Chapter 2 – A touch of Thanos’ original flavor

“Come down for breakfast, David.”

Martha, his mother, called from downstairs, “You and Clark are going to be late for school.”

“Coming, mother.”

The golden morning sunlight poured into the room through the window. David, who had just finished washing up, responded and changed out of his pajamas.

With short black hair, deep-set features, and a tall, slender body, his clothes revealed a well-toned physique. He was clean and steady, reminiscent of a quietly standing ancient Greek sculpture.

“What a pity…”

Standing in front of the mirror, David clenched his fist. His high-density alloy skeleton and muscles tensed, a terrifying power comparable to a volcanic eruption surged within him.

His skin quickly turned purple, and his chin showed hard lines like the earth’s ravines, adding an invisible touch of majesty. The reflection in the mirror was like a silent king gazing back.

“The progress of the Thanos fusion template has been rising, but whenever I exert too much force, the prominent skin color situation still hasn’t improved.”

Fusion template progress: 81%

After checking the progress and relaxing his muscles, his skin color gradually faded. He put on his clothes.

With a hint of helplessness on his face, he walked down the stairs.

“What’s this?

Only by retaining a bit of the original flavor can I know that it’s a Thanos template?”

However, at least he didn’t grow to be two meters six or seven tall like Thanos, with bean-like eyes and a bald head like a purple yam.

David touched his hair, feeling a bit emotional.

He, a high school student, couldn’t bear such a hairstyle of the strong.


The crisp sound of the toaster.

In the living room on the first floor, the aroma of toasted bread filled his nostrils.

Tap tap tap!

Just as David was coming downstairs, a light footstep sounded behind him.

“Good morning, David.”

Clark, taller and with deep blue eyes, passed his younger brother and entered the living room. He opened the fridge and asked, “Want some milk to wake you up?”

As he spoke, he took out a large glass bottle of milk and took a couple of gulps straight from the bottle.

David raised an eyebrow, walked to the dining table, and ignored his foolish brother.

“You can’t drink like that, Clark.”

Martha quickly came over and took the cold milk from his hand.

“Milk tastes better straight from the fridge.” The future Superman, who was currently just a seventeen or eighteen-year-old youth, raised his hand and laughed.

“Where are your manners, Clark?”

Martha, who had just finished preparing breakfast, said with a headache.

Over the years, a few wrinkles had quietly crept up to the corners of this mother’s eyes.

“Sit down and have breakfast, David, or you’ll miss the school bus.”

“Good afternoon, you two sleepyheads.”

Jonathan, a burly man who had just finished feeding the cows on the farm, came in and took off his coat covered in hay, hanging it on the sofa.

He took the milk from his wife’s hand, naturally took a couple of gulps, and commented on his two sons who had just woken up.

His actions were almost identical to Clark’s earlier.

“Alright, I see where you got your manners from.”

Seeing this, Martha covered her forehead.

“Remember, after we got the new sofa, mother said you should dust off outside before coming in, father.”

David took the bottle from his father, poured a glass of milk, and took a bite of the hot bread, speaking leisurely.

There were some hay from his father’s coat on the living room sofa.

“Next time, I’ll remember next time.”

Jonathan, who was used to being rough, looked back at his wife with a bit of embarrassment.

Sitting down at the dining table, he coughed twice and said seriously.

“Actually, I think it was a mistake for us to choose this fabric sofa that’s hard to clean.

You know, we live on a farm.”

“Finally, someone in this Kent family is like me.”

The gentle Martha didn’t get angry about the dirty sofa, she patted her younger son’s shoulder who was speaking up for her, and gave a satisfied eyebrow raise to the two men.

Clark touched his forehead and covered his face, unable to deny that he, like his father, didn’t pay much attention to the cleanliness of the house since he grew up on a farm. On the other hand, his younger brother David was more meticulous.

“Superman Clark’s helplessness +3.”

A stream of information flashed before his eyes, David didn’t even blink, and took another bite of his bread.

It had to be said, it was because he grew up with Clark, who was a walking gold mine, that his Thanos template fused so quickly, giving him a power that ordinary people could hardly imagine.

In terms of time, to the Kent couple, David was the one who came first.

However, before arriving on Earth, the Kryptonian had traveled in space for a while, and he obviously looked older than David, who was only a few days old.

So the Kryptonian became the older brother, and David became the younger son.

“What are you looking at, Clark?”Martha sat down and took a sip of milk, noticing her eldest son daydreaming while eating, his eyes fixed on a piece of paper. A smile tugged at the corners of her mouth as she saw him lost in pleasant thoughts.

“A permission slip.”

Clark fumbled to put the paper away.

“A permission slip for what?” Jonathan paused in the middle of spreading jam on his toast, turning his gaze towards his son.

“The school’s football team. They’re holding tryouts this afternoon.”

David, who was in the same class as Clark, casually added. If he didn’t say it, his honest Kryptonian brother would tell their loving adoptive parents the truth.


Upon hearing it was for the football team tryouts, the atmosphere at the dinner table shifted, suddenly falling silent. Only David continued to eat nonchalantly.

The couple exchanged glances, Martha hesitated to speak.

“What’s wrong? Father, you used to play football for the school team too.”

Clark, who wanted to join the football team, sensed something was off and looked at his father, the head of the family.

“But you’re different, Clark. We all know that.”

Jonathan became somewhat serious, trying to soften his tone as he faced his adolescent son.

After bringing Clark home in their pickup truck, along with the spaceship he arrived in, the couple had wondered if the baby they found was really an extraterrestrial. He looked just like a human, with no horns on his head, no tail on his back, and his skin color wasn’t strange.

“You could lift a pickup truck with one hand when you were little.”

It wasn’t until one day when Clark was seven, he was fixing a car in the farm. The jack tilted, and a car weighing over a ton was about to fall. Clark, innocent and naive, displayed unimaginable strength and held up the car as if it were a plastic dinosaur toy, moving it aside.

However, Jonathan, who was shocked and wide-eyed at the time, didn’t see that his biological son had reached out his hand even faster. Clark didn’t notice either, because a ton-heavy object was excessively light for both of them.

“On the field, I’ll try to hold back my strength.”

Looking at his parents, Clark promised seriously that he would control his strength and not hurt others, hoping to persuade his father.

“The charm of sports lies in the exhilarating competition with others and surpassing oneself.”

At the dinner table, David suddenly feigned confusion, “I don’t quite understand, my dear brother…”

Especially in football, or American football, where physical confrontation is intense, players need to rush and collide on the field while holding the ball.

“What can you experience from joining the school’s football team?”

Compared to the young Kryptonian, a human body is like fragile glass that could shatter upon contact. He would probably have to focus on controlling his strength on the field.

“Father, I promise I’ll be careful.”

Listening to his brother calling him ‘dear brother’ and making their parents suspicious, Clark felt frustrated.

It must be because other families favor the younger son, while their family unusually cares more about the elder son. His brother always targets him from time to time, claiming it’s for his own good.

“I know you will, but what if, I mean, what if an accident happens?”

Having played football himself, Jonathan knew that the game was all about running and colliding.

How could an elephant ensure not to hurt a kitten while charging?


As always, feeling the seriousness and determination in his father’s gentle words, Clark conceded.

It’s always like this, starting with ‘if’, ‘in case’, ‘suppose’…

How could he argue against that?

“Father, I’ve had enough.”

The young Clark felt more and more aggrieved, his voice rising slightly in agitation.

“I’m tired of avoiding everything, only able to sit in a corner of the campus quietly reading, unable to do anything.

Even though I could be more popular like everyone else…”

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