Chapter 76 – Are there forces willing to help the country?

Wang Yunlong, who was about to take Chen Xiaobai back to the headquarters, suddenly received a call from his superior.

As the director of the Bureau of Alien Abilities, his identity and power were self-evident.

He was definitely one of the top figures in China.

Wang Yunlong’s expression immediately became serious, and he answered the call respectfully, “Old Hua, what are your instructions?”

Old Hua?

Qiu Dream and the others all had a change in their expressions and instantly became quiet and solemn.

Only Chen Xiaobai looked confused.

Why did the atmosphere suddenly become so tense, like when a teacher entered the classroom?

Who is this Old Hua? Why are they so nervous just by answering a phone call?

“Uh…” Chen Xiaobai couldn’t help but want to ask.

But a warning look from Qiu Dream immediately made him shut his mouth.

Chen Xiaobai felt secretly pleased.

Heh heh, she looked at me, it means she cares about me!

On the other end of the phone, Old Hua said, “Little Wang, can you find out the identity of the national-level biotics man?”

Wang Yunlong said bitterly, “Old Hua, this powerful individual is very resistant to revealing his identity. With his strength, it’s very difficult for us to find out if he doesn’t want us to know.”

Old Hua said, “Hmm, I understand. But we must try our best to find out. Currently, this top-tier individual, who also seems to have the ability to help biotics men upgrade, is very important to us, and I believe you are aware of that.”

“And, he is the first national-level biotics man in the world. For any country now, this individual is very much worth recruiting. I’m afraid…”

Upon hearing this, Wang Yunlong’s heart tightened.

Because he was too shocked earlier, he hadn’t considered this point.

If Mr. Ji is targeted by other countries and they offer even more tempting benefits…

The consequences are unimaginable!

“Old Hua, I understand!”

Wang Yunlong said seriously, “We will definitely investigate the identity of this individual as soon as possible, and try to understand his position as soon as possible, and do our best to recruit him to the Bureau of Alien Abilities!”

“Good.” Old Hua earnestly instructed, “But be sure not to offend him!”

“Old Hua, rest assured, I will definitely pay attention to this.”

“Good.” Old Hua paused and said, “There is one more thing. We are preparing to gradually announce the revival of spiritual energy.”

Wang Yunlong was surprised and asked, “Announce? So suddenly?”

“Old Hua, didn’t we say at the last meeting that we would consider announcing it only after establishing a system for the education of biotics men?”

The purpose of announcing the revival of spiritual energy is definitely to carry out comprehensive education and training for biotics men.

Otherwise, whether it is announced or not, what difference does it make?

Old Hua calmly said, “We have already come up with a feasible way to train biotics men.”

“We already have?” Wang Yunlong was a little confused. “Weren’t we clueless just a month ago? How did we suddenly come up with one?”

Old Hua was silent for a moment and said, “There is a martial arts family willing to help us.”

“What?” Wang Yunlong’s face showed shock, then he was pleasantly surprised, “A martial artist is willing to help the country?”

Upon hearing this, Qiu Dream and the others all showed surprised expressions.

Three years ago, when they first entered the Bureau of Alien Abilities, they learned about the existence of martial artists.

It was said that the first alien beast in China that could not be eliminated with conventional weapons was destroyed by a martial artist equivalent to an SS-level.

And when the country faced the crisis of alien beasts, the first people they sought help from were the hidden martial arts families and ancient martial sects, but they were all firmly rejected.

Until three years later, there was still no martial arts force willing to come out and help the country.

Qiu Dream and the others had always been puzzled by this.

It wasn’t until recently that they learned the reason.

It turned out that in the mid to late 20th century, the newly established China viewed martial artists as a threat to the safety of ordinary people and as a destabilizing factor in society.

As a result, all martial arts forces were forced to go into hiding.

This laid the groundwork for the current situation.

And now… there is actually a martial arts force willing to let go of past grievances?

Qiu Dream and the others were very surprised. If this were true, it would not only greatly enhance China’s ability to resist alien beasts, but it would also be very likely to successfully establish a system for training biotics men!

Because when biotics men first appeared, the higher-ups discovered that their abilities were actually very similar to those of martial artists.

At that time, they speculated that if biotics men were trained using the martial arts methods, it might accelerate the advancement of their biotic levels.

But until today, this was just a speculation.

Now, Old Hua’s words had excited Wang Yunlong and the others.

The country had probably confirmed this!

This would allow for the large-scale training of biotics men!

Wait a minute!

This means…


Wang Yunlong suddenly realized something and his face changed drastically.

The speed at which Mr. Ji was advancing was so outrageous, and he seemed to be able to teach biotics men.

Could it be… he has been practicing some martial arts?

Could it be that he is an awakened biotics man from a martial arts force?!

Or, is he actually a martial artist, not a biotics man?

If that were the case, it would make sense for him to not want to reveal his identity!

Wang Yunlong was full of doubts and quickly told Old Hua about this speculation.

Qiu Dream and the others were also surprised to hear his words.

They also felt that this speculation was very plausible!

Old Hua was silent for a long time before saying, “This possibility cannot be ruled out, but the probability is low.”

Wang Yunlong asked, “Why?”Old Hua said, “Such a young National level martial artist, as far as I know, doesn’t even exist among the top martial arts forces.”

“And besides, if he were a martial artist, how could he have helped us slay an S-class Alien Beast that day, and also saved our people?”

Wang Yunlong suddenly nodded in realization, “That makes sense.”

So, does that mean Mr. Ji is most likely an extraordinarily powerful Biotics Man?

Qiu Dream and the others found it somewhat hard to accept.

They had always been quite proud of their Alien Abilities talents, but today they had been dealt a crushing blow!

At this moment, Old Hua spoke with a hint of concern, “Little Wang, you guys have really worked hard these past few years, taking on the heavy responsibility of defending the country at such a young age, and even risking your lives.”

“Now that we have the help of martial arts forces, you can relax for a while. I’ll give you two months off!”

“Of course, by vacation I mean you don’t have to go kill Alien Beasts anymore, but you still have to do the groundwork and investigate that National level Biotics Man.”

“North Hill High School… This school needs to be investigated thoroughly. From the few surveillance footages we have, we deduce that he is most likely a student or staff member of North Hill High School. We must investigate this thoroughly.”

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