Chapter 4 – Clark, I feel embarrassed to expose you

The requirements for joining the football team were not approved by his parents.


Clark walked out with his backpack, looking around.


On the dirt road in front of the farm, tire marks were clearly visible. The school bus was probably about to arrive at the school at this time.


"I can't show any abnormalities in front of people, but as long as no one sees it, it's fine."


Clark smirked, picked up his backpack, and disappeared in place, rushing into the vast cornfield at a speed faster than a bullet, creating a strong gust of wind.


From above, the green waves were quickly separated as if by Moses' staff.




Except for the bus driver and a person whose car broke down halfway, who chatted for a while and asked if they needed help, delaying some time.


The school bus arrived smoothly and stopped in front of the high school in the small town on time.


The students got off the bus one after another and walked towards the campus in groups of two or three.


After getting off the bus, David glanced at a sign with a meteor pattern in the distance. It had been weathered and faded.


[Welcome to Smallville – the Global Capital of Meteors]


More than ten years ago, a wave of meteor showers fell on this small town, bringing disaster and opportunities.


The people in the town tried to seize the selling point of being the capital of meteors and make the town prosperous.


However, looking at the main road of the town that could be crossed in a few steps and the low-rise buildings that were visible everywhere, it was not difficult to know the result.


David withdrew his gaze and casually walked towards the campus, which was in spring with cherry blossoms blooming.


"In the future, Clark will be affected by the capital of meteors."


The so-called meteorite was the kryptonite that came to Earth with the Kryptonian's spacecraft.


"It is well known that kryptonite is Superman's deadly weakness. Once in contact, it can cause pain and weakness in the short term, and fatal death in the long term."


A small green stone can make the god among men who has the power to move continents kneel helplessly on the ground.


After growing up, David paid a little attention and found that there were a lot of kryptonite in this small town. Exaggeratingly speaking, he might be able to kick out two pieces while walking on the road. He believed that in the future, various villains who opposed Superman would never have to worry about where to find kryptonite.


Chloe and Pete got off the bus and caught up. The three of them walked towards the campus together.


"Hi, Chloe, Pete. Good morning."


Wearing jeans and a classic thick blue plaid shirt, Clark appeared out of nowhere, holding a few books, trying to pretend that he had arrived early, and greeted the two.


"Didn't David say you were behind?"


Chloe's "weird radar" started, looking puzzled.


How did Clark, who missed the bus, arrive at school before them?


"I took a shortcut and left early. David didn't see me."


Clark remembered David's words in the morning that ruined his plan.


Although he didn't remind him and it was unlikely to get his parents' approval, he still felt unhappy and hugged David's shoulder, laughing and scolding his expressionless younger brother.


"You know, David has never cared about me."




Their suspicion did not decrease at all as they looked at David.


They remembered that David clearly said that Clark had encountered some difficulties in getting his parents' approval to participate in the football team selection in the morning, but he was still trying.




David pushed away Clark's hand and walked towards the campus first.


He began to consider whether he should pick out a small piece of kryptonite from the ones he had collected before and carry it with him.


So as not to be casually lied to by a certain Kryptonian in the future.


Clark, who had just done something bad, breathed a sigh of relief.


As a family member who spent time together day and night, David knew exactly what made him different from ordinary people.


Others didn't know how he did it, but David definitely knew.


Fortunately, David didn't see through it as expected. Speaking of which, his younger brother had always been mature.


Watching his brother's back, Clark smiled.


Even if he discovered that his brother had infinite strength, was faster than sound, and was extraordinary, he, as his brother, was still ordinary and had never felt unbalanced in his heart.


However, there weren't many benefits to this kind of abnormality.


Thinking of this, his eyebrows drooped again.




Suddenly, Clark felt as if his strength had been instantly drained, feeling weak and uncomfortable. He couldn't stand steady and fell to the ground, scattering his books.


Whitney and his girlfriend Lana passed by and cast a contemptuous look.


When Lana saw him fall, she stopped and helped him pick up the books, looking at the book in her hand and smiling.


"Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Nietzsche?"


"Clark, do you think you are an ordinary person or Superman?"


Hearing the voice, David turned his head and glanced.


His eyes swept across Lana's fair chest, where a green crystal necklace was hanging.


"I don't know."


Turning his head away, unable to face the kryptonite necklace, Clark felt a little uncomfortable and stammered.


The Superman mentioned by Lana did not refer to Clark's future superhero code name.


It was a philosophy proposed by the philosopher Nietzsche, defining powerful human beings who were not bound by worldly rules and moral constraints, who surpassed themselves, surpassed ordinary people, had strong creativity, and strong will as Superman.


"Enough about kryptonite."


Sympathetically touching his chin, David temporarily dismissed the idea of carrying kryptonite with him in the future.


The future Superman would already be miserable enough. Facing his dream lover, because of the kryptonite necklace, he couldn't even speak freely. Every time the person he secretly admired appeared, it was often when he was embarrassed.


"Let's go."


Seeing his girlfriend talking to Clark, Whitney's jealousy overflowed, but since he hadn't done anything in front of his girlfriend, he kissed Lana, hugged his shy girlfriend, and left, leaving behind a embarrassed figure picking up books from the ground.


"David?"Footsteps echoed, and Clark looked up to see David approaching.


His eyes lit up, thinking his younger brother was going to help him pick up his books.


"What a pitiful sight, Clark."


With that remark, David shook his head and walked away.


Faced with his brother's deliberate mockery, Clark was fuming with anger.


After picking up the books, the four of them walked into the building. Along the corridor, next to the lockers, boys and girls, their hormones raging, were engaged in eager conversation, trying their best to exude their charm, conquer the opposite sex, and secure a date.


"Spring is here."


Feeling the atmosphere in the school, David sighed.


"Are you referring to the upcoming spring dance, David?"


Chloe blinked and asked, "Do you have a dance partner yet?"


"David has always been uninterested in such things."


Pete shrugged and invited, "How about you be my dance partner, Chloe? Just as friends."


It would be less awkward at the dance if they went together.


"What about you, Clark?"




The four of them chatted as they walked into the classroom.


After a morning of studying, it was time for lunch break.


"David, um, you go home alone today."


Clark told David to go home first, as if he had something important to say.


"I'm going to the field to cheer for Pete during the selection."


"Cheer for Pete?"


David scoffed at the mention, giving Clark a once-over.


"I'm too embarrassed to expose you, Clark."


With that, he turned and walked away, leaving a blushing and flustered Clark behind.


Boarding the school bus.


David looked at the scenery outside the window.


Clark wasn't really going to watch Pete's selection, he was just using it as an excuse to watch Lana and her cheerleading team practice.


As for this, all he could say was – he was asking for trouble.


Not only were there cheerleaders on the field, but also the football team. A full serving of trouble and jealousy was waiting for Clark there.


On the school bus, Chloe sat next to him, leaning over her backpack, quietly writing a draft.


The draft was in her usual sharp style, a piece about the football team – "Football: Sport or Barbarism", ready to be published in the school newspaper.


On the bridge, with few vehicles passing by, the school bus driver drove quickly and steadily.


He didn't notice a broken piece of steel lying on the asphalt road where a car had broken down in the morning.




The smoothly running school bus suddenly had a flat tire.




The bus skidded uncontrollably, and it was too late to steer. The driver's terrified expression was the last thing seen before the bus smashed through the bridge railing and plunged off the bridge.


The school bus was airborne.




Suddenly weightless, bodies lifted, screams filled the bus.


David's face changed.


Before the high school students could finish screaming, the bus plunged into the water, causing a huge splash.




The heavy school bus quickly sank to the bottom of the river.


The icy, turbulent river water quickly seeped in through the gaps in the bus, flooding up to their knees almost instantly.


"Help, help!"


The people in the bus, despite their dizziness from the fall, quickly stood up, screaming in terror, banging on the windows.


Chloe was pale with fear, also screaming, even more terrified, she couldn't swim.


"I don't want to die, someone save me!"


A sense of despair and terror quickly spread throughout the bus, fear engulfing everyone.


"Bad luck."


The water had reached his waist, soaking his clothes. David didn't seem to be in a life-or-death crisis at all, he just frowned at his surroundings.

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