Chapter 3 – Seventeen years old, afraid

Clark suddenly revealed his long-suppressed feelings, and the couple didn’t know what to say to comfort him for a moment.


This topic has been present in this family for a long time. They hope their son can hide himself and don’t want the government to suddenly come and take their son away one day.

But as teenagers, they long to be noticed on campus. They understand this feeling because they have gone through this stage themselves.

“I’m done eating, I’m leaving.”

The atmosphere at the dining table was dull. David wasn’t very interested in this old topic in the family. He moved his ears and looked out the window, pretending to be indifferent, picked up his backpack and left.

“Received excitement +9 from Clark, and low spirits +7…”

He received a wave of emotional points from ‘Dear Brother’.


David just strolled outside the farm.

As expected, the school bus stopped in front of him on time.

“Hey, David.”

He boarded the school bus, where boys and girls were chatting and laughing, their faces filled with the youth and vitality of high school students. Several people greeted David.

Nodding counted as a response, he found a seat in the back row.

David turned his head and leisurely looked at the scenery outside the window.

The sky was as blue as a wash, and white clouds floated slowly like cotton balls. The green grass stretched endlessly, connecting to the dense forest in the distance, giving people a sense of tranquility.

This small town called Smallville in Kansas, located in a parallel world of DC comics, perhaps its only advantage was that it was remote and backward, allowing most of the natural scenery to be preserved and the air to be fresh.

The school bus made a brief stop and started again.

“Where’s Clark? David.” A crisp and lively girl’s voice came from the other side of the seat, with a hint of doubt.

Although the two brothers didn’t stick together all day long, there wouldn’t be a person missing in the morning when going to school.

“He’s at the back.” David knew who it was without turning his head.

Chloe, with her golden short hair and fair complexion, always smiled with her eyes narrowed, revealing her tiger teeth unintentionally. She was cute and liked to explore and dig out all kinds of strange and interesting things. She was the reporter and editor-in-chief of the school newspaper.

She sat in her seat and looked at the Kent family’s farm, wondering what had happened.

“It’s not surprising for high school students in their adolescence to argue with their parents on a daily basis. You wouldn’t be interested.” David’s tone was a bit boring.

“Here we go again. Don’t always act like an adult, David.”

Hearing this, Pete, a slightly short and funny-looking black guy sitting next to Chloe, threw a knowing look and laughed.

“You’ll appear very unsociable, and girls don’t like that.”

In the campus, the Kent brothers were known for not liking various activities. The image Clark showed was tall and shy, not good at speaking, like a honest yellow cow.

In other people’s impression, David liked to be quiet and alone, didn’t like to interact with others, and had a slightly solitary and mysterious personality.

“It seems that Clark won’t be able to catch the school bus today.”

Chloe turned her head back and continued joking.

“If it weren’t for you being born on a farm, people in school would have spread rumors that you were born in the Renaissance era and usually stayed alone in a castle like a vampire.”

David and Chloe were familiar with each other mainly because they were among the few close friends of Clark. They got to know each other through him.

Looking out the window, David remained noncommittal.

Although he had experienced a rebirth, and even though his body was affected by various hormones, he still had some mentality of adolescence, but it was definitely different from the impulsive teenagers.

Like his Kryptonian brother, Clark.

“Kryptonians also go through adolescence.”

Sighing in his heart, David’s gaze turned to the front seats of the school bus, where a couple of lovebirds were talking and laughing ambiguously.

Lana Lang, with her soft black hair and a slightly upturned nose, was beautiful and attractive. She was the captain of the school cheerleading team. Although she wasn’t the type to be hot and outgoing, she was liked and secretly admired by countless men in school.

And her handsome blond boyfriend—

“It’s not surprising that the star-like captain of the football team and the captain of the cheerleading team are dating. It’s really not surprising at all.”

He silently complained in his heart.

“To be honest, if Clark, who is shy even when talking to girls, can win Lana from Whitney, the headline of the Torch newspaper for the next issue is guaranteed.”

Seeing David’s gaze, Chloe smirked, “But we all know that’s impossible.”

It’s hard to hide a crush on someone. Clark’s crush on Lana, as his friends, she and Pete didn’t say it, but they could see it clearly.

After all, a boy who often daydreams about a girl, gets nervous and at a loss when talking to her, what other reason could there be.

As family members who have grown up together for more than a decade, if Clark really loves football, David would support him.

“It’s a pity that the young Superman’s mind is clouded by hormones.”

Clark wanted to join the football team and play glass-shattering games mainly because Whitney, Lana’s boyfriend, was the captain of the football team.”Wanting to imitate, to shine on the football field, to catch the attention and gaze of the one he secretly loves.”

How naive…

David shook his head secretly.

“Looks like if nothing unexpected happens, Clark’s plan to join the football team is going to fall through, right?”

Putting away his sneer at Clark’s pitiful crush, Pete, who had become serious, glanced around and leaned in to ask in a low voice.

“What about you, David?”

“I’ve said it before, I have no intention of joining the football team.”

He had no interest in carefully controlling his strength and playing house with the generally rude and arrogant football players in the school who acted like gorillas.

“But this is the only way.” A hint of fear appeared in Pete’s eyes.

“What way?” Chloe was puzzled, “Pete, why are you suddenly speaking in such a low voice?”

Like a thief, he seemed to be fearfully avoiding something.

“What are you guys talking about?”

“You wouldn’t understand, Chloe. You’re a girl.”

Stealing a glance at the rowdy football players sitting in front, as if afraid they would turn around at any moment, Pete nervously swallowed.

“We want to avoid becoming the unlucky scarecrow.”


“It’s a tradition of the school’s football team. Before the big game, the team will paint an ‘S’ for Smallville on someone’s chest and hang him up like a scarecrow.”

David explained with a smile.

It was like some kind of morale-boosting ceremony before an army set out.

A group of young, fearless, and reckless guys.

“It seems I’ve underestimated the brutality of the football players.” Chloe frowned, her expression indescribable.

“That’s why Clark and I want to join the school team, even if it’s just to guard the clothes and pass the water. They won’t mess with their own people.” Pete, who was slightly shorter, said.

He cast a reminding and persuading glance at David.

“You’re still laughing, David.

If Clark doesn’t pass, the target this time could be one of you two brothers.”

This was not nonsense to scare them.

This was how American campuses were. Students who excelled in sports were the focus of attention on campus. Nerds, no matter how well they studied, were still nerds and were more likely to be bullied.

The two ‘nerd’ brothers, born on a farm and with excellent grades, were quite famous on campus.

“You know.

Clark’s situation might make Whitney target you, Clark’s brother.”

“Stupid Clark.”

Mentioning this, David rolled his eyes secretly.

Clark thought he had hidden his crush on Lana well, but in reality, anyone who had some contact with the two could see it, including Lana’s boyfriend.

Although the young Superman appeared clumsy, shy, and inarticulate to outsiders, making him the least popular among the boys, his tall and strong body and handsome appearance still posed a huge threat.

“Especially since Lana, even though she has a boyfriend, her attitude towards Clark is subtly different from others.”

With the risk of being cuckolded, Whitney, who was used to being a star on campus, couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Here, Pete was persuading David in a low voice to join the football team.

Whitney, who was chatting with his girlfriend, either coincidentally or because he had vaguely heard his name.

He glanced back while laughing and talking, his gaze lingering on David, the coldness in his eyes undisguised, before turning back.

“Really going to target me?”

Seeing this, David raised an eyebrow and paused.

Should he start to be afraid now?

“Seventeen years old, me with the physique of Thanos, afraid of school violence?”

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