Chapter 31 – Clark’s Vision of the Future

Clark reached out his hand and touched the wrinkled hand of the old woman.

After a few seconds, his vision blurred.

It was as if he had entered a different world.

It was like a scene from the apocalypse, with a blood-red dusk covering the sky, pierced skyscrapers, collapsed houses, fires burning, and billowing black smoke rising into the sky.

People scattered and fled, their desperate cries sounding like the screams of hell.

A deep and heavy trench, as if carved by a giant finger, caused intense pain throughout Clark’s body. He lay at the end of the trench, struggling to lift his head.


A black-haired man wearing a black battle suit with mysterious golden patterns slowly descended from the sky.

Half a meter above the ground, the debris on the ground flew up like orbiting celestial bodies, protecting him.

His overwhelming presence was like that of a deity descending upon the mortal world, making it hard to breathe.


Seeing such a terrifying scene and his familiar yet unfamiliar younger brother, Clark was shocked.

He felt as if he was in a dream, only able to watch and unable to control anything, not even able to speak, with only a limited perspective.

“Clark, look around.”

David’s eyes still had a lingering red glow, and he shook his head slightly.

“I didn’t want to do this, but you were too disobedient, forcing me to do so.”

“What do you mean?”

Clark was shocked and puzzled. Did David cause all this destruction around them?

Thoughts flashed through his mind. Did he refuse to submit to David, leading to a fierce battle that destroyed the city?

“Wait, this seems to be Metropolis!”

Clark recognized it.

In the distance, on top of the Daily Planet building, the iconic golden Earth statue had been used as a weapon, smashing through several buildings and falling to the ground.

“Could it be that my worries have come true? David has lost himself to power and turned to the path of evil, and I have stood against him to stop him?”

He was filled with uncertainty.

As if to confirm Clark’s thoughts, he felt an endless anger welling up from within him. His eyes were filled with fury, as if a volcano was about to erupt.

“You need to be corrected, little brother!”

The future him roared with an icy and powerful aura, leaping up and throwing a punch towards his brother, like a deity charging at another hostile deity.


A golden rope, like a lightning bolt, flew towards them and wrapped around his waist.

Almost simultaneously, several green crystal-like chains coiled around his body like snakes, and several large nails pinned the chains to the ground, preventing him from moving forward.

His momentum came to a sudden stop as he was forcefully pulled back.

His body, flying like a projectile, stopped, causing a wave of air to spread.

Just a few centimeters away, the two of them were about to collide face to face. David floated in mid-air without blinking.

“It is you who needs to be corrected, my brother.”

“Who helped David?”

Clark wondered.

The future Clark angrily turned his head and saw a figure, a woman who looked like a beautiful and heroic goddess. She wore a crown and armor, stomping on the ground, tightly gripping the golden rope.

On the other side, a brown-haired man wearing a green glowing bodysuit, his usually casual smile replaced with seriousness, flew in the air. A ring on his hand, resembling a green gem, emitted light, desperately maintaining the manifested chains and nails from being torn apart.

The two of them gritted their teeth, struggling to say a word, exerting all their strength to barely hold onto the future Clark, who was like a raging bull.

“David’s ally?”

Clark’s heart trembled.

Were they allies of David’s evil deeds? Or were they his minions?


Before he could think further, David appeared in front of him like lightning, throwing a punch like a meteor, knocking him back to the ground.

The future Clark’s body crashed into a deep pit several meters wide, causing a powerful force to spread through several streets like a raging sea, causing the surrounding buildings to shake and glass to shatter.


“What should we do?”

A deep and resonant voice came.

A grappling hook was embedded in the wall of a building, and a figure resembling a bat swooped in.

He spread his black cape-like wings and landed steadily on the ground, his cold expression warning others to stay away. The dark aura emanating from him was as dense and everlasting as the clouds over Gotham, making people feel oppressed and fearful.

Clark had initially doubted the reality of these future events and whether his younger brother had truly turned to the path of darkness. But suddenly, his balance was shaken.

He carefully observed the bat-like figure. This Batman didn’t seem like a good person, as if he was naturally incompatible with the light.

Could the people he associated with be good?

“Clark, if our parents saw this scene, they would be heartbroken.”

David frowned and raised his hand, as if preparing to do something.


The scene suddenly shattered.

Clark’s consciousness returned to reality, and he stood up abruptly, shocked by the sight of Kassandra looking at him.

Kassandra opened her eyes, as if her vision of the future had ended, but she was surprised to see herself. David looked puzzled.

Why was she looking at herself like that instead of looking at the future related to Clark?

Could it be that in Clark’s future, she saw herself as an extraterrestrial?

“David, you…!”

Clark, who had just returned to reality, stood up abruptly.

A smokestack several tens of meters in diameter stood tall on the ground.A tiny figure, Sean withdrew his hand from above, intoxicated. Beneath him, a dozen factory workers turned into ice sculptures, their faces frozen in terror.

Frost covered and froze an entire massive chimney.

Cold and normalcy alternated, each time he absorbed enough heat, his power would ascend another level.

A feeling akin to ‘overeating’ came over him, and only then did Sean stop.

Now, he felt incredibly powerful!

He excitedly glanced at the dozen or so dented brass bullets on the ground. The bullets had previously hit him, but they couldn’t even tickle him.

He dared not imagine how powerful he was now.

He picked up a crowbar from the ground, a weapon used by a power plant patrol worker.


A teeth-gritting sound.

The crowbar was twisted into a pretzel by a terrifying force.

“It’s not the limit yet.”

Sean held the twisted crowbar with both hands, exerting a great deal of force. The steel flowed out between his fingers like mud.

Seeing this, his face showed wild joy, and he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Modern civilization was almost built on steel, and there was hardly anything harder than steel in the world.

Now, he was so powerful that he could shake the entire world, and the police couldn’t control him.

The town was now his playground, he could do whatever he wanted.

“Where to start?”

Should he find a pretty girl and ask her if she wanted to experience his strong steel arms?


A figure emerged in Sean’s mind.


That guy yesterday had only given him a look and said a word, and it scared him off.

He spat out a name with resentment, “You think you’re tough, huh?”

Thinking of how he had left in fear in front of several people yesterday, Sean, who originally didn’t want to think about this embarrassing incident, couldn’t control his anger and humiliation, gritting his teeth: “I’m not the same as I was.”

What were a few football players? Now, he alone could stand against an army armed with live ammunition!

Leaving behind a ground full of lifeless ice sculptures, Sean clenched his fist and left the power plant, his face stern as he headed towards the Kent Farm.

“I promise, you’ll regret daring to treat me like that, David!”

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