Chapter 18 – Ambush


“Call me Lex, you saved my life, Clark.”

Lex Luthor was dressed in an expensive silver-gray suit, looking young and elite. There was a hint of arrogance and aloofness that belonged to a rich second generation, but he was not yet the cold and ambitious billionaire he would become in the future.

“Even if you refuse my gift, I don’t want us to be too distant.”

Clark readily agreed with a light laugh.

“How did you end up here, Lex?”

He had some good feelings towards Lex, who had given him a pickup truck as a thank-you gift.

“Why can’t I be here? Do you think I should spend all my time in nightclubs, luxury stores, and car dealerships, squandering money and partying?”

Lex Luthor humorously retorted.

“Don’t tease, Clark. Can’t I just come out for a walk when I’m feeling down?”

“A billionaire heir who comes to the countryside for a stroll, visits the market, buys hot dogs and fruits like an ordinary person, trying to improve his mood?”

David raised an eyebrow and said lightly.

“The vast golf course in Metropolis isn’t enough to relieve your boredom?”

A chance encounter during a walk in the countryside, followed by a pleasant conversation, sounded pleasing to the ears.

Clark vaguely felt that his younger brother didn’t seem to like Lex Luthor very much, which puzzled him.

But towards Luthor, he not only had some good feelings, but also felt a bit guilty.

When he went to Luthor Manor to return the pickup truck, he had a chat with Lex Luthor. They talked about Lex Luthor’s bald head, which he said was because his father took him to this town to inspect a fertilizer plant more than ten years ago. They encountered a meteor shower, and after being exposed to the radiation from the meteor shower, he lost all his hair.

“Although I received cold looks from my father and was ostracized by my classmates, who thought I was a freak, it doesn’t matter. It taught me a lot, like how solitude helps with thinking. Cattle and sheep gather in groups, while fierce beasts often walk alone.”

Clark still remembered Luthor’s words. Although he said them casually and disdainfully, his expression at the time clearly showed that he hadn’t completely let go.

“And who is this?”

“My younger brother, David.” Clark introduced.

“Your younger brother? Hello, David.”

Luthor secretly sized up David, greeted him, and a hint of melancholy appeared on his face.

“The golf club in Metropolis is great, but I don’t want to go back there for now. Not until I can escape the identity of being a laughingstock.”

“What’s wrong, Lex?”

“My father believes that the offspring of a lion should be brave and diligent.”

He said with a self-deprecating tone.

“Perhaps because I haven’t achieved anything that impresses him at my age, he banished me to this small town to manage the fertilizer plant.”

Luthor Group’s assets are spread all over the United States, and the presence of Luthor Group can be seen in almost every aspect of life in Metropolis.

But this shouldn’t be the way to cultivate the heir of the group. To transfer him away from the core of the massive business and make him manage a small fertilizer plant in a remote town.

Many people in high society in Metropolis have heard about the spoiled behavior of the Luthor family’s son from childhood to adulthood.

His father spent enough money to establish several newspapers and prisons just to prevent those deeds from being reported in the newspapers and him from going to jail. Now, it seems that the shrewd and cold-blooded old bat, Lionel Luthor, has finally given up on him.

“As long as you manage the fertilizer plant well, your father may let you go back sooner or later.”

When Luthor mentioned his father’s neglect and exile, Clark’s expression slightly changed, and he comforted him.

“I heard that your father only has one son.”

“Perhaps, but I feel that instead of managing that fertilizer plant that has limited potential, it’s better to open up a new path.”

Luthor adjusted his mood and smiled.

“Nowadays, car glass originated from a failed chemical experiment, and the globally popular cola can be traced back to a physician’s attempt to make a syrup to relieve headaches…”

“Clark, David, do you know how many great business opportunities start off inconspicuously, like seeds buried in the ground, only to be discovered and nurtured by someone with a vision, growing into towering trees that countless people look up to?”

He spoke confidently to the two of them, as if he was talking about his own ambitions and goals.

“So you came to the countryside to find seeds?”

Clark joked.

“Have you found that seed, Luthor?”

David also said, slowly.

“Not yet, but no matter what we’re looking for, patience is the most important thing, isn’t it?”

Their eyes met, and Luthor smiled gracefully.

It had to be said that, aside from those unknown spoiled deeds, Luthor had received a good upbringing since childhood. His manners and gestures showed good manners and left a good impression on people, making them feel refreshed and unconsciously impressed. They enjoyed talking with him.

“Oh? Is that so?”

A coldness flashed in David’s eyes. He felt that Luthor believed he had already found that seed and was now in the process of excavating it.

That seed was the person who was hit head-on by a speeding car, crashed through the cement guardrail of the bridge, and fell into the river without a scratch – Clark!

Today might be the beginning of the excavation for the other party.

“Clark, David, you need to go back and get more fruits.”

Jonathan and Martha returned with joy on their faces after concluding a business deal.

“A client who is hosting a party has taken a liking to our fresh fruits, but the fruits we brought are not enough.”

David and Clark stood up, and Clark introduced Luthor to his parents.

“Mr. Kent, Mrs. Kent, nice to meet you.”

Lex Luthor extended his hand in a friendly and enthusiastic manner.

Jonathan hesitated for a moment, shook his hand out of politeness, and then turned to his two sons.

“You two need to hurry up and not keep the client waiting.”

He seemed to have no intention of talking to Lex Luthor.

Luthor still maintained a smile, showing his white teeth, but it seemed a bit stiff.

“Alright, Father.”David smiled and left after agreeing with Clark.

“Father seems to dislike Lex Luthor.”

On the way out of the market, Clark wondered.

“Father has had a long-standing grudge against the Luthors.

Before Luthor Corp used various means to acquire a large amount of land and set up that fertilizer factory, the river that flowed past the town near the factory was still not green, grass still grew by the river, and the soil was not yet grey and stinky.”

David sneered.


A scar that could not be erased had appeared on the town’s map.

“But it’s not Lex’s fault.” Clark felt that Lex, who couldn’t even do elementary school arithmetic at the time, should not be implicated.

“Hey, Clark, David.”

As the two were chatting and about to drive out of the market, they suddenly bumped into Chloe and Pete, who had also come out for a stroll. The two waved happily and came over.

“Who doesn’t like to go out on a day in spring when the sun is shining and the air is so fresh?”

Chloe took a deep breath, feeling very happy.

After chatting for a while, Pete seemed to suddenly remember something.

“By the way, have you seen Greg?”

“No, what’s up?”

“You may not believe it, but yesterday Greg knocked Whitney unconscious at the school gate and sent him to the hospital.

The police came to investigate and found Greg’s mother murdered at home, her body wrapped in a web-like substance, and Greg was missing…”

He looked around and lowered his voice, the atmosphere suddenly becoming eerie.

“You mean… Greg killed his own mother?”

Clark frowned, unable to believe it.

Would anyone murder their own mother?

“Generally speaking, it’s impossible, but that’s what the police suspect.” Chloe shrugged, “Maybe he’s changed a lot because he’s mentally ill, then it’s not impossible.”

“Anyway, if you run into Greg, be careful.”

Pete warned seriously.

A guy who might even kill his own mother could do anything.

“Clark and I will be.”

David nodded, thoughtful.

Could Kryptonite cause both genetic mutations and drastic changes in personality?

“By the way, where’s your stall? We’re free, we can help.” Chloe squinted and smiled. She and Pete often played at the Kent farm and were very familiar with the Kent family.

“Thanks, Chloe, Pete.”

After pointing out the stall to them, David and Clark started the pickup and hit the road.


On the deserted suburban road, Clark drove with a heavy heart, his eyes not on the road ahead.

“Can you watch the road, Clark?” David frowned, “If the car flips, we won’t get hurt, but it’ll be an extra expense for the family.”

“If… I mean if Greg really went crazy…”

Clark turned his head and worried.

“Will Lana be in danger?”

“Get out of the way!” David glanced ahead and suddenly reached for the steering wheel.

Above the road ahead, a cold and gloomy figure, from the top of a tree by the road, at an abnormal speed, like a mantis hunting its prey, instantly spanned several meters, carrying a tremendous force, and pounced fiercely!

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