Chapter 21 – David, how strong are you?

“I didn’t expect father to vouch for Lex.”

Returning home in the evening, Clark was still a bit surprised.

During the day, Luthor had indeed stayed by their fruit stand all the time, never leaving their sight.

But Jonathan, who clearly disliked Luthor, surprisingly stood up as a witness for him, helping him clear some suspicion.

David raised an eyebrow and retorted, “Do you think father would lie just to give Luthor some trouble?”

Clark scratched his chin, also thinking it was impossible. His earlier comment was a direct doubt of his father’s teachings over the years.

“Honesty is a bright mirror that reflects your character. I don’t want to tarnish it for the sake of Luthor’s son.”

Having returned from outside and hearing his sons talking, Jonathan took off his coat and spread his arms.

“Especially in front of you, my sons.”

The farm’s fresh fruits sold well today, and the hard work of planting had paid off. He was in a good mood and raised his voice slightly.

“I don’t know who was late for our date when we were young, claiming that the motorcycle broke down halfway when it was actually because of oversleeping.”

Coming from behind, Martha shook her head.

“Sometimes a white lie doesn’t hurt.”

Jonathan slightly embarrassed, gently hugged his wife, and raised an eyebrow at his two sons.

“Otherwise, where would our warm home come from?”

Alright, even though the atmosphere at home was relaxed, Clark could still sense that his father’s dislike for Luthor hadn’t changed.

“It’s strange today, Luthor never left the market.

Who robbed the bank?”

He recalled the events of the day, his words revealing a hint of confusion.

“Many people saw Luthor, and the bank’s CCTV also captured him.”

“Maybe the robber looks a lot like Lex Luthor?”

In the kitchen, after washing her hands, Martha began preparing dinner and guessed.

“Luthor hasn’t been in town for long, and not many people are particularly familiar with him. They might have mistaken him.”

She wiped the water droplets off her hands and continued to smile.

“Jonathan, do you remember Jack King from our school days? Apart from his curly hair, he looked so much like our English teacher.”

“He always liked to mimic the teacher’s tone and make fun of him behind his back, until he was caught and his parents were called to the office.”

Jonathan also recalled the fun times from school.

Clark agreed with this, shrugging his shoulders: “Perhaps it was someone who thought he looked a lot like Lex and wanted to try his luck.”

The officer described the process of the crime. Lex Luthor went to the bank to withdraw money, and the department manager excitedly welcomed the bank’s big customer.

But when it came to signing, it didn’t match the signature template kept on file.

“The bank manager just casually asked if he could see his driver’s license, wanting to handle his business in a different way.

As a result, he pulled out a gun…, luckily no one was hurt in the end.”

Finally, he summarized the hot topic in the town.

However, Clark had another guess.

From the moment David, who had been silent, exchanged glances with him, both knew what the other was thinking, but didn’t say it in front of their parents.

Even if their parents knew about the existence of the powerful, it was still better not to worry them.


After dinner, in the attic of the warehouse.

Blowing the cool night breeze, looking at the tranquil wheat field under the moonlight, David turned his head to look at Clark who had just sneaked back from outside.

“Where have you been?”


Clark scratched his head. During the day, David and Greg had a fight and damaged the road. Now that it was dark, he was afraid that someone would drive into the pit and have an accident, so he went to check.

“You’re really kind.”

Hearing what he said, David couldn’t help but sigh.

“When I went there, the road maintenance team from the transportation company that the town outsourced had just finished their work.

They were very puzzled about the damaged road surface, thinking that even if a dozen tons of steel fell off a truck, it wouldn’t smash it like that.”

Clark talked about what he saw, glanced at David, and pretended to casually ask.

“David, how strong are you?”

“Do you want to arm wrestle with me to enhance the bond between brothers?”

David’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“How old are you?”


“Good, I’m not interested in arm wrestling with you either.”

“You should practice how to hide your intentions when you speak, Clark.”

He put his hands in his pockets and looked out at the night.

“I think there’s nothing wrong with being sincere.”

His younger brother always spoke to him in a tone that seemed more mature and intelligent than him. Although it was often the case, Clark was still a bit annoyed.


David chuckled lightly: “Do you dare to say that you just wanted to ask about my strength?”


The Kryptonian was a bit embarrassed.

His question just now was indeed not very pure.

He wanted to know about David’s power so that the next time something like Greg happened, he knew what force to use to stop it.

David saw through Clark’s purpose.

“Save it, I won’t tell you.”

After saying that, he added.

“Because to be honest, I’m not sure myself.”

“David, do you think the one who impersonated Luthor and robbed the bank could be a superhuman?”

Hearing this answer, Clark was surprised and fell into thought, then asked.

They had encountered two superhumans in a very short time, leaving a deep impression.

Now when encountering strange things, like seeing a rope as a snake after almost being bitten by one, he instinctively thought in this direction.”Perhaps.”

David didn’t rule out the possibility.

But he also didn’t think that every odd occurrence was necessarily related to those with abilities.

“If it really is a person with abilities, he might be able to withstand bullets with his bare body.”

Clark’s expression was slightly serious.

Even Greg, with his hundred-ton strength, didn’t have this kind of defense. It could be a more powerful ability user than Greg.

David nodded.

Rumors were circulating in the town. According to eyewitnesses, they could clearly see that the man was only wearing a light suit, not looking like he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

But in the eyes of ordinary people, apart from wearing a bulletproof vest, there was no other explanation for someone being shot twice in the back and escaping unscathed.

“Don’t worry, the bank robber probably isn’t interested in the farm.”

He patted Clark on the shoulder and turned to go downstairs to sleep.

But Clark was somewhat worried about having such a daring bank robber hiding in the town.

“I hope everyone else is safe.”


Thump, thump, thump!

Early in the morning.

Inside an antique shop in the town.

Catherine, looking slightly old with white hair, was carrying a red backpack full of money. She struggled to run up to the second floor where she lived and urgently knocked on her daughter’s door.

“Tina, where did you get this money?”

Tina, who had just washed her hair, leisurely came out of her room, casually drying her hair with a towel.

“I told you, our lives will get better.”

“Tell me, you didn’t rob a bank yesterday.” Catherine, unable to believe what she was hearing, clung to the last shred of hope and said to her daughter.

“Of course I didn’t.”

Tina, with her high nose, fairly attractive face, and long reddish-brown hair, laughed.

Before Catherine could catch her breath, Tina put down her towel, and a chillingly eerie scene unfolded.

Crack, crack!

Tina’s flesh flowed like putty, her appearance suddenly changed, her figure grew taller, her skeleton widened, and she turned into the bald-headed Luthor, with a cold smile on his face.

“It was Lex Luthor’s doing.”

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