Chapter 79 – Teach students the “Turtle Breathing Formula

In the woods, the location where Class 20 gathers.

The original 60 students and the 22 students selected yesterday have all arrived.

The students’ expressions are particularly excited and expectant.

Someone couldn’t help but ask when they saw Chu Yi, “Teacher Chu, they all say that you can give others superpowers, is that true? Do Chen Hao and the others have superpowers? Is that why they can withstand a stone to the chest?”

Chu Yi glanced at the person, who was a student from the original Class 15.

He frowned and said, “This classmate, don’t talk nonsense. Those are all rumors. I’m just a physical education teacher.”

The students didn’t quite believe it, and even felt that Chu Yi was deliberately hiding the identity of the biotics man, casting him looks that said, “We all understand.”

Having experienced the supernatural events last night and the increasing number of supernatural events exposed on the internet, the students became even more convinced that the rumors about Teacher Chu were quite reliable!

Chu Yi didn’t mind. His words were directed at certain people monitoring him in the woods.

As long as there’s no evidence, what can you do to me?

Next, it’s time to get to the point.

Chu Yi had the original students from Class 20 sit cross-legged on the ground, while the 22 new students were asked to stand aside.

The new students were immediately confused.

Why the differential treatment?

“Teacher Chu, are we not training with them?” someone asked.

Chu Yi casually explained, “Your foundation is better than theirs, so you need separate training.”

The students suddenly realized, although they were still a bit puzzled, they didn’t say anything more.

They became curious, speculating about what kind of training method Teacher Chu was going to teach them.

Can it really give people superpowers?

Facing the students’ expectant gazes, Chu Yi loudly said, “Next, what I’m going to teach you is a Taoist meditation method!”

The students: “???”

The group was immediately confused.

What’s this?

Taoist meditation?

They had heard of meditation before.

But isn’t it used for calming the mind and spirit?

“Teacher Chu, what does this have to do with improving physical fitness?” someone questioned.

On the other side, Chen Hao and the others also felt that their master’s excuse was a bit far-fetched. How could they explain this?

Chu Yi smiled faintly, “Scientific research shows that meditation can increase the body’s antioxidants, better resist free radical attacks, thereby slowing down cell aging and improving the body’s immunity, making the physique stronger.”

Kidding, since I’m going to deceive you, I have to be well-prepared.

The students were left dazed by the deception.

Although they didn’t quite understand, they found it impressive!

They felt much more at ease.

And maybe this Taoist meditation was just something Teacher Chu made up to hide his identity as a biotics man?

Chu Yi smiled and said, “Alright, now everyone close your eyes and adjust your breathing according to my instructions.”

The students quickly complied.

Chu Yi explained the practice method of the “Turtle Breathing Formula” in a modern language.

He wasn’t worried at all about the biotics men in the woods learning it.

Because even if they did, it would be useless.

In terms of cultivation speed, the “Turtle Breathing Formula” could be said to be rubbish to the extreme.

The main reason is that this practice method is based on breathing techniques, rather than the complex energy circulation in the meridians like other cultivation methods.

The system also mentioned that even the geniuses in the cultivation world would take at least five years to successfully establish their foundation, even without a cultivation method and not actively practicing.

But is there a possibility?

That geniuses in the cultivation world, even without a cultivation method, and not actively practicing, could establish their foundation within five years?

Just like biotics men with extremely high talent, as long as the energy is abundant, they can naturally level up.

So Chu Yi felt that if powerful biotics men were to practice the “Turtle Breathing Formula,” it was highly likely that their natural leveling up speed would be faster than using this method.

This thing is just an extremely rubbish cultivation method.

It can only be used to improve the physique of ordinary people.

Perhaps it also has some effect on biotics men with low levels, but probably not much.

Chu Yi suddenly glanced at a certain place in the woods, thoughtful, with a slight smile on his lips.

Dozens of meters deep in the woods.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were hiding here, eavesdropping on Chu Yi and the students’ conversation with their keen hearing.

They had come here specifically to see Chu Yi make a fool of himself.

Don’t ask them why they didn’t go to physical education class.

Kidding, we’re all biotics men, do we still need to attend physical education class with those ordinary people? What a joke! Just skip class!

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were feeling a bit arrogant at the moment.

They even had the idea that they were highly talented biotics men, a higher existence than ordinary people.

At this moment, the two of them were whispering with smirks on their faces.

“Chu Yi is really ridiculous. Did he show off on the playground yesterday? He actually said he has a special training method that can make ordinary people as powerful as Chen Hao and the others?”

“Not only that, I heard he also boasted the same thing in front of a group of parents before!”

“Ridiculous, how is Chu Yi going to explain this now?”

“How else can he explain it? He’ll be exposed sooner or later! Unless he can really give ordinary people superpowers!”

“Hahaha, you’d rather believe that than believe I’m Qin Shihuang?”

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao really couldn’t understand Chu Yi’s absurd way of thinking.

If you want to show off with Chen Hao and the others, just demonstrate your power straightforwardly, right?

Why do you have to say that Chen Hao and the others were trained by you? What does that have to do with you giving others the same abilities as Chen Hao and the others?

Isn’t this just pure nonsense?

It’s definitely showing off to the extreme, just talking nonsense!

Even pretending to have picked 22 students from other classes…

This Chu Yi is really out of line!

Now, he’s been caught in his own lie!

The whole school is even spreading rumors that he can give people superpowers, which is something that can’t possibly be explained away.Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao could already imagine it.

When Chu Yi fails to improve the physical condition of those students even slightly after a whole half month, and his lies are exposed, they knew what he would face.

He would not only confront the disdainful looks of the students but also face the wrath of their angry parents knocking on his door, questioning him, and he would lose face in front of the entire school!

Just thinking about that scene.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were somewhat eager for it to happen.

The last time Chu Yi bluffed them at the gym, it really irked them, so naturally, they were happy to see this pretentious fool embarrass himself.

All he does is show off with Chen Hao and the other two everywhere, not understanding what their awakening of Alien Abilities has to do with him.

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