Chapter 22 – Black

“It was done by Lex Luthor,” Tina said in a rough, masculine voice, with a frivolous tone.

After speaking, she returned to her original appearance, playing with her hair somewhat regretfully.

“Unfortunately, the flaw was discovered in the signature, otherwise I wouldn’t have had to snatch it yesterday.”

“You promised me that you wouldn’t use this ability anymore!”

Catherine’s lips trembled with anger as her daughter really went and robbed the bank.

“I did it for our own good. After father passed away, we relied on this antique shop on the street corner, which no one cared about, and gradually even eating and clothing became a problem.”

Tina tried to persuade her mother, her pupils dilating with excitement, her face turning red.

“Look at this money, this is just the beginning. Soon I will be able to live the same life as Lana.”

Both of them had their own shops. Lana’s aunt owned a flower shop, which earned much more money than this old antique shop. Lana had always been the object of envy for Tina, who had grown up in a difficult family.

“That’s enough, I don’t want to see you get hurt!”

“Hurt?” Tina laughed as if she had heard a joke. “That bank security guard shot at me from behind, but he only ruined one of my suits.”

“Tina, nobody’s life is perfect,” Catherine tried to slow down her tone as much as possible.

“But Lana’s is!”

Tina’s face turned cold as she interrupted. She had heard this kind of talk countless times since she was young. Lana was like a swan, coming from a wealthy family, beautiful and attractive. She was loved by everyone and always the center of attention wherever she went, while Tina was just a plain and ugly duckling on the roadside.

“This money was stolen.”

Catherine didn’t want to argue with her daughter about this issue anymore. She looked displeased and walked downstairs angrily.

“I will return it to them, I’ll say I found it next to the garbage truck.”

“Don’t be like this, mother. Why can’t we have happiness?”

Impatiently, Tina rushed forward and grabbed the backpack, wanting to snatch it away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the struggle, she used too much force. Catherine failed to grab the backpack and fell backwards down the stairs. Her old body rolled a few times and her head hit the wall heavily, losing consciousness without knowing life or death.


Tina widened her eyes and hurriedly ran downstairs, dropping the backpack and wanting to make an emergency call. But as she picked up the phone, she suddenly thought of something, hesitated, and her face gradually turned cold. She put it down.

Before the physical education class.

Everyone was changing into their sports uniforms in the locker room.


Clark suddenly felt his vision blur, rubbed his eyes hard, and when he opened them, he was startled and exclaimed.

A room full of flesh-covered skeletons, even the blue veins were clearly visible in the flesh, like a scene from a horror movie.


Pete, who was next to him, was puzzled as to why he screamed.

But in Clark’s eyes, the flesh-covered skeleton turned its head, causing him to retreat in fear.

“My eyes! My eyes…”

“What’s wrong?”

Another muscular flesh-covered skeleton turned its head, frowning.

Looking at Clark, who suddenly screamed, David, who had just put on his shirt, asked.


Clark retreated in panic, and his eyes suddenly saw through the wall, seeing the girls’ locker room next door.

Girls wearing underwear were changing clothes, and among them was a familiar figure – Lana.


The future Superman’s eyes gradually straightened, as if seeing a beautiful and pleasing scenery, a smile unconsciously appeared on his white teeth.

“What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Pete asked again. Clark, who was startled, looked at the wall in a daze and laughed foolishly.

“It’s nothing.”

Clark regained his senses, shook his head, and quickly responded to Pete.

After Pete left first, he still changed his clothes slowly, reluctantly looking at the wall.

David looked at the wall next to the girls’ locker room, then looked at Clark’s eyes that were fixed on it, and immediately guessed what was going on.

“You’re having a nosebleed, Clark.”

Suddenly, a voice came.

Clark, who was absent-minded, touched his nose in a panic, but there was nothing on his hand.

“That’s not right, can you have a nosebleed by yourself?”

He looked up and saw David, who was leaning against the table, looking at him with a playful gaze, as if he could see through his heart.

Under this gaze, like a thief being discovered, Clark felt uneasy all over and averted his gaze.

Why did he suddenly say this?

Could it be that David knew about his newly emerged strange abilities?

“You mean you have developed a new ability to see through people and things?”

Martha looked uneasy as she looked at Clark sitting on the sofa at home.

Jonathan gently stroked his wife’s back, telling her not to worry too much, and listened quietly on the side.

David, with his arms crossed, leaned against the dining table, with a faint smile on his lips. Clark dared not look up and meet his gaze.

【Clark’s guilt +11, shame +12…】

“Sometimes I can see through, like X-rays.”

Sitting on the sofa, Clark lowered his head, pretending to be depressed, as if he had a towel in his mouth, his voice muffled.

“You can’t control it?”

Jonathan frowned, sensing his wife’s worry.

Unlike before, Clark’s new abilities have been appearing too frequently recently.

Just a few days ago, he suddenly developed the ability to float, although it hasn’t appeared again since then.

The continuous changes seemed like sudden attacks that broke the peace, making people instinctively uneasy.

“I don’t know how to control it.”

Clark glanced up at David.


David sneered.

“During physical education class, you kept staring at the wall to see through, and I didn’t see your new ability fail.”

He said meaningfully, “Some things depend on whether you want to or not.”

The future Superman awakened his super vision, and the first thing he did was to peep into the women’s changing room. Such a noble god among men, yet he had the audacity to often preach to him.

It’s a pity he didn’t bring a camera this morning.

“Your eyes have muscles too, like blinking and focusing. You can try to control it, Clark.”

Jonathan, the father, was puzzled about what his younger son was pointing at on the wall, but he didn’t ask more at this moment and reminded him seriously.

“I’ll try.”

Clark promised, a flash of hesitation crossing his face.

He comforted and admonished Clark a few times.

Making sure Clark would be careful, thankfully this ability was not dangerous. Then Martha, his mother, went to tidy up the clothes, preparing to go shopping.

Jonathan also left the room to feed the cows on the farm.


“What were you going to say just now, Clark?”

Footsteps approached, and David came over. He had noticed Clark’s expression just now and laughed, “Do you want to confess your actions to your parents?”

He drew out his words, “After all, there’s nothing wrong with being sincere, right?”

“My power has been growing faster these past few days.”

Hearing the familiar words, Clark coughed and blushed, lowering his voice when he saw his parents were not around.

The sudden emergence of a new anomaly was enough to worry his parents, so he didn’t say anything more just now.

“Power growth is accelerating.”

David raised an eyebrow, which surprised him.

“What do you think is the reason?”

Unlike the super vision that was known to inevitably appear, he hadn’t thought of this possibility yet.

“Maybe it’s the end of puberty. After all, puberty is when people’s physical development is at its fastest.”

Clark paused and analyzed himself.

Eighteen was indeed the tumultuous period when a person transitions from adolescence to adulthood.

“Aren’t you an alien?”

A realization flashed in David’s eyes. He had forgotten about this simple possibility, but he still said.

“Can’t aliens have puberty?!”

“That’s true, they indeed can.”

David said playfully, implying something, and Clark’s expression became somewhat embarrassed again.

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