Chapter 78 – What’s the problem with taking students to a hotel for clubbing?

Wang Yunlong and the other two were all stunned, and couldn’t help but cast a strange look at Chen Huaiyu.

Principal Chen, the teachers at your school… are quite open-minded.

Chen Huaiyu smiled awkwardly and glared fiercely at Chu Yi.

Can’t you say something normal?

Don’t embarrass me!

Seeing their expressions, Chu Yi hurriedly explained, “No, you’ve misunderstood.”

Chen Huaiyu was taken aback, then breathed a sigh of relief and laughed, “Haha! I knew it! It must be a misunderstanding. Teacher Chu is usually very serious! He’s an excellent teacher!”

Chu Yi continued, “Last night, two boys and a girl also went to the hotel with us.”


Chen Huaiyu’s smile froze on his face.

Can’t you say something normal?

Wang Yunlong and the others were also shocked and looked at each other.

Is the school’s atmosphere a bit off?

Chu Yi said with a strange expression, “I was just tutoring with Teacher Fan and three students. What are you thinking?”

“Tutoring? You took students to a hotel for tutoring?” Chen Huaiyu asked with wide eyes.

Chu Yi looked innocent, “Principal Chen, is there a law that prohibits it?”

Chen Huaiyu was a little annoyed, “Is this something that the law allows? You, a teacher, took three students to a hotel to stay overnight. If this gets out, our school’s reputation will be ruined!”

Chu Yi said calmly, “The innocent are always innocent, and those who think otherwise are morally corrupt.”

Wang Yunlong and the others frowned slightly, suspecting that Chu Yi was insulting them, but had no evidence.

To be honest, this is something that any normal person would think is suspicious.

“Teacher Chu, as a physical education teacher, why did you take students for tutoring?” Wang Yunlong questioned, finding the whole thing absurd.

Chu Yi said matter-of-factly, “Tutoring in physical education, of course!”

Wang Yunlong: “…”

He was at a loss for words.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “Why did you go to a hotel for physical education tutoring? And at night?”

Chu Yi looked embarrassed.

Wang Yunlong’s eyes lit up, thinking that Chu Yi wouldn’t be able to answer.

Seizing the opportunity, he said, “Teacher Chu, please give us a reasonable explanation.”

Chu Yi hesitated for a moment, then sighed, “Alright, I admit we didn’t go for tutoring. We… actually went to a nightclub.”

Wang Yunlong: “???”

Could you be any more absurd?

Taking a few students to a hotel for a nightclub at night?

Faced with his extremely skeptical gaze, Chu Yi said helplessly, “Alright, I’ll tell the truth. Teacher Fan and those three students are also biotics.”

“We were just curious about the extent of our abilities, but there were too many people at school during the day, so we went out at night to find a place to test, and… ended up at a nightclub.”


That reason is actually kind of reasonable.

Although the nightclub part is still a bit far-fetched, it’s not entirely impossible.

Wang Yunlong furrowed his brow, unable to find a point to question.

He had to let Chu Yi say the names of the three students and the name and room number of the hotel.

After testing Chu Yi and Fan Qingling’s biotic levels with a device, they were allowed to leave.

Then, Wang Yunlong immediately had Qin Changshu check the information of Chen Hao and the other two, and had someone retrieve the surveillance footage around the North Mountain Hotel from last night.

The results… seemed to be exactly as Chu Yi had said!

“The information shows that Chen Hao and the others are all low-level biotics below D rank.”

“And the test results for Chu Yi and Fan Qingling were also only D rank, and there was no trace of any attribute biotic energy in Chu Yi’s body, clearly indicating that he is a power-type biotic.”

“From the surveillance footage of the North Mountain Hotel last night, there was no sign of Chu Yi and the others leaving after entering the hotel.”

“And… according to the hotel owner, they really might have been nightclubbing in the room last night.”

Reporting the investigation results, Qiu Dream frowned, feeling that something was off, but couldn’t put her finger on it.

“There’s an alibi, and the biotic test results are normal,” Wang Yunlong pondered, “It seems that we can really rule out his suspicion?”

Qin Changshu sneered, “I still think this person is very abnormal, a bit off!”

Qiu Dream looked at him, “Do you suspect that he is the Evergreen Sword Saint?”

“How is that possible?!” Qin Changshu widened his eyes, “That doesn’t seem likely at all! I just suspect that this Chu Yi is a bit off in the head!”

Clearly, he was still upset about the embarrassing incident caused by Chu Yi earlier.

Qiu Dream rolled her eyes speechlessly, but also agreed with him.

Rationally speaking, Chu Yi was almost certainly not the Evergreen Sword Saint.

A D-rank biotic who had awakened just a week ago, and the testing device couldn’t detect anything unusual.

Just these two points were enough to rule out most of his suspicion.

But… Chu Yi’s recent behavior, from any angle, seemed off.

Especially what he did with Chen Hao and the others on the playground yesterday… it was just too much!

“Why did Chu Yi do those things yesterday?” Qiu Dream couldn’t help but ask, feeling completely puzzled.

Qin Changshu dismissed it, “What else could it be? Showing off! An ordinary person suddenly awakens a biotic ability, they would want to show off a bit! But he signed a confidentiality agreement and can’t reveal his biotic ability, so Chu Yi is showing off in that way!”

Wang Yunlong glanced at him, “Do you think everyone likes showing off as much as you do?”Qin Changshu looked at him, issuing a soul-searching question: “Director Wang, didn’t you ever show off when you first awakened your Alien Abilities?”


Wang Yunlong immediately fell silent, looking up into the distance, pretending not to hear.

Qiu Dream thoughtfully said, “That might be possible, but we can’t completely rule out Chu Yi as a suspect. We still need to keep an eye on him.”

Qin Changshu was instantly displeased: “Hey! If you want to observe, go ahead. I don’t want to spend my days tailing a D-level Biotics Man!”

Qiu Dream replied irritably, “Did I ask you to do it personally? Don’t you know to send a few B-level Biotics Men to surveil Chu Yi?”

“Oh! Then it’s fine!”

Qin Changshu breathed a sigh of relief, then turned and walked away: “You guys continue the investigation at North Hill High School, I’m going to check out the nearby residential area!”

Qiu Dream snorted: “He’s definitely slacking off! Not serious about work at all!”

Wang Yunlong sighed: “Let him be. In the past six months, Xiao Su has killed 31 SS-level Alien Beasts by himself, more than all of you combined. He’s exhausted; a bit of rest is good for him.”

Qiu Dream retorted, unconvinced: “He’s killed more Alien Beasts because he likes to hog the glory and show off, right?”

“Judge by deeds, not by intentions…”

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