Chapter 86 – Three Heaven Level martial arts techniques! Two Heaven Level formation techniques! Thirty years of cultivation! A fruitful harvest

It’s hard to imagine how big the psychological shadow of the hotel owner and the dredging master is.

Throughout the dredging process, the master’s expression was one of suspicion and even a little fear.

This is definitely the biggest challenge in his career!

And the hotel owner immediately expressed anger and demanded that Chu Yi and the others leave his hotel!

These people are really out of line!

If they stay any longer, will they blow up the hotel?!

Chu Yi immediately handed him ten thousand yuan as an apology.

“Haha! Well done! You guys continue, I won’t disturb you, I’m leaving!”

The boss left with a smile on his face, holding the money.

An hour later, the master finally finished dredging two toilets, and when he came out, he was almost dazed.

Chu Yi felt quite embarrassed and gave him ten thousand yuan for his mental distress.

“How come you’re so rich?” Fan Qingling couldn’t help but ask, “Our monthly salary is only four thousand!”

Just this suite is not cheap, after all, it’s in a scenic area, and it’s close to ten thousand for one night.

Chu Yi casually replied, “I used to earn money as a gigolo.”

Fan Qingling looked shocked.

For a moment, she couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious.

After all, Chu Yi’s looks are second only to the existence of the Tomato Reader. If he really worked as a gigolo… it wouldn’t be cheap!

At this time, a system prompt sounded in Chu Yi’s mind.

Helped the 22 students to succeed.

【Feedback rewards issued: Three Heaven Level techniques: “Chaos Five Elements Code”, “Orient Loong Heart Code”, “Heavenly Fire Nourishing Demon Profound Technique”.】

【Two Heaven Level formations: “Heavenly God Killing Array”, “Tai Chi Micro Dust Array”.】

【Thirty years of cultivation.】

【Several Iron Level techniques, several Iron Level elixirs, several Brass Level formations…】

Chu Yi glanced at it and was overjoyed, the rewards from this wave of brushing were more fierce than the previous week!

Chu Yi suppressed his excitement and carefully examined the rewards.

【Chaos Five Elements Code: Among the Heaven Level, it is one of the strongest supreme holy techniques in the entire cultivation world!】

【Chaos gives birth to Yin and Yang, Yin and Yang give birth to the Five Elements, the Five Elements give birth to all things! After cultivation, condense the “Five Elements Eucharist” and control the myriad of great ways!】

Seeing this, Chu Yi’s eyes lit up.

Fuck, this technique is awesome! It’s much more awesome than the “Orient Loong Heart Code”!

I must cultivate it!

However, when he finished reading the cultivation conditions for the “Chaos Five Elements Code”, he took a cold breath.

Isn’t the cultivation difficulty of this technique a bit too outrageous?

First, you need to obtain one Heaven Level technique for each of the five attributes of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Then you need to condense five different attribute Heaven Level innate bodies.

Finally, you can merge them into the Five Elements Eucharist! Pushing the “Chaos Five Elements Code” to the entry level!

Chu Yi could only say, if you don’t have a system, who the hell can successfully cultivate this technique?

Just the first condition alone could block 99% of cultivators!

But, luckily! He has a system!

And at this point, he had already condensed a wood attribute Heaven Level innate body, the Orient Loong Eucharist.

He also had two Heaven Level techniques of different attributes, the “Orient Loong Heart Code” and the “Heavenly Fire Nourishing Demon Profound Technique”.

All he needed now was to obtain three more Heaven Level techniques of different attributes.

With dozens of premium brushing reward tools at his disposal, Chu Yi felt that cultivating the “Chaos Five Elements Code” was not difficult at all!

It’s totally worth a try!

Next, Chu Yi carefully examined another Heaven Level technique and two Heaven Level formations.

They were all quite awesome, it’s no wonder they are Heaven Level!

Especially the “Tai Chi Micro Dust Array”, this Heaven Level premium formation.

It is the number one defensive formation in the world!

It is formed by the superimposition of several Heaven Level and dozens of Earth Level illusion formations, entrapment formations, and spatial formations.

It is arranged with the Supreme Old Lord’s treasure, the Tai Chi Diagram, and the Primordial Qi Tai Qing Divine Talisman as the formation eyes.

Once the formation is set up, even an Immortal Emperor cannot crack it!

Of course, with Chu Yi’s current cultivation, he absolutely cannot set up the complete “Tai Chi Micro Dust Array”.

But even if he sets up a broken to the point of no return incomplete formation, or sets up some of the Earth Level formations separately, he could probably establish an invincible position on this planet!

Just hide in the formation, then go online and curse everyone as trash. If you have the guts, come in and fight me!

Thinking of that scene, Chu Yi was so happy that he even wanted to set up a formation to play right away.

But for now, he could only think about it, setting up such a large-scale formation is not as simple as those basic imprisonment and illusion formations.

The formation base, formation eyes, and formation pool all require special treasures or materials to set up.

These things, Chu Yi could only rely on the system to brush out.

Are there items on Blue Star that can be used as substitutes? There are, such as premium jade stones, which can barely withstand the huge spiritual energy impact of the formation.

But the effect of the formation would naturally be greatly reduced.

Unless absolutely necessary, Chu Yi would not use the ordinary items on Blue Star to set up formations.

At this point, the students who had completed their body tempering looked at Chu Yi, who was sitting there inexplicably silly and happy, with puzzled expressions.

Xu Guanghui waved his hand and said, “It’s okay, Master often has these kinds of illnesses, don’t worry! He’ll be fine in a while!”

Chen Hao frowned and asked, “Why does it feel like Master’s illness today is longer than before?”

Bang! Bang!

The two of them soon each had a big bump on their heads.

Chu Yi retracted his fist and looked at the group of new disciples. They all looked very expectant, waiting for him to officially lead them in cultivation!

Although the process of body tempering was a bit painful and unforgettable, the effect was really awesome!They now all felt like they could punch a… pig to death with one fist!

Chu Yi glanced at the time: “I’ll teach you guys after twelve o’clock.”

Why? Because each person can only be helped once a day!

Taking advantage of the time before midnight, Chu Yi hurriedly guided the cultivation of Chen Hao and his two companions, as well as Fan Qingling.

He directly helped Chen Hao and the others break through to the third layer of Foundation Establishment.

And Fan Qingling was not far from reaching the eighth layer of Foundation Establishment.

Another round of rewards was swept through, and even ten years of cultivation base was drawn.

Chu Yi now had forty years of cultivation base that he hadn’t claimed yet.

The efficiency was quite good, but Chu Yi was still somewhat dissatisfied.

Now in the Innate Phase, he was preparing to cultivate the “Chaos Five Elements Art.”

The time needed for cultivation was hard to estimate.

And it increased the further he went.

However, the goal of advancing to Golden Elixir within half a month was still possible.

In fact, with Chu Yi’s talent for cultivation, if he didn’t rely on the system to directly integrate ten years of cultivation base, but instead cultivated on his own, even with a Heaven Level technique, he probably wouldn’t be able to reach Innate before his lifespan was exhausted.

So, having a cheat is really awesome!

Chu Yi pondered for a moment.

“If I can sweep forty years of cultivation base in one day, that’s eighty years in two days, one hundred sixty years in three days, three hundred twenty years in four days, six hundred forty years in five days… Fuck! I feel like I could reach Elemental Infant in half a month!”

System: 【Who the hell taught you math?!】

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