Chapter 83 – After killing someone, blame it on the spirit beast

“Ducks and mice can’t tell the difference. I gave you a chance, but you’re useless!”

Chu Yi shook his head and sighed, looking at the two people who were stunned.

Then, he raised his hand and threw the big gray mouse out: “Go! Duck… big gray duck!”


The unprepared big gray mouse didn’t react at all and crashed directly into Yuan Ye’s face.

And landed in his hand.

Then, the two of them looked at each other in confusion.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were really dumbfounded. Isn’t this just a mouse?

And why did Chu Yi throw it over?

The mouse was also quite confused, turning its head to look at Chu Yi with a puzzled look, wondering if he was seriously ill.

Chu Yi just said lightly, “These two things can be eaten.”


In an instant, the little eyes of the big gray mouse burst into excitement.

It turned its head sharply and looked at Yuan Ye, sensing the blood and true element in his body.

The big gray mouse was excited and wanted to perform a backflip!

Isn’t this better than mouse food?

I’m going to have a good meal!

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were even more confused.

What does it mean? Can be eaten?

Is Chu Yi trying to get this little mouse to eat us?

What a joke? How is that possible?

However, the next moment, the big gray mouse displayed its innate ability – Infinite Devouring!

It leaped up and opened its mouth, which was only the size of a finger, but it quickly and abnormally expanded!

In the shocked and incredulous eyes of Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao.

The big gray mouse’s mouth instantly expanded to a diameter of one meter! And it released an extremely powerful suction force!



Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were horrified!

Instinctively, they wanted to use their abilities to resist this suction force.


They found that their abilities were completely unusable!

“Don’t be polite, I’ve sealed your dantian to avoid wasting it!”

Chu Yi showed a sunny and kind smile.


Yuan Ye finally couldn’t resist the terrifying suction force.

He was sucked directly into the ferocious mouth of the big gray mouse, as if it were a bottomless abyss. As soon as he went in, all sound disappeared.

“Ah! Help!”

Du Yongchao was almost scared out of his wits and turned to run.


But what awaited him was still the fate of being devoured by the big gray mouse.

When Du Yongchao’s body was halfway swallowed by the big gray mouse.

“Hey! Leave half of it!”

Chu Yi raised his leg and kicked the big gray mouse, sending it flying.

It rolled on the ground for more than a dozen laps until it hit the edge of the restraining array and stopped.

The big gray mouse’s mouth returned to normal, and it climbed up in a daze, looking at Du Yongchao’s body, which was only half left, on the ground, then at Chu Yi.

What’s up? Do you want to eat too?

Chu Yi breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Leave this half of the body here and blame the spirit beast.”

Then, he grabbed the big gray mouse and left the woods, leaving behind the reluctant gaze of the mouse.

At the same time, he removed the restraining array here.

In that instant.

In the woods only fifty meters away from here.

A B-level biotics man’s face changed drastically, and he turned his head sharply to look at the position where Chu Yi had just been, picked up his communicator and said:

“There is a strange biotics man’s aura and… the aura of a spirit beast at my four o’clock position, fifty meters away!”

One hour later.

A post appeared in the news section of the Biotics Home Forum.

[At North Hill High School in Shuzhou City, a half body was found. After investigation, the deceased was a D-level biotics man who had just awakened, suspected to have been killed by a spirit beast. At the same time, another biotics student from North Hill High School went missing, and was very close to the deceased. It is speculated that this person may have been taken away by the spirit beast…]

It was Shuzhou City again, and North Hill High School again.

This news post immediately attracted the attention of many biotics men.

“This place is toxic, isn’t it? It’s really a place of trouble!”

“Shouldn’t be, right? It’s only been a few days since the spatial rift appeared at North Hill High School. How could a spirit beast capable of killing a D-level biotics man evolve so quickly?”

“This place is really weird!”

“Boring, isn’t it just two people killed by a spirit beast? I’m used to it.”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for seeing Shuzhou and North Hill High School, I wouldn’t have clicked on it. I just want to know who the Evergreen Sword Saint is and where he went?”

As Chu Yi expected, the investigators were misled by the spirit beast’s aura left behind by the big gray mouse.

The blame was successfully shifted to the spirit beast.

This incident did not cause much of a stir in the outside world, but the people of the Biotics Management Bureau were all dumbfounded, unable to figure it out.

There was a biotics man stationed just tens of meters away in the woods.

How did those two students enter the woods without being noticed?

And how did the spirit beast kill them without alarming anyone?

This was completely impossible!

A group of investigators were completely baffled and couldn’t figure out what was going on!

This case was so bizarre and eerie!

But the instigator, Chu Yi, acted as if nothing had happened and continued to teach the students the “Turtle Breathing Formula.”

He even watched with relish using his divine sense to observe the group of puzzled investigators.

Watching them look puzzled, Chu Yi held back his laughter all afternoon.

This was too interesting!

By the last class in the afternoon.

Chu Yi finally heard the voice of the system.

[Congratulations to the host for helping Da Feiji, Liu Doujiang, Yin Daojin… and twelve other students successfully!]

[Reward feedback issued: two Xuan-level artifacts, the Six Harmony Bone Spear and the Exquisite Axe, two Xuan-level martial arts, and several Huang-level martial arts… expanding…]Under Chu Yi’s guidance, after an entire afternoon of cultivation, finally, twelve students felt the effects.

These individuals all possessed cultivation talents above 50.

At this moment, their faces were filled with surprise and joy, as they could clearly feel their originally frail and sickly bodies becoming stronger.

Although the improvement was slight, the previous feeling of weakness and powerlessness had obviously improved a lot!

This was enough to send them into ecstatic joy!

At last, they saw hope!

It turns out Teacher Chu didn’t deceive us!

His Taoist meditation method is really that awesome!

“Teacher Chu! Awesome!”

A few students couldn’t help but shout out excitedly, casting looks of immense admiration and gratitude towards Chu Yi.

However, those students with too low of a talent, who hadn’t felt any changes in their bodies, were completely baffled.

Someone couldn’t help but ask, “What’s going on? Have you already felt the effects?”

“Yeah! It’s so awesome! I feel like I could punch a cow to death right now!”

One student, excitedly gesticulating, even did several push-ups on the spot to prove it!

Seeing this, the students who were still somewhat skeptical finally became true believers.

Keep in mind, this person couldn’t do a single push-up just one day ago!

In an instant, the students’ gazes towards Chu Yi were filled with a touch more fervor.

As long as we stick with Teacher Chu! We can eat nine meals a day!

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