Chapter 77 – Where was I last night? I went to a hotel room with her!

This night, I don’t know how many people are excited and unable to sleep in front of the screen.

Whether it’s on the surface of the internet or in the Biotics Man forum.

People are excited in their own ways.


In some deep mountains and old forests in China, as well as in the major Western powers.

Countless eyes are focused on North Hill High School in Dongchuan District, Shuzhou City, a little-known school.

These eyes are filled with shock, confusion, surprise, anger, and other emotions.

All over the world, many big shots are unable to sleep.

The satellite image of Chu Yi’s promotion has now appeared in emergency meetings of major powers such as the United States, the Eagle Nation, and Gaul.

And this little hairy guy who shook the world.

Is now sleeping soundly in bed, with his phone still connected to Fan Qingling.


The next day.

“Chu Little Yi! Get up! I’ve taken your students back to school!”

Fan Qingling’s voice woke Chu Yi up directly.

He immediately got up in a bad mood: “Hey! What are you doing? It’s only eleven in the morning! Why are you waking me up so early?”

Fan Qingling: “Huh? Wake…wake up?”

“I mean, why are you waking me up so early?”

“Oh…I thought…”

In the end, Chu Yi still got up with difficulty.

In fact, with his current cultivation level, he could completely do without sleep.

But, how could he abandon the happiness of sleeping?

After a simple wash-up.

Chu Yi grabbed the big gray mouse and put it in his pocket, then went out.

On the way to the cafeteria.

Whether it was teachers or students, everyone looked at Chu Yi with surprise, speculation, or envy.


Chu Yi was puzzled.

Why is everyone looking at me? Do I have something on my face?

Look at the blackboard…oh no.

Shouldn’t you be surprised about the outrageous spiritual vortex in the space crack last night?

Why is all the attention on me?

Chu Yi was puzzled for a long time, until he arrived at the cafeteria and saw Fan Qingling. After listening to her explanation, he understood what had happened at school and on the internet last night.

“The official didn’t delete the video of my breakthrough?”

“Is the school spreading rumors that I can give people superpowers?!”

Chu Yi was a little confused. He had just taken a nap, how did the rumors spread like this?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

As long as the matter of exposing the Biotics Man is not revealed.

After eating, on the way to the playground with Fan Qingling, Chu Yi suddenly saw three familiar figures, and was stunned.

Wang Yunlong, Qiu Dream, and Qin Changshu.

Only the Space Sovereign Wang Jiang is missing.

The three of them were standing at the fence of the playground, talking to Chen Huaiyu.

Chu Yi felt strange.

Why are these three top-level Biotics Man here at North Hill High School? Shouldn’t they be out fighting Alien Beasts?

Could it be…they are here to investigate me?

Chu Yi felt it was very possible, but he didn’t care too much.

Even if they could suspect him, there was no evidence.

Chu Yi looked at them and was about to walk past them.

“Chu Yi? You’re Teacher Chu, right?”

At this time, Qin Changshu noticed him: “Can you come over here for a moment?”

Chu Yi: “……”

Damn, so many things to deal with!

Chu Yi cursed in his heart and walked over.

Fan Qingling wanted to follow, but Chen Huaiyu gestured for her to stay where she was.

Chu Yi asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? What are you three…?”

Compared to the respectful appearance last night.

Qin Changshu was calm at this moment, with a hint of pride in his expression. In response to Chu Yi’s inquiry, he said calmly, “Tai Chi Martial Saint, Qin Changshu.”

Oh? This little guy has two faces?

Chu Yi felt like laughing, and looked at Qiu Dream and Wang Yunlong. Although they didn’t show it as clearly as Qin Changshu, the inherent pride was still evident.

After all, they were all young people in high positions with extraordinary strength, so it was normal.

Chu Yi, who was so broad-minded, how could he argue with them?

Faced with Qin Changshu’s pretentious introduction, Chu Yi frowned and said, “Brother, just introduce yourself, why add such an adolescent delusion as a prefix? What’s the meaning? I’ve never heard of it!”

Qin Changshu’s expression froze at that moment.

The long-lost feeling of embarrassment surged from the soles of his feet to the top of his head!

He looked at Chu Yi in disbelief, with a hint of shame in his expression.

You don’t know me? You, a Biotics Man, don’t know me?!

You even call my Tai Chi Martial Saint title an adolescent delusion?!

Damn! I can’t believe this!

Qin Changshu was both embarrassed and puzzled. Normally, when he revealed his title and name in front of a low-level Biotics Man, he would receive a wave of shock and admiration.

He thought he could still show off in front of Chu Yi.

As a result, you don’t know me?!

Damn! This is too embarrassing!

Qiu Dream trembled with laughter on the side.

Wang Yunlong looked helplessly at Qin Changshu, thinking, you kid, pretending to be cool…

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Chen Huaiyu quickly intervened and said, “Chu Yi, you, a Biotics Man, don’t even know them? They are the strongest Biotics Men in our country! Let me introduce you…”

“Oh!” Chu Yi showed a sudden realization.

Qin Changshu’s expectations rose immediately, hoping for some admiration from me! Let me regain my coolness! Otherwise, it’s too embarrassing!

Chu Yi shook his head, “I really haven’t heard of it.”

Qin Changshu: “……”

He was about to grind his teeth!

He seriously suspected that Chu Yi was doing it on purpose!

Although there was no evidence…

Wang Yunlong helplessly said, “Teacher Chu, you just need to know that I am the Director-General of the Biotics Management Bureau, you should know that, right? We are looking for you to understand some situations.”Chu Yi nodded in realization, “Alright, ask away!”

Wang Yunlong breathed a sigh of relief and got to the point, “Mr. Chu, did you see that huge cyan and white vortex last night?”

“I did.”

Wang Yunlong narrowed his eyes slightly and asked, “Where were you at that time?”

After the investigation this morning, he felt that Chu Yi was a significant suspect. Firstly, this guy was one of the few who wasn’t at school last night, and secondly, his recent actions at school had been somewhat abnormal.

And then there were those outrageous rumors circulating in the school today.

Something was off! This Chu Yi was fifteen degrees of suspicious!

Qiu Dream and Qin Changshu were also staring at Chu Yi, waiting for his explanation.

However, subconsciously, they actually thought the likelihood of Chu Yi being the Evergreen Sword Saint was extremely low, because this person had only awakened a D-level Alien Ability a week ago, which was too far from common sense.

Chen Huaiyu looked at Chu Yi with confusion, not quite understanding why these people were asking him this question.

Chu Yi paused for a moment, then pointed towards Fan Qingling in the distance and said, “I went to book a room with her last night!”

Fan Qingling: “???”

Chen Huaiyu’s eyes showed shock.

What the hell, kid?!

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