Chapter 32 – People who cannot see the future

“What’s wrong with me?”

David looked at the two surprised people in the room, asking Clark in confusion.

“What did you see?”

Kassandra might understand, she had never seen his abilities.

But what was going on with Clark’s shocked and scared expression?


Clark wanted to speak but hesitated, his face showing struggle.

Should he tell his brother?

How would David react to knowing the future? Would he be alert not to become like the future, or would he indulge himself and slide into darkness?

“Did you see it too, child?”

Hearing Clark’s voice, the blind Kassandra turned her head towards the surprised Clark, her voice filled with astonishment.

“Should…should I not have seen it?”

Clark hesitated.

“No one has ever seen it before.” Kassandra shook her head.

When she used her power to predict others’ futures, only she would see the future scenes.

“Just like Mr. Ross who lost his car keys earlier, he wouldn’t know what I predicted unless I told him.”

But this time was different.


“We all know, you’re different from others.”

“I…” Clark, who was almost blank from the previous shock, finally remembered in panic. His abilities were exposed, and his brother was discovered to be different from others.

“Don’t be afraid, Clark.”

Having seen Clark’s face in the future vision from a bystander’s perspective, Kassandra’s voice was gentle, and she smiled.

“I just realized that I’ve actually seen you before.”

“Ma’am, you’ve seen me before?” Clark was puzzled.

When this old woman was blind, Clark, who was still a baby, had just arrived on Earth with the meteor shower.

David’s expression subtly changed, vaguely guessing where the other party had seen him.

Kassandra suddenly paused, smiled mysteriously, and then said.

“Child, go close the door.”

Confused, Clark walked towards the door.

Near the doorway, a black-haired figure heard the voices in the room and quickly left.

Turning around to close the door that Pete had left ajar when he left, Clark returned to the bedside, but didn’t sit back next to his brother.

“Why are you looking at me like that, Clark?”

Looking at Clark’s complex eyes, David wondered what he had seen in the future and laughed lightly as if he didn’t care.

【Worries from Clark +32, Panic +30, Fear +25…】

He wasn’t particularly interested in the future.

He didn’t really need someone to tell him what his fate would be.

But seeing Clark’s reaction, he couldn’t help but be curious.

“Is the current Clark’s emotion… like a super-enhanced version of the previous worry about me going down the path of corruption?”

David’s eyes moved, keenly guessing what Clark might have seen.

But he was still puzzled, how could his future be like what Clark was worried about?

The black-haired girl appeared from around the corner, looking at the closed door of the room, her eyebrows slightly furrowed, about to sneak back.


Suddenly a crisp voice sounded from behind.

“What a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Lana, who was passing by with a cart, looked surprised. She didn’t expect to meet the friend she had just met at the party yesterday here.

“Are you here to volunteer too?”

Kara turned around, a slightly unnatural smile on her face, “Yes…yes.”

“Some things are the same even if I just transferred here, like thirty hours of community service per semester.”

Lana started chatting with Kara.

But then she was a bit puzzled, she didn’t know why, Kara was very talkative yesterday.

The two of them had a great time chatting, Kara asked her a lot about the high school in the small town, and she introduced the celebrities in the school one by one to get a general impression.

But now Kara seemed a bit distracted, her gaze drifting from time to time.

“You will be a remarkable person in the future.”

In the room, Kassandra smiled.

“In others’ futures, some people will encounter pain and despair, but when you appear, hope descends, and all disasters vanish.”

Hearing Kassandra’s words, David’s eyes flashed with surprise.

It sounded like this old woman had indeed glimpsed the future Clark, or Superman, in others’ futures?

He seemed to have underestimated the old people in this small town nursing home. If she could see the future Superman, maybe she knew more about the future of this world than he did.

But maybe he could also grasp some sporadic threads of the future world.

“Me? Remarkable?”

Clark pointed to himself in great doubt.

Although he knew early on that he was extraordinary, he had never thought that he could bear such a comment!

“It seems like you were born for this, child.

To help everyone be rescued from fear and darkness.”

Facing Clark, who was confused and panicked about the future, Kassandra hinted, speaking softly.

“Having helped people predict the future so many times, I’ve summarized a rule, do you know what it is?”

“Ma’am, what is it?” Clark asked respectfully.

Seeing such a scene, and being able to recover as usual after a brief shock, as if nothing in the world could make her lose her composure.

“——The future can be changed!”

A mysterious smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“Even now, the future has already begun to change.”

“Just like Pete.”

David slowly spoke.

Once a person knows their future, they will inevitably not let themselves or things develop towards the future they dislike.”Yes, child.”

Facing David, the old woman’s tone remained kind, even though she had foreseen a future where he might be at odds with Clark.

She had seen countless futures.

Humans are complex creatures, one should not easily define a person and their future.

Perhaps a child who grew up in a small town farm, seemingly insignificant, could become the most dazzling and beloved person on the planet. Perhaps a respected prosecutor with a bright future, after one bad day, could transform into a terrifying gangster.

Perhaps a mercenary who values money above all and is cold-blooded and cruel, would also strive to save the world without considering the reward…

“Now, it’s your turn, child.”

Kassandra extended her hand gently towards David.

David hesitated for a moment, then reached out his hand as well.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

A long time passed, and nothing happened.

Just when David thought that he wasn’t as special as the ‘Child of Tomorrow’ who could see his own future…

“The special Kent brothers.”

Kassandra, who had her eyes closed, opened her cloudy eyes and sighed.

“Child, I can’t see your future.”

This was a situation that had never occurred before.

“It seems, I can’t provide any guidance for your life.”

She shook her head.

“Your future is for you to grasp and create.”

Two brothers, one could see the future she saw, the other she couldn’t see the future.

“Can’t see?”

Upon hearing this answer, David was puzzled.

Did Thanos’ physique have a great resistance to psychic abilities, and did foresight also belong to psychic abilities?

So that’s why she couldn’t see?

Clark, who had been nervously holding his breath, hoping to see a turning point from his brother’s future, was somewhat taken aback.

He gritted his teeth, and after firming up his determination in his heart that no matter what happened, he would not let his brother go astray.

Clark opened his eyes, his voice slightly apprehensive.

“Madam, could you please look into my future again?”

Kassandra, blind in sight but not in heart, guessed what he wanted to do and shook her head helplessly.

“Child, I’m not a radio, always ready to receive, able to change channels at will, able to see whichever part of your future you want to see.”

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