Chapter 80 – Do you think you are very clever?

“Taoist meditation method? Haha, is this the special training method that Chu Yi mentioned?”

“666, speaking so seriously, I almost believed it!”

Upon hearing Chu Yi pretending to deceive the students, Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter.

This is too ridiculous, right?

It’s only possible to deceive those students who don’t know about biotics!

How could Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao believe that just by practicing Taoist meditation, an ordinary person could become a biotics man like Chen Hao?

Is Chu Yi really fooling the students like idiots?

Most importantly, these idiots actually believed it!

“Yuan, when the country announces the revival of spiritual energy and these people learn about the existence of biotics, what will their reaction be?”

“They’ll definitely curse Chu Yi to death, right? Haha!”

The two of them felt a strange sense of superiority.

These students who didn’t know about the existence of biotics were too foolish, actually being fooled by Chu Yi’s outrageous lies!

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao felt that skipping class to watch this spectacle today was really worth it!

But gradually…

The two of them suddenly felt that something was wrong…

The smiles on their faces disappeared simultaneously.

“Huh?” Yuan Ye looked surprised and uncertain as he said, “Do you… feel like our absorption of spiritual energy has sped up a bit?”

Du Yongchao stared blankly and said, “Yuan, you feel it too?”

“Fuck? What’s going on?”

Yuan Ye became suspicious.

They both suddenly felt that the speed at which they were absorbing spiritual energy and converting it into biotic energy had increased by one-third, although not by much, it was enough to shock them.

They had specifically gone to a place closer to the spatial rift last night, and the speed of absorbing spiritual energy had only increased by one-fifth.

And now, without doing anything, it had inexplicably increased by one-third!

“Fuck, fuck! What’s happening? Did the concentration of spiritual energy rise?!”

“No, the concentration of spiritual energy around us hasn’t changed!”

This sudden and bizarre event made Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao somewhat flustered.

They immediately stopped eavesdropping on Chu Yi’s speech and focused on carefully sensing their own bodies.

However, the speed at which they were absorbing spiritual energy gradually returned to normal!

“Huh? Why is it back to normal?”

Yuan Ye was puzzled, “Could it have been an illusion just now?”

“Yuan, I’m back to normal too…” Du Yongchao was equally baffled.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion for a long time, unable to understand what was happening.

At the same time, when they stopped sensing their own bodies, their senses spread out, and they heard Chu Yi’s voice again.

Chu Yi was still explaining the breathing method of “Taoist meditation” to the students.

As they listened…

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were shocked to find that the speed at which they were absorbing spiritual energy had increased significantly again!

The two of them stared at each other in a daze.

Suddenly, they turned their heads in unison towards Chu Yi, their faces full of astonishment and disbelief.

Even if they were foolish, they could guess what was happening at this point.

“No way? This… this isn’t right, is it?”

Yuan Ye muttered, trying to verify this absurd conjecture.

He quickly experimented several times.

Soon, he discovered that if he deliberately didn’t listen to Chu Yi’s words, the speed at which he absorbed spiritual energy would gradually return to normal, but if he listened, it would inexplicably increase by one-third!

What the hell is going on?!

Yuan Ye’s eyes widened in disbelief!

“Yuan! Yuan, I’ve figured it out! It’s because of Chu Yi! As soon as I hear him speak, the speed at which I absorb spiritual energy increases!” Du Yongchao also exclaimed.

Then, the two of them fell into silence.

Looking at each other, they could see the confusion and astonishment in each other’s eyes.

They were completely dumbfounded by this extremely absurd situation!

They had no idea how long it had been.

Yuan Ye finally struggled to speak, “So, what Chu Yi said yesterday was all true? And… he can even accelerate the rate at which the two of us biotics men become stronger?”

Although the speed of absorbing spiritual energy had only increased by one-third, it had indeed increased!

If they continued to listen to Chu Yi’s words, wouldn’t it reduce the time needed for many upgrades?

Du Yongchao was stunned for a long time, and finally could only spit out two words: “Fuck!”

The two of them were deeply shocked and puzzled.

How is this possible?!

Isn’t it said on the Biotics Forum that biotics men naturally upgrade themselves?

Even the country hasn’t researched a method to accelerate the upgrade speed of biotics men!

So how did Chu Yi do it?

He’s just speaking there, and we’re just eavesdropping, and it makes the speed at which we absorb spiritual energy increase?

Is he using a spell or something?!

This is too absurd! Completely absurd!

They’ve never even heard of such a thing!

“Fuck, it turns out Chu Yi wasn’t just pretending, he’s really amazing…”

Yuan Ye stared blankly in Chu Yi’s direction and suddenly understood why Chen Hao and the others, who were also biotics men, willingly followed Chu Yi.

It turns out… he can teach biotics men!

If Chu Yi’s outrageous method is effective for ordinary people as well.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao both thought of this at the same time, and were shocked again!

Doesn’t this mean that Chu Yi really has the potential to turn ordinary people into biotics men?!

“Fuck, fuck! Brother, we’ve become clowns!”

Yuan Ye thought about how he had been waiting to see Chu Yi’s lies exposed and to see him embarrassed, and he felt… that he was the one who was really embarrassing himself!

Du Yongchao also felt a little embarrassed and quickly changed the subject, “Um, Yuan, I think we should report this to the Biotics Management Bureau. They will definitely be interested in Chu Yi’s method, and they might even reward us!”

“Yeah, that’s right! Isn’t the country lacking methods to train biotics men?”Yuan Ye’s eyes lit up, but then he furrowed his brows and said, “Wait, shouldn’t we be seeking Chu Yi as our master right now?”

“That way, we’d be among the few Biotics Men who know this method, leveling up faster than anyone else!”

“That does make sense, haha!”

Du Yongchao’s face showed contemplation, and then he suddenly smiled, “Brother Yuan, we can totally do this!”

“First, we apprentice under Chu Yi and learn everything he has to offer. Once we’ve reached a high level, we can decide whether or not to report it to the Alien Abilities Management Bureau!”

“Fuck, that’s right! By then, we could even claim that this method for speeding up Biotics Men’s leveling is our own original creation! It’s perfect!”

The more they thought about it, the more excited they became, even fantasizing about Chu Yi’s reaction when they would eventually betray him.

“Yeah, I also think this plan is feasible!” Suddenly, an unexpected voice chimed in.

“Right, right? You also think this plan is perfect, don’t you?” Du Yongchao instinctively agreed, thrilled.

However, he suddenly noticed that Yuan Ye’s expression had frozen, staring behind them in horror.

Du Yongchao’s complexion changed as he realized something was amiss.

Why was there a third person’s voice? And it sounded familiar?

He slowly turned his head and almost jumped out of his skin in fright!

There, Chu Yi had appeared behind them at some unknown time, looking at them with a benign face:

“Do you think you’re very clever? Would you like me to get you a prize for that?”

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