Chapter 16 – Insects in a hurry to find a mate

Is someone watching me?

David felt something and looked over, and the others turned their heads as well.

A person wearing a black jacket and a golden backcombed hair, with a cold and indifferent expression as if he was a hunter at the top of the food chain, had no awareness of the four people at all and turned in the direction Lana had left.

“Was that cool guy Greg?”

After a few seconds, Pete turned his head with a surprised look.

“It took me a few seconds to recognize him.” Chloe also looked shocked.

She had collaborated with Greg before and published some articles about insect popular science in the Torch newspaper she hosted.

But the Greg she had interacted with before, who didn’t even dare to make eye contact with girls, was completely different.

“Not only did he take off his glasses and change his clothes, but he also completely changed as a person.”

Chloe rubbed her arms with a puzzled expression. “He gave me goosebumps.”

It wasn’t awkwardness or shyness, but a instinctive discomfort, like a fawn encountering a hyena, warning the body to stay away.

David and Clark, on the other hand, didn’t feel the same way as Chloe.

The four of them continued chatting and walked towards the classroom.

Chloe flicked the newspaper and then brought up another strange thing she saw on it.

“Look at this, Jeremy Kri, a former student of our high school, was found unconscious after the meteor shower more than ten years ago. He went missing from the state hospital after a medical equipment malfunction and was found outside our town’s hospital yesterday.”

“It sounds like someone stole a vegetable person from the hospital and then left him outside our hospital?” Pete was puzzled about the benefits of doing so.

David and Clark exchanged glances, and the latter seemed a little nervous.

“I’m going to put it on my weird wall.”

Chloe had a weird wall in the activity editing department assigned to her at school, where she recorded all kinds of strange things.

“Well, this is nothing special.”

Clark said a little guiltily.

“What’s interesting is that this previously unnoticed vegetable person, after this incident, some doctors found that he seemed to have not aged at all for more than ten years, for unknown reasons.”

While speaking, they arrived at the editing department, opened the storage room inside, and Chloe posted the newspaper on the wall.

The entire wall was filled with similar newspapers and debris, all strange events caused by meteorites.

There was a magazine cover on it.

“It’s Lana.”

Clark’s eyes flashed with sadness.

On the cover was Lana when she was a child, wearing a cute pink princess dress, holding a fairy wand, dressed as if she was waiting for her parents to take her to the amusement park.

But she looked dirty as if she had just experienced a disaster, with a sad and crying expression.

The magazine title – “Heartbroken Angel After the Meteor Shower.”

More than ten years ago, the meteor shower caused a disaster, and some people died, including Lana’s parents.

Clark noticed Lana because of this incident, and after secretly observing her several times, he developed some different feelings for her.

“Insects, arthropods among invertebrates, are the largest group of animals on our planet.

For example, cockroaches, ants, bees…”

“Classmates, don’t look down on these small creatures. Insects have great potential and can easily do many things that seem incredible to us humans.

However, most of them have short lives like meteors and cannot survive beyond one summer.

So once insects become adults, driven by strong genetic instincts, they usually quickly start looking for mates, compete with rivals in every possible way, and produce offspring…”

A day of school life passed quickly after a boring biology class.

When it was time to finish school in the afternoon.

The horizon faintly revealed a hint of dusk, and David, Clark, and the others walked out of the school gate.

At the school gate, Greg, who had a cold expression at noon, had a smile on his face and was saying something to the exhausted Lana.

“Lana, you seem to be in a bad mood.

I heard there’s a nice café in town. Can we go there together?”

He shook the homework in his hand.

“I want you to help me with my literature report.”

“Greg, I told you at noon that I really like the butterfly you gave me. But I’m not in the mood to accept your invitation right now. Can you let me be alone for a while?”

Whitney, who was anxious to win back his girlfriend, kept pestering her on campus, but instead, Lana officially suggested taking a break.

After experiencing a failed relationship, she was mentally and physically exhausted at the moment.


Greg’s smile became somewhat stiff.

Lana nodded to David, Clark, and the others as a way of greeting and turned around, holding her books, and left wearily.

“Although Greg has changed his appearance, he still doesn’t know how to interact with girls.”

Chloe shook her head playfully.

“Bro, I think what you need to do now is not stand here.”

Pete patted Clark’s shoulder and winked.

What a rare opportunity.

“David…” Clark realized and his eyes lit up. He apologized, “Tell my parents that I’ll be home late.”

David crossed his arms, not surprised at all, and walked around him, saying, “On the way home with a girl, if you encounter some troublemakers, I advise you to protect yourself first, Clark.”

Lana put on the Kryptonite necklace again.If something really happened where someone tried to harass Lana in a clichéd plot twist, Clark might be the first one to fall.

Imagine if the future Superman, the leader of the Justice League, tried to play the hero in high school, only to be beaten to death in an alley by some thugs. That would be a joke.

“I know.”

Already accustomed to his younger brother’s unique sarcastic reminders, Clark helplessly ran after Lana.

David and the two of them got on the school bus and left.

“If you don’t want to be stuffed in a trash can, freak…”

At the school gate, Greg watched Clark chase after Lana, his thoughts unknown.

Suddenly, someone heavily patted his shoulder, threatening in a low voice.

“Stay away from my girlfriend!”

After dropping a threatening remark, Whitney intended to catch up and warn Clark again.

But suddenly, a strong hand grabbed his shoulder, stopping him from moving forward.

“Failed competitors should be prepared for failure.”

Greg’s hand, like a hydraulic press, squeezed Whitney’s bones, causing him intense pain. In pain and anger, he turned around to elbow the other person in the face.

“Let go of me!”

“You’re already out of the game, Whitney.”

With cold words, like an emotionless cold-blooded creature, Greg acted first. With a backward swing, Whitney, like a weightless plush toy, was thrown out, crashing into the trash can at the school gate, and passed out in embarrassment.

Ignoring the screams of others.

Greg looked expressionlessly at Clark, who had caught up with Lana and was trying to talk to her, and then glanced at the departing school bus.

“The one who wins the mate will only be me!” He turned and left.

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