Chapter 87 – In one week, brush out 240 years of cultivation, surpassing the Alien Abilities Management Bureau in power!

Chu Yi tidied up the items in the system backpack.

【Heaven Level Technique ×5, Earth Level Technique ×13, Iron Level Technique ×31, Brass Level Technique ×114.】

【Earth Level Artifact ×3, Iron Level Artifact ×15, Brass Level Artifact ×65.】

【Heaven Level Array ×3, Iron Level Array ×8, Brass Level Array ×23.】

【Iron Level Elixir…】

Chu Yi felt like he was becoming a walking library of scriptures and a repository of artifacts.

With this foundation, he was probably more profound than 90% of the sects in the cultivation world, right?

It was definitely enough to support him in establishing a huge cultivation force.

In fact, Chu Yi had this idea from the beginning. The dozens of disciples in front of him were already the embryonic form of a force, weren’t they?

If he cultivated them all to the innate realm, or even higher.

By then, while other countries were still struggling to cultivate a town-level biotics man.

Chu Yi would directly appear with dozens of national-level disciples!


Thinking of the scene where he would show off to the extreme, Chu Yi couldn’t help but laugh foolishly.

The disciples looked at him with concern.

It seemed that what Chen Hao and the others said just now was true, the master did indeed often have these “illnesses”!

As soon as it was past midnight, Chu Yi began to impart techniques to the 22 new disciples.

One Iron Level technique for each person, he couldn’t bear to give them anything higher!

Actually, the main reason was that Chu Yi was afraid that if he gave them higher-level techniques, with their talent, they would directly surpass him, their master.

Teaching the disciples would be like starving the master to death.

Could talent really surpass experience?

It was unlikely, but not impossible!

“《Sitting-forgetting Qi Technique》,《Spiritual Transformation Technique》,《Solar Emission Art》…”

After condensing his divine sense, imparting techniques became more convenient.

Chu Yi only needed to forcibly inject the content of one Iron Level technique into the mind of each disciple.

In less than ten minutes, he had finished imparting the techniques.

And then, in less than ten minutes, the first disciple had cultivated the technique to the entry level, stepping into the Foundation Establishment realm, emitting a yellow light from his body.

Then came the second, the third, the fourth…

In less than half an hour! All 22 disciples had stepped into the Foundation Establishment realm!

The room was filled with various colors of light, dazzling and splendid.

It felt a bit like a nightclub rave.

It was completely different from the ethereal scene Chu Yi had imagined.

The system’s prompt sounded again: 【Host successfully helped 22 people.】

【Feedback reward issued: Heaven Level Technique ×2, Heaven Level Array ×2… 20 years of cultivation.】

Not bad!

There was a total of 60 years of cultivation that hadn’t been claimed.

Chu Yi was quite satisfied, and then asked the system, “If I go to the spatial rift to claim 60 years of cultivation, and at the same time convert《Great Scarlet Flame Demon Technique》to the same attribute《Heavenly Fire Nurturing Demon Technique》, how much can I raise my realm?”

【Barely stepping into the mid-Innate realm, and successfully condensing the Heaven Level Innate Body—Heavenly Fire Demon Body.】

Chu Yi nodded. This kind of advancement speed was within his expectations.

After all, it took him forty years to advance to the Innate realm.

The time required afterwards would definitely increase exponentially.

“Will advancing to the mid-Foundation Establishment realm trigger the same celestial phenomenon as yesterday?”

【No, it only happens when breaking through major realms.】

Chu Yi pondered, should he go to the spatial rift to claim cultivation now, or should he save up for a few hundred years of cultivation before going?

His gaze involuntarily turned to the forest outside the window.

In his divine sense, there were several B-level biotics men hiding inside, all here to monitor him.

“Never mind, I’ll save it for now, so as not to reveal anything.”

Chu Yi pondered, thinking that after a few days, when those who were monitoring him found that there was nothing unusual, they should relax their guard.

For the next week.

Chu Yi’s daily schedule was quite stable.

Sleep in the morning, practice the Turtle Breathing Formula with 20 classes of students in the afternoon.

Teach 25 disciples in the evening, and assist Fan Qingling in her cultivation late at night.

Hmm, the last part was Chu Yi’s favorite.

He could basically receive feedback rewards 26 times a day, averaging 30 years of cultivation per day.

After a week, Chu Yi had saved up 240 years of cultivation.

It should be enough to push his cultivation to the peak of the Innate realm.

At the same time, he also obtained a Heaven Level technique of the metal attribute and a Heaven Level technique of the water attribute, only the earth attribute was missing.

Chu Yi felt that when he advanced to the Golden Elixir realm, he should be able to cultivate the《Chaos Five Elements Technique》and condense the Five Elements Eucharist.

However, before advancing to the Golden Elixir realm, there were still the stages of Foundation Establishment and Condensing Elixir.

It felt like it would be difficult to get through without four or five hundred years of cultivation!

Chu Yi had no choice but to pray for better luck next week. Maybe he could directly receive a thousand years of cultivation as feedback?

And the disciples also made rapid progress after a week of cultivation.

Chen Hao and the others directly advanced to the eighth level of Foundation Establishment, ascending five levels in a week!

The cultivation of the 22 new disciples also reached the fifth level of Foundation Establishment, their progress was truly rapid.

This was also thanks to Chu Yi, who had specially gone to buy several good pieces of jade, and set up a small Gathering Spirit Formation in the hotel, increasing the concentration of spiritual energy threefold.However, the initial purpose of Chu Yi setting up the Gathering Spirit Formation was to see if he could increase the concentration of spiritual energy here to a level similar to that near the spatial rift.

If that were the case, wouldn’t he be able to directly receive cultivation progress on the spot in the future?

Unfortunately, it might be because the quality of the jade stones Chu Yi purchased was not high enough to withstand a more advanced Gathering Spirit Formation. At best, he could only set up a formation that could triple the concentration of spiritual energy.

The concentration of spiritual energy near the spatial rift was at least five times that of ordinary places.

Although this was somewhat disappointing for Chu Yi, the Gathering Spirit Formation was not set up in vain, as it significantly accelerated the cultivation speed of his disciples.

Now, he had 22 disciples whose realms were equivalent to B-level Biotics Men, and 3 whose realms were equivalent to SS-level Biotics Men.

Of course, if we were to talk about combat power, they would be ranked one or two levels higher.

At the very least, Chen Hao and the other two were now capable of crushing SSS-level without any problem.

And then there was Fan Qingling, whose cultivation had reached the peak of the ninth layer of Foundation Establishment, just one step away from the Innate Phase, ready to break through at any moment.

Even the big grey Mouse had reached the sixth layer of Foundation Establishment.

The power Chu Yi now held in his hands was formidable and top-notch, even when considering the entire country or the whole world.

It was fully capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the entire Biotics Management Bureau, and had even surpassed it!

If Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu were to find out, they would probably be shocked to the point of dropping their jaws.

Isn’t this outrageous?

Their Shuzhou City branch only had one S-level Biotics Man, and you already have three SS-level? And in terms of combat power, they’re even stronger than SSS-level?

Three SSS-level?!

Who exactly is the Biotics Management Bureau?!

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