Chapter 84 – Get ready for the collapse of your worldview!

Watching the excited students, Chu Yi couldn’t be happy.

Damn it, he helped twelve students successfully, but the rewards haven’t been as generous as last night when he helped Chen Xiaobai alone!

It’s really hard to get good results when helping students with low talent values!

Disappointed, Chu Yi shook his head slightly and looked at the 22 excellent tools on the side.

It seems that he still has to rely on them to achieve the goal of promoting to Golden Elixir in half a month and produce good results.

The 22 students looked enviously at their classmates who had already felt the effects, feeling a little depressed.

Why hasn’t Teacher Chu prepared to teach us after a whole afternoon? Did he forget about us?

At this time, the bell for the end of class rang, and Chu Yi announced the end of class without hesitation, then turned and walked towards the cafeteria.

The students were still eager, for the first time wanting the teacher to drag the class.

But seeing Chu Yi’s resolute appearance, they didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, in the woods.

A few B-grade biotics, who had been instructed by Qiu Dream, had been monitoring Chu Yi for the entire afternoon, watching the 20th class disperse after class with puzzled expressions.

“What did Chu Yi do all afternoon?”

“I don’t know! I just saw him talking nonsense to the students all afternoon!”

“What kind of Taoist meditation? It doesn’t seem to work at all? It’s like brainwashing in a pyramid scheme, it’s ridiculous!”

The B-grade biotics didn’t understand what Chu Yi had been doing at all.

They thought this thing really had some magical effect at first, after all, Qiu Dream personally ordered them to monitor him, so there must be something extraordinary about it.

So, out of curiosity, they followed Chu Yi’s method and practiced for a while.

The result was nothing!

The biotics were a little confused. What was this guy doing?

Naturally, they didn’t know that Chu Yi had already set up an illusion array in the location where the students had gathered.

What they saw was only what Chu Yi wanted them to see.

During the evening self-study, Chu Yi continued to teach the students of Class 20 the “Turtle Breathing Formula.”

Five students felt changes in their bodies one after another and received rewards five times.

But their talent values were all below 50, and the probability of receiving advanced rewards was too low.

Naturally, they received a bunch of garbage as feedback.

Chu Yi felt like giving up helping them. The input and return were completely disproportionate, right?

When the bell for the end of evening self-study rang, Chu Yi let the students of Class 20 leave directly, leaving only the 22 excellent tools and Chen Hao’s group.

“Teacher Chu, it’s the end of evening self-study, we need to go back to the dorm…”

The students were full of doubts, and someone weakly said.

Chu Yi looked at them and smiled, “Go back to the dorm? The real show is just beginning today!”


The students were immediately dumbfounded. What? Didn’t we finish evening self-study?

“I’ve already talked to the dorm auntie.”

“You don’t need to go back to the dorm tonight. I’ll take you out for some excitement!”

Upon hearing Chu Yi’s words, the students were stunned for a while, showing panic on their faces.

Damn, what does that mean? Teacher Chu, are you taking us out for the night?

This was obviously something they hadn’t expected. How could there be such a teacher?

Their first reaction was to refuse, or rather, to be afraid.

This was staying out all night! If their parents found out, they would be in big trouble!

Chu Yi smirked, “Hmph, since I’ve set my sights on you, you have no say in the matter!”

With that, a vast divine sense poured out from his brow, instantly enveloping the 22 students.

As a congenital cultivator, Chu Yi could control 22 ordinary people with his divine sense as easily as using his hands.

In an instant, the students were horrified to find that their bodies were out of control!

They couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, and couldn’t even make a facial expression!



Teacher Chu! What did you do to us?!

Do you… really have superpowers?

This extremely bizarre situation undoubtedly exceeded their understanding, and their hearts were already filled with fear.

Chen Hao and Xu Guanghui saw this scene and both showed a smug smile.

Back when they first witnessed Chu Yi’s abilities, they were just as terrified as these people.

Now seeing someone else experiencing the same thing, they were inexplicably happy.


Junior brothers and sisters, get ready for the collapse of your worldview!

Chu Yi directly controlled the 22 students and walked to the school’s wall.

First, he had Chen Hao and the others climb over.

Then, Chu Yi looked at a student beside him and smiled brightly.

In the terrified eyes of the student, Chu Yi grabbed him and threw him into the air!

The whole person was thrown two meters into the air! Over the wall!

Then he was caught by Chen Hao on the other side.

Although the student couldn’t move, his eyes were filled with fear and a hint of confusion.

What happened? How did I start flying?

“How was it? Exciting?” Chen Hao grinned at him.

The student’s eyes said two words: Fucking exciting!


The other students were all stunned.

Is it really this exciting to play like this?!

Next, Chu Yi threw them over the wall one by one.

Finally, he also climbed over, controlling a group of students who were almost scared out of their wits, and walked towards the Beishan Hotel.Let’s go there to train them instead.

Although Chu Yi could set up illusionary formations at school, there were too many random people around, and from time to time, someone would pass by and enter the formation.

Teaching the students the Turtle Breathing Formula was fine; ordinary people wouldn’t notice anything amiss.

But teaching them about cultivation… anyone could tell what was going on.

Meanwhile, several Biotics Men of Class B who were secretly monitoring Chu Yi were completely baffled by this strange scene.

This Teacher Chu, why is he taking so many students over the school wall late at night?

And even throwing the students over the perimeter wall…

They couldn’t understand it at all!

They could only report the situation to Qiu Dream as it was.

Qiu Dream also found Chu Yi’s actions highly suspicious.

The key point was that most of those students were ordinary people, so what was Chu Yi taking them out for?

Yesterday, Chu Yi took Chen Hao and three other Biotics Men out, and he could explain that he wanted to test Alien Abilities outside.

But what about today?

“Keep a close eye on him! If there’s any abnormal situation, inform me immediately!” Qiu Dream ordered.

Chu Yi pushed open the grand doors of the Beishan Hotel, leading the students in single file.

The hotel owner looked up and almost exploded on the spot!

He was dumbfounded!

Brother, why is it you again?

It was one thing to bring three students to book a room yesterday.

But today, what’s the meaning of bringing dozens of them?

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