Chapter 30 – Thank you, ma’am

“Don’t worry, Mr. Jackson.”

In the mansion office, Luthor leaned forward, hands crossed, like a prehistoric crocodile revealing its bloodthirsty mouth, sneering, “A wonderful new life awaits you.”

“I…I’m Nixon.”

“That’s in the past. I will give you a new identity. Last name Jackson, what should your first name be? Baker? Benson? How about Johnson?”

His tone was as if he was deciding what to have for lunch today, casually weaving his future. Nixon felt like he was falling into an abyss, his spine chilled.

“What profession? Assassin, drug dealer, gangster, or terrorist?”

All of them would lead to a life of being wanted for murder.

“Listen, I can give the money back to you.”

He swallowed his saliva and quickly placed the bag on the table.

Family, job, friends…he couldn’t accept losing everything he had built in the first half of his life.

“Was my money like this from the beginning?”

Luthor raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Nixon quickly and tremblingly took out the money from the bag, neatly placing it back, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, looking at Luthor nervously and fearfully, revealing an ugly smile.

“Mr. Luthor…”

“Do you think you can blackmail me? Do you think I’m a spoiled rich kid who needs my father’s protection?”

Luthor slowly and forcefully stood up, his expression like a demon ready to devour someone, his voice suddenly raised, making Nixon tremble all over, almost scared to kneel down.

“You’re not the first person to think that. The person I made disappear has never appeared again! Do you know what kind of person is leading this country?”

“Luthor…Mr. Luthor, what do you want me to do?”

Feeling like he was facing a tsunami that could crush him into minced meat at any moment, Nixon was terrified, his voice trembling as he begged for mercy.

“You are considered an outstanding journalist in Metropolis. Even I don’t have access to the information about the lower levels. I want you to secretly investigate some things for me!”

“Please…please tell me.”

“There is a family in this town named Kent who runs a farm.”

Luthor turned and pulled open the curtains, letting in the light, but it couldn’t penetrate his dark gaze.

“I want their information, every detail!”

“I will do it.”

Nixon nodded quickly and promised, “I will definitely handle it for you.”


“What else, Mr. Luthor?” When Nixon saw Luthor turn his head, he quickly lowered his head, like a loyal servant.

“This is a magical town.”

Luthor smiled, looking at the mansion outside, and said softly.

“Although I have only been here for a few days, I have seen a glimpse of its mysterious veil, which makes me unable to resist.”

First, there was Clark, who was hit by a car traveling at two hundred miles per hour but was unharmed and even saved his life.

Then there was a high school girl who could somehow change her appearance and rob a bank.

And there were all kinds of strange things happening in the town that he had just seen online.

“I want to know everything about its mysteries!”

“You will, Mr. Luthor.”

After sending away the journalist who had just been taken in as his dog, Luthor watched him drive away, took a sip of wine, and chuckled softly.

“Thank you, Nixon. Fortunately, it was you, a foolish and timid person, who discovered one of my flaws in advance, and not someone more troublesome. And you came to me just when I needed someone.”

“What are your names, gentlemen?”

In the nursing home, Kassandra, with white eyes and gray hair, smiled kindly.

“I’m Clark.” “David Kent.”

Clark introduced himself first, and David followed.

“The Kent brothers? Come sit here.”

The gentle old woman pointed to a bed not far in front of them.

“Ma’am, I heard that you can predict the future?”

The two sat down, and Clark glanced at his younger brother. He believed that after encountering several people with abilities in a row, his brother now had the same idea as him. He hesitated for a moment, then couldn’t help but ask, “Is it true?”

Who wouldn’t be curious about the future?

Especially when they knew that this ability to predict the future might not be fake.

“When it first happened, I thought it was a curse, an illusion. Whenever I touched someone, uncontrollable scenes would appear before my eyes.”

Kassandra smiled.

“But later, I realized that it was a gift from God to compensate me.”

Clark was surprised.

The old lady in front of him seemed to be completely indifferent to hiding her abilities. She casually told the first person she met.

He began to doubt whether the other party was really an ability user.

Only a fraud would be eager to show off and talk about themselves.

But what happened with Pete just now proved that there were some magical things.

“Clark, stop thinking about impolite things.”

Unlike Clark, David was sure that the other party could probably predict the future. He said slowly.

“I think when you reach the age of Mrs. Kassandra, you will also treat some things with indifference.”

Looking carefully again, the old lady did give people a feeling of being calm like water after experiencing the years. Clark suddenly realized and quickly apologized.

“Sorry, Mrs. Kassandra.””It’s alright.” The old woman said nonchalantly with a smile.

“When was the first time you had a premonition?”

Clark had always suspected that all the strange occurrences in the town seemed to happen after the meteor shower.

He had a strong hunch that those with abilities might be related to the meteorites, but he had no evidence to confirm it.

“One morning, I woke up as usual, and then the meteorites fell, hitting the wheat field in front of my house. The doctor determined that the flash had burned my optic nerve. That brief moment changed my life.”

“I’m sorry.” Clark looked at the old woman who was calmly recounting her past, his expression unnatural and his voice dull.

The meteor shower had come with him. He had brought disaster, changing many people’s lives.

“It’s not your fault, child.”

Kassandra thought he was apologizing for bringing up her blindness and laughed.

“Kindness is a good thing.”

Seeing the guilt in Clark’s eyes, David hinted, “But there are some things in the world that you can’t control, my brother.”

He was forced to come to Earth, not by his own choice. He shouldn’t always take the burden upon himself.

Comforted by his brother, Clark felt slightly better.

At the same time, he was a bit puzzled. Why would his brother, out of the blue, comfort him over such a minor emotional issue?

“Since then, I can no longer see the present before my eyes, but I can glimpse into others’ futures.”

As she spoke, she gently extended her hand.

“Would you like to try, child?”

Looking at the old woman in front of him, Clark hesitated. Would using such a power consume physical strength or something?

He was here to volunteer and read to the elderly, not to have the elderly help him decipher the future.

Meanwhile, outside the room, a tall, beautiful figure with black hair moved silently like a hunter adept at stalking in the jungle. She quietly approached the door, leaning against the wall, listening to the conversation inside.

“Occasionally glimpsing the light, but only in the futures of others.”

David mused.

“So, you often help people predict their futures, guide them out of confusion, Miss Kassandra?”

It was clear that the old woman was inexplicably enthusiastic about helping people foresee the future.

“Child, you are very smart.”

Kassandra nodded approvingly in his direction.

“The world is so beautiful, full of colors, clouds as white as cotton, beautiful green grass, and the azure sky.

Light is always better than darkness, especially for someone who once had sight.”

She spoke with a tone full of nostalgia.

Hearing this, Clark no longer hesitated and reached out to the kindly blind old woman.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

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