Chapter 20 – Luthor robs the bank?

“You’re still alive?” Greg, trembling in pain, couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Clark, who was covered in dirt but otherwise unharmed.

“Should we leave it to the law to judge?”

David knew what Clark wanted to say.

“We can’t cross that line.” Clark’s expression was serious. They couldn’t do anything to disappoint their parents.

“And let him reveal that there are two super-powered brothers in the town?” David continued.

“I…” Clark hesitated upon hearing those words.

He didn’t want to bring trouble to his family, but should he let David use his abilities again?

Absolutely not, Clark instinctively resisted.

Even if he discussed it with Greg, he knew it was too naive.

“What should we do?”


Suddenly, Greg, who should have been in too much pain to move, stood up and ran towards the forest by the road, raising a cloud of dust.

David narrowed his eyes, his enhanced vision locked on, and he saw that Greg’s running posture had completely recovered, with his arms fully restored.

“The resilience of insects?”

“Clark, aren’t you going to chase after him?” David glanced at Clark, who had blocked his line of sight earlier.

Clark realized what he needed to do. Besides figuring out how to handle this situation, if Greg managed to escape and seek revenge on their parents, it would be disastrous.

This time, he didn’t hold back. With a flicker, he caught up to Greg, who was running at a speed close to the speed of sound, and stood in front of him.

“Greg, I can’t let you go and harm others.”

Clark could guess why Greg attacked him to some extent.

He and Greg had almost no interaction before, and the only recent interaction was because of Lana.

“How did you catch up so fast?”

Just as Greg, who was about to reach the forest, was about to be caught, he was surprised to see a figure appear in front of him. He abruptly stopped and looked at Clark in astonishment.

At the same time, a stone was thrown out from the pocket of his leather jacket.

He turned his head to look.

David had already walked over, appearing behind him about ten meters away.

One brother had immense strength, while the other had lightning-fast speed.

Greg suddenly regretted his decision. He shouldn’t have come to deal with these two rivals and then go find his dream lover to have offspring with.

[Regret from Greg +0.13, +0.09…]


Suddenly, Clark groaned, as if his strength had been rapidly drained, and he couldn’t support himself anymore. He glanced at the stone that had flown a few meters away.

The gray-black exterior and the green crystal inside were glowing.

“It’s a meteorite like Lana’s necklace.” His face turned ugly.

But it was more than ten times larger than the crystal on Lana’s necklace.


Thinking that he had no hope of escape with the front and back attacks, Greg was surprised to find that the meteorite, which he speculated might be related to his own mutation, was actually Clark’s weakness, as fast as lightning.

He wanted to pick up the stone to deal with Clark, but when he thought of David behind him, he quickly gave up and turned to run away.

[Fear from Greg +0.22…]

“What a pity.”

David picked up a stone from the ground, squinted his eyes, aimed at Greg’s back as he fled, and threw it with force.


Accompanied by a sharp sonic boom, the power carried by the stone was even stronger than that of an anti-material sniper rifle bullet, accurately hitting Greg’s head.


Just as Greg excitedly ran into the forest, his head exploded like a watermelon or a bomb, and the shockwave spread, blowing the leaves in the forest. Red and white splattered all over the ground.

With the person killed in front of him, Clark widened his eyes and looked at his brother.


“I had no choice.”

David helplessly shrugged.

“If he didn’t have regenerative abilities, I wouldn’t have killed him.”

If possible, he also hoped to create another humanoid emotional generator.

[Madness from Jeremy +0.15, Hatred +0.11…]

He didn’t know what it felt like to be conscious but trapped in darkness as a vegetable, but it must be very uncomfortable.

Because in just two days, Jeremy’s emotions had become more extreme and intense, providing him with more and more emotional points.

“You killed him, David.”

Clark shouted with a hint of excitement.

“You could have caught up to him, or you could have moved the meteorite away so that I could catch up to him.”

He should have been more careful. If he hadn’t been hit, he could have stopped David.

[Regret from Clark +16, Anxiety +15, Worry +13…]

“And then what?”

David calmly asked in response.

“If I caught up to him and captured him, what would you have done to handle him better?”

As he spoke, he picked up the meteorite and turned to leave.

“I’ll wait for you to come up with a better solution, Clark.”

“But do you have one?”

As the Kryptonite radiation dissipated, Clark regained his strength. He looked at the headless corpse with regret on his face and clenched his fist.

When David got back in the car and started driving on the road again, Clark, with his hands covered in dirt, returned with a hint of disappointment.

“What did you do?”

“I buried Greg deep in the forest.”

“If we go by the law, you destroyed the evidence of me killing Greg. You’re an accomplice and will be sentenced together.” David chuckled.

“That’s true.”

Clark looked up and said seriously, “But you’re my only brother.”


David shook his head.”If you hadn’t said that with the persistent gaze of a juvenile detention counselor dealing with a recalcitrant young offender, Clark, I might have been slightly moved for a second or two.”

David had no intention of dealing with the genetically mutated Greg.

But unexpectedly, Greg took the initiative to attack Clark, and by extension, himself.

As expected, it was probably because of Lana.

“Like the strong instinct of an insect, to win a mate, it will defeat all competitors.”

With his regenerative ability, he couldn’t be turned into an emotional power generator, so he had to kill him, which was a bit regrettable.

However, previously, along with Clark, he thought he might not encounter a situation like Jerome’s again, and he could keep a close eye on David. After that day, his worries about David gradually decreased.

But after David killed Greg, Clark immediately began to worry again about him going down the path of corruption, and it was even more intense.

【Worry from Clark +19, +20…】

Regardless of the gloomy Clark driving, David sat in the passenger seat, casually looking at the scenery outside.

After David and Clark drove away, a beautiful white wolf with fur like satin slowly walked out of the forest, staring in the direction they left, its eyes slightly confused, as if pondering something.

On the way, he secretly repainted the car and used his amazing lung capacity and mouth to speed up the drying of the paint.

Clark decided not to tell his parents about this for the time being, not wanting them to worry about it.

Dealing with Greg didn’t take David much time.

He brought a truckload of fruit back to the market, it had been less than an hour.

Luthor was still there, under the pretext of wanting to understand the fruit and vegetable business in Smallville, he was talking to Jonathan and Martha.

Martha thought that if Luthor decided to become a fruit and vegetable buyer, it might be good news for the town’s farmers and orchard owners, so she didn’t reject him like her husband did.


David greeted Chloe and Pete who were helping out.

The fruit stand wasn’t busy, and the two of them didn’t have much to do.

“Lex, are my family’s fruits that attractive to you?”

Seeing that Luthor hadn’t left, Clark joked with a smile.

Luthor observed his somewhat gloomy expression, then looked at David, who seemed as relaxed as if he had just returned from a spring outing, and turned his attention back to Clark.

“What happened, Clark?”

He asked softly, probing.

“You look like you’ve encountered some kind of problem.”

A hint of unease flashed in Clark’s eyes, “Nothing.”

“Clark, when I was a kid, I was a bit naughty.”

This was a good opportunity to get closer, Luthor’s eyes flashed, and he smiled.

“So I was often called to the counseling room. In order not to let others see through my thoughts, I learned some psychology…”

“Mr. Luthor, my son has some adolescent troubles, he can solve them himself.”

Noticing the two of them, Jonathan came over and put his arm around Clark’s shoulder, refusing, “You don’t need to do any psychological counseling.”

“And – being called to the counseling room, it should be more than just being naughty, right?”

David watched from the side, knowing that his father Jonathan probably thought Clark was still worried about floating in the morning, so he didn’t want Luthor to pry too much.

“I just…”

Luthor smiled and was about to say something.

Suddenly, a few armed police officers squeezed through the crowd, showed their badges and arrest warrants. The crowd immediately dispersed, forming a circle, curious to see what was happening.

“Mr. Lex Luthor, we are the Smallville police.

We suspect you are involved in a bank robbery, please come with us to assist in the investigation.”


Luthor was stunned.

“Many eyewitnesses saw you robbing the town bank with a gun half an hour ago, stealing a hundred thousand dollars from the bank. You may be wearing a bulletproof vest under your clothes. After being shot twice by the security guard on duty, you still managed to escape.”

The officer said.

“I risked being shot to rob a small town bank? And only stole a hundred thousand dollars?”

Interrupted by these police at a critical moment, Luthor wondered if he had heard wrong and laughed in disbelief.

“Officer, the factories under my name donate more than a hundred thousand dollars every year to the town’s schools, police stations, and fire measures.”

Jonathan and Martha exchanged a frowning glance.

Robbing a bank?

The crowd was surprised and confused. They all heard Lex Luthor’s name, and it was related to him. If it was about buying a bank, it would be more likely.

Luthor’s eyes flickered, looking back at Clark and David.

“I’ve been here for the past hour, the Kent family can vouch for me.”

For a moment, the police and the onlookers all turned their eyes to them.


Jonathan was momentarily at a loss for words.

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