much you embarrassed me at school yesterday!”

The son of a geography teacher who couldn’t finish his geography homework became a laughingstock in the office.

“Stop it.” At the dinner table, Beth patted her husband’s arm as he got angry.

“That’s enough!”

But Avery, who was full of resentment, suddenly erupted. He stood up with a screech, twisted the knife and fork in his hand, and glared at his father.

“I’m already eighteen years old, it’s not your turn to control me.”

He remembered the embarrassment of being publicly reprimanded in class yesterday.

“I don’t care about you? You can’t even be sure if your current grades will get you into college!”

Reagan, angered by his son’s defiance, stood up abruptly despite his wife’s attempts to calm him down, glaring at his son with a mix of anger and frustration.

“Do you want to live on welfare in the future?”

“Heh… College?”

Avery’s face was filled with disdain and mockery.

“That’s all you can see!”

“You have no idea what kind of power I possess now.” He clenched his fist, feeling a terrifying power that far surpassed tanks and planes, a sense of fascination and greed appearing in his eyes.

“My future is beyond what a mere high school geography teacher from a small town can imagine!”

He threw the deformed knife and fork in his hand on the ground, a sinister smile appearing on his face as he wiped his hands, seemingly thinking of something.

“I want to leave this place that has restrained me for eighteen years and now makes me extremely uncomfortable.”

This small town was littered with meteorites, everywhere were things that could restrain him.

But as long as he left this town, he could do whatever he wanted, the world would be his, Avery’s, playground!

He reassured his parents that he would be fine and left the house with his younger brother.

Walking on the muddy, waterlogged road, Clark was filled with worry.

“If Avery has gained powers, he wouldn’t misuse them…”

As he said this, he remembered Avery’s daring act of standing on the bridge railing in the strong wind, listening to rock music, his rebellious and defiant demeanor made him unsure.

“Clark, sometimes you have to respect other people’s fate.”

Remembering the cause of all these events, David couldn’t help but say coldly.

“What do you mean?”

“Drop your savior complex!”

Standing on the bridge railing in a thunderstorm, listening to music with headphones, thinking it’s cool, if he dies, no one else is to blame.

“People should bear the consequences of their actions.”

He had no sympathy for such people, even if something happened to them.

Previously in the house, with their parents present, David didn’t directly tell Clark to mind his own business.

“Do you enjoy being other people’s nanny?”

“He’s just a teenager going through puberty, don’t be so harsh on him, David.”

Clark couldn’t stand by and do nothing, seeing his brother’s dislike for Avery, he wanted to persuade him to be more tolerant.

Because they might see Avery soon, he didn’t want any conflicts to occur.

“Have you forgotten how old you are?”

David retorted.


Clark, due to his unique circumstances, had encountered many things and troubles that most children his age hadn’t, making him more mature than his peers.

But he was only eighteen.


The two of them were walking on the road.

Suddenly, David stopped, squinting his eyes.

A hundred meters away on the highway, a figure was speeding past at dozens of times the speed of sound, disappearing into the distance like a flash of lightning. Even with his vision, he could only barely see a blurred trajectory and couldn’t make out the figure.

This scene seemed so familiar, but…

Clark, who had become an ordinary person, was puzzled as to why David had stopped. He looked in that direction but saw nothing.

“What’s wrong, David?”

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