Chapter 1 – Is my mother Martha?

The air was as fresh and clean as it was on the first day of creation.

The gentle breeze felt like God’s hand caressing the golden wheat fields.

On a cool autumn night, a red pickup truck slowly drove on the outskirts of Kansas.

The endless wheat fields on both sides of the road echoed with the sounds of insects praising life, while fireflies leisurely danced like stars.

The night sky was filled with countless stars.

The melodious music from the car radio, mixed with the familiar scent of the fields and the fresh smell of rain-soaked soil, filled the car.

Jonathan Kent, a new father, stretched his hand out of the window, feeling the shape of the wind, unable to hide the happiness on his face.

“Jonathan, this is God’s gift to us.”

His wife Martha had just given birth and left the hospital not long ago. Her face was still slightly pale, but as she looked at the cute and quiet baby in her arms, she felt like she was looking at the most precious treasure in the world. Her eyes were filled with deep and unbreakable love, and her voice was hoarse but gentle.

“I have been longing for a child, and he was born like an angel.”

“God’s gift? Is my mother named Martha?”

Looking at his own mother, who had turned into a baby, David still couldn’t believe what had happened. He felt a little helpless.

After waking up from a nap, he had become a baby.

His mother in this life was named Martha, and his father was Jonathan Kent.

Not only that, he was born in the hospital called Metropolis Hospital, which meant something obvious. He had traveled to the famous dark DC world and became the son of Superman’s foster parents.

“Of course, this is God’s promise. He will definitely grow up healthy and strong…”

Jonathan smiled and spoke halfway as he looked at his wife through the rearview mirror.


A meteorite from a distant universe suddenly tore through the night sky, illuminating half of the sky with its fiery red light.

Meteorites of all sizes rained down on the earth, splashing soil and rocks, some even flying towards the small town behind them.

A meteorite at the center of the meteorite group fell, creating a rift in the road like the finger of God, blocking the way for the couple.

“Oh my God!”

Jonathan quickly hit the brakes, and the tires and the road rubbed against each other, emitting a burnt smell. The car skidded sideways, narrowly avoiding falling into the ditch.

He immediately turned around to check.

“Martha, are you and the baby okay?”

“We’re fine, Jonathan.” Martha, who had quickly held the baby in her arms when he hit the brakes, reassured him. The baby in her arms was also fine.

“The Kryptonian has arrived with the meteorite as scheduled.”

The earth trembled and roared.

Even with such a loud noise, the baby in Martha’s arms didn’t cry or make a fuss. He was quiet and cute, with fair and tender skin, and he blinked his bright eyes, looking outside.

“Jonathan, look at our child. He’s not afraid at all.”

Martha’s eyes sparkled with astonishment.

Such an extraordinary behavior, this child was truly a gift from God.

Looking outside, David was not afraid, only filled with anticipation in his heart.

“Host detected, loading Thanos template.”

He recalled the emotionless electronic voice that sounded when he was born.

After birth, David obtained the Thanos template and possessed the powerful physique of the Eternal race.

But at first, only thirty percent of the fusion was achieved. To accelerate the fusion, emotional points were needed.

“Emotional points can be accumulated by influencing the emotions of characters in the DC world who are either powerful or play a crucial role in the world’s fate.”

He had already gained some emotional points from the couple.

“But the arrival of the Kryptonian is just the beginning.”

Through the car window, David’s eyes lit up, as if searching for a huge and incomparable gold mine, searching for the smoke outside.

“Ask yourself, in the DC world, who has higher popularity and stronger power than Superman?”

And when the template is fully fused, the next template will be activated!

“What is that?”

Hearing his wife’s voice, Jonathan didn’t turn his head. Instead, he squinted his eyes and was attracted by a blurry black figure in the smoke.

“Martha, stay in the car with the child and don’t get out.”

Worried about the danger, he solemnly instructed his wife, then walked alone to check the situation.

The sparks from the meteorite were still burning on the ground, illuminating the darkness.

When Jonathan saw what was in the smoke, his eyes widened and he stood still.

“Jonathan? Jonathan? What did you see?”

Martha called twice from the car, but her husband didn’t answer. Worried, she got out of the car with the baby and came to his side.

Then she also stood there in surprise.

The soil was turned over as if plowed, revealing a jet-black spacecraft resembling a baby basket. It was made of an unknown metal and was about the size of a pickup truck. It lay quietly at the end of a deep trench.

The transparent cabin door was already open, and a cute baby with curly hair sat inside. His eyes were deep blue, full of vitality as he kicked his little legs, looking at the couple with a innocent smile, curious about this beautiful and strange world.

“Martha, let’s leave.”

Jonathan snapped back to his senses, hesitated for a moment, swallowed his saliva with a sense of urgency, and took his wife and child to leave.

Since ancient times, whenever people looked up at the stars, they wondered if humans were alone in the universe.

Now the question had been answered, and the extraterrestrial beings looked almost identical to humans.

“The officials will come soon.”

This matter would be tightly sealed, and I don’t want us to get involved in this trouble.”


David was stunned, completely unexpected.

That’s right, Superman’s foster parents adopted Superman because his wife Martha desperately wanted a child.The child is here now, and it’s him.

“So—does this mean Superman will be no more?”

Without this incredibly kind couple to find and raise him, what would Superman become?

Would he be taken away by the military, becoming like in some comic versions, a Superman who hasn’t seen the sun for over a decade, a skinny experimental subject?

This can’t happen. Not to mention how many world-ending crises Superman has solved after growing up. Without Superman, where would he find such a big mine?

“No, perhaps God has shown us exceptional mercy, Jonathan.”

At this moment, looking at the adorable child in the spaceship, Martha, a new mother, felt an impulse filling her mind. Instinctively, she didn’t want to leave this child here, her face showing hesitation.

“He has sent us more than one angel.”

“Martha?” Jonathan called out in surprise.

“Think about what the authorities would do to this child when they arrive?”

She was not unaware of the trouble involved. Kind-hearted Martha turned her head, her eyes filled with reluctance, trying to persuade her husband.

“Locked up in a cold laboratory, without the care of parents, without toys, without love, growing up amidst continuous sampling experiments…”

“Don’t say anymore, Martha.” Jonathan covered his forehead with a headache. He and his wife shared the same kindness, but…


Just as he was indecisive, David, in Martha’s arms, stretched out a short, chubby, and fair arm from his swaddling clothes, waving at the Kryptonian in the swaddling clothes, laughing happily, seeming to like him very much.

“Do you see that, Jonathan?”

Martha’s eyes shone, her tone excited, finding another strong argument to persuade her husband.

“Our child seems to like him very much, calling us to adopt him.”

“Two votes to one.”

Seeing his son’s reaction, Jonathan struggled for a moment, pretended to be helpless, and raised his hand, “Alright, what else can I say.”

He gently kissed his wife, looked at his adorable and lively son, then looked at the lonely baby in the spaceship, and sighed.

“Two children, the farm will be busy next year.”

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