Chapter 17 – Clark’s Dream and Luthor

“David, Clark, we’re going to the town market on the outskirts today to sell fruits. You guys need to help with loading the truck,” came the rare call from their mother downstairs.

Walking down the wooden stairs, David responded to his mother’s call while casually recalling what happened yesterday.

Greg, who had undergone a significant genetic mutation at school, seemed to have a much slower heartbeat than normal people. However, there were quite a few people with genetic mutations in this town, as long as they didn’t provoke them, it was fine.

Sitting at the dining table, Jonathan soaked his cereal in milk and ate breakfast.

David didn’t like cereal, so he ate the freshly baked bread and spread blueberry jam on it with a dining knife.

“Clark!” Martha shouted upstairs again when she saw her eldest son hadn’t come down yet.


A dull sound came from upstairs, accompanied by the sound of wood breaking.

“When did Clark become so grumpy in the morning?” Jonathan paused and asked.

He heard the sound of something being destroyed by Clark.

“Are you okay, Clark?” Martha shouted upstairs, knowing that her husband was just joking.

“I’m fine, Mother. I’ll be down soon, it’s just…” Clark’s voice sounded a bit panicked from upstairs.

Before long, he sat at the dining table with an expression as if he had seen a ghost, feeling embarrassed like a child who had caused trouble.

“My bed in my room needs to be fixed.”

“Your bed is broken? What happened?” Jonathan’s eyes showed a hint of confusion.

The teenage years were a time of rapid physical development, could it be that his son’s strength had once again increased uncontrollably and he couldn’t control it?

“I woke up just now and found myself floating in mid-air. After being scared, I fell down and broke the bed leg,” Clark frowned, his expression slightly resistant.

How could a person fly? Another ability that was different from ordinary people emerged, making him feel uncomfortable, reminding him once again that he was an alien and didn’t belong to this family.

And would something uncontrollable happen to him next?


From super strength, super defense, to super speed… Although the couple had already experienced this, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

Flying has always been a dream of mankind since ancient times.

Martha, who was attentive and sensitive, noticed his emotions and grabbed her son’s hand, her voice gentle, “Clark, no matter how many unique talents you have, you are still our son.”

“Since it is a talent you were born with, you can control it, son.” Jonathan’s tone carried a hint of seriousness, wanting to give his son confidence. “Don’t be afraid, there are more than just you who can fly in this world. Countless birds also freely enjoy the sky.”

Young Superman seemed to be about to awaken his ability to fly, David said without surprise.

“I thought it was something else.”

“What?” Clark couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing, when I woke up, I heard some voices next door, as if someone was sleep talking and kept mentioning someone’s name,” David swallowed the bread in his mouth and casually made Clark embarrassed at the dining table.

Because before waking up, he was also flying in his dream, flying all the way to Lana’s house, floating above her bed, admiring Lana’s beautiful sleeping posture.

He swore that he didn’t do anything before being awakened, but this dream was a bit romantic.

“I actually said it out loud?”

It must have been because he had a rare long chat with Lana on the way home from school yesterday, trying to comfort her, so he dreamed about her at night.

“Someone’s name?”

Martha was puzzled. “Clark, did you have a nightmare?”

She remembered the last time Clark was almost beaten by Whitney.

“It’s nothing, Mother. It’s getting late, let’s finish breakfast and load the truck to the market,” Clark’s face turned red, he coughed twice from being choked by the milk, and changed the topic nervously.

“Otherwise, we won’t be able to get a good spot.”


After finishing their meal, they arrived at the entrance of the farm. Clark and David carried boxes of packed fruits out of the warehouse.

The fruits weighed tens of kilograms, but Clark held them in his hands as light as feathers. He effortlessly moved one box after another onto the pickup truck. However, when he turned around and saw that David had only put the second box on the truck after he had moved seven or eight boxes, he looked leisurely as if he was taking a stroll.

“Can you be faster?” he couldn’t help but say.

“Clark, your younger brother doesn’t have the same strength as you. Don’t rush him,” Martha gently reprimanded.

“He doesn’t have the strength…” Clark opened his mouth, remembering that he couldn’t even move David’s hand with both of his hands.

Although there was a reason why he didn’t dare to use his full strength.

All along, he had almost acted as a human tractor, fence post driver, and plow on the farm, saving the farm a lot of expenses.

Clark didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. He was happy to share the burden of raising him and growing old with his parents. But after discovering that David also had extraordinary strength, he felt very unhappy when he thought about how David used to watch him work leisurely.

Especially now that David was still lazily slacking off.

The most annoying part was that he couldn’t even tell his parents.

【Clark’s frustration +4, +3…】

Unmoved by Clark’s resentful gaze, David only helped to load the last box of fruit onto the truck after Clark had moved seven or eight boxes.

He climbed into the pickup truck.

“It’s a bit crowded. It’s inconvenient for father to drive. You should sit in the back.”

Just as Clark, who had finished his work, was about to climb in, David waved him off.

The front of the pickup truck only had one row of seats. It was just right for three people, but a bit cramped for four.

“Why isn’t it you?”

Clark, who was stopped, widened his eyes.

“It’s not very nice for an older brother to take his younger brother’s seat, is it?”

David glanced at him, his tone puzzled.


Looking at his matter-of-fact demeanor, Clark couldn’t see any resemblance to a younger brother. He gritted his teeth, took a deep breath, and reluctantly turned to the back.

Jonathan and Martha were a bit puzzled. In the past, whenever this situation occurred, Clark would always rush to the back first, fearing that David would fall off and get hurt.

What happened today? Were the two brothers having a disagreement?

With a chuckle, the key was turned and the car started.

In the back of the car, the future Superman, Clark, sat in the truck bed with a basket of apples, looking slightly frustrated.

They arrived at the market.

The Kent family found a spot near the center, set up a tent, and displayed boxes of fresh, tempting fruit.

Clark used his thumb to forcefully press a nail into a wooden stake, hanging up a sign that read “Kent Farm Fresh Fruit.”

“You’re using your powers secretly like this, aren’t you afraid of being seen?”

Sitting in the stall, David looked up.

This suburban area was a great place for outings. A temporary market made up of tents had sprung up. On the green grass, there were stalls selling flowers, hot dogs, fruits… It was bustling with people coming and going.

“In terms of hiding abilities, I’m indeed not as good as you.”

Clark, who had carefully observed that no one was paying attention before secretly using his powers, sat down next to him and watched the stall together.

“All these years, mom, dad, and I never noticed.”

“Clark, I didn’t expect to see you here.”

Suddenly, a clear voice filled with laughter came.

Both of them looked up. David saw a bald head shining like a light bulb in the sunlight.


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