Chapter 85 – Twenty-two people wash the marrow directly and block the toilet!

Fan Qingling, who opened the door, was also stunned: “Who are these students?”

“These are my new… ah no, newly recruited disciples,” Chu Yi explained casually, then controlled the students to enter the room and closed the door.

After quickly setting up an illusion array in the room, he released his control over the students.



The room was filled with exclamations of “fuck.”

On the way here, Chu Yi directly used his divine sense to tell them all about the revival of spiritual energy, biotics, and his identity as a cultivator.

Whether they understood or not, it was just “fuck”!

The huge amount of information almost fried the students’ CPUs.

They stood there in a daze, muttering “fuck” under their breath.

They couldn’t believe that Chu Yi’s true identity was actually a cultivator!

This was much more impressive than being a superpower user!

The key was that they couldn’t even come up with a single doubt.

Chu Yi’s abilities just now couldn’t be explained by science!

After some time, someone finally struggled to speak, “Teacher Chu, so you mean you’re teaching Chen Hao and the others to cultivate?”

Chu Yi smiled faintly and asked, “Is there any other way to make them so amazing in just a week?”

Xu Guanghui smirked, flipped his hand, and a ball of scorching flame instantly rose up!

The students were shocked, and another round of “fuck” echoed in the room.

The last trace of doubt in their hearts was burned away by the flame.

“Hehehe, junior brothers and sisters, am I handsome?” Xu Guanghui played with the flame in his hand, looking extremely pleased with himself.

“Are you kidding me?”

Chen Hao couldn’t stand it and raised his hand, sending out a condensed green energy directly to disperse the flame, causing sparks to fly everywhere!

Xu Guanghui’s smile froze, and his face darkened as he turned to look at Chen Hao. “Are you deliberately looking for trouble?”

Chen Hao sneered, disdainfully saying, “Worthless trash, always showing off!”


The next moment, Chu Yi’s fist appeared on Chen Hao’s head.

“Who the hell are you cursing? Pointing fingers at others to cover up your own faults? Showing off, what’s wrong with that?” Chu Yi glared angrily.

“Ah?!” Chen Hao held his head in pain, feeling extremely wronged.

“I was cursing him, Master, why are you taking it personally?” Su Ying quickly noted in her heart: Don’t curse others for showing off, or Master will get angry.

The group of students had already been stunned. The fireball and green energy from Chen Hao and Xu Guanghui just now once again confirmed their identities as cultivators.

Chu Yi looked at them and smiled kindly, “Students, do you want to cultivate?”

The students were stunned, looking at each other.

Gradually, the excited emotions spread among them.

For this group of adolescents in their delusional phase, who wouldn’t want to cultivate?

After the initial shock and panic, they couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Teacher Chu, can we do it too?” someone asked nervously and hopefully.

Chu Yi smiled, “Why else would I have chosen you yesterday? It’s because you all have exceptional aptitude and talent for cultivation, so I want to take you as my disciples.”

In an instant, almost all the boys’ eyes lit up, and the excitement in their hearts surged like a stormy sea.

Fuck! We’re all actually cultivation geniuses!

No wonder Teacher Chu chose us!

This is going to be amazing, right?!


The student with thick skin knelt down on the spot, imitating the way people bow to their masters in TV dramas, and began to kowtow to Chu Yi!

The opportunity to become an immortal was right in front of them! If not now, then when?!

The students with slightly thinner skin, who had been a little embarrassed at first, felt relieved when they saw someone else kneeling, and followed suit.

Soon, only a few girls were left standing, looking unsure of what to do.

They weren’t particularly interested in cultivation…

Chu Yi said lightly, “Cultivation can keep you forever young, greatly improve your appearance, and…”

After some persuasion, these few girls also knelt down to bow to him.

Why did Chu Yi insist on having them all go through the formal process of bowing to him?

Because Chu Yi felt that these people had a higher moral character than ordinary people, and they should take such promises seriously.

Establishing the master-disciple relationship would make them more grateful than just helping them.

After Chu Yi told them his one and only rule, he went straight to the point and began teaching them cultivation.

First, they went through the routine of cleansing the body and marrow, with each person drinking a bottle of body-tempering elixir.


Chu Yi realized that he had been too hasty!

All 22 students had turned into jet fighters!

And this suite only had two bathrooms.

For a moment, the scene became extremely chaotic.The students were divided into two groups, crowding in front of two restrooms, their faces contorted as they clutched their stomachs, howling in agony.

“Fuck! Hurry up inside! I can’t hold it anymore!”

“I can’t take it, it’s already poking out!”

“Hurry up! I’m gonna die!”

“Master! What on earth did you give us to drink? Laxatives?!”

“It was my lack of consideration, I should have had you drink it one by one.”

Chu Yi scratched his head apologetically: “It’s alright, it’s alright, this is a normal process of cleansing the marrow and purifying the body, just bear with it!”

Chen Hao and Xu Guanghui couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of their junior brothers’ and sisters’ agonized expressions.

Oh, the process of body tempering is really painful… Thank goodness we’ve already finished ours!


Su Ying rolled her eyes at the side, her two senior brothers were really wicked.

Suddenly, a cry of astonishment came from one of the restrooms: “Fuck! I just took a huge dump! It’s like 40cm long, can you believe it?”

Chen Hao frowned, his expression odd.

What kind of level is it to take a dump as long as mine?

Then, another panicked voice came from the restroom: “Fuck, fuck! It’s over! It won’t flush down! The toilet’s clogged!”


Dead silence!

The students’ wails came to an abrupt halt, their eyes wide with terror.

Fuck! What do we do now?!

Half an hour later.

The hotel owner received a call from room 9527.

“Ah? The toilet’s clogged… both of them?!”

With full of confusion, the hotel owner called the plumber and knocked on the door of room 9527.

Upon entering, a foul stench hit them in the face.

A group of students stood with embarrassed and apologetic faces, none daring to meet his gaze.

Why are there so many people?

The plumber, puzzled, walked towards the restroom out of habit, opened the door, and was struck as if by lightning!

“What’s wrong?”

The hotel owner also went over, and upon seeing clearly, was equally shocked into speechlessness!

This scene, how could it be described with just “fuck”?!

The hotel owner’s eyelids twitched wildly, as if he had seen something utterly inconceivable!

Who can tell me…

What the hell are these dozens of centimeters long things?!

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